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Fragging Unicorns Games

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Fragging Unicorns Bring Misspent Youth RPG To Kickstarter


Fragging Unicorns is on Kickstarter right now looking to expand the Misspent Youth roleplaying game with a brand new book. Become a rebel with a cause and dive into Fall in Love, Not in Line.

Gangs Of The Undercity Kickstarter Enters Final Days


Fragging Unicorns Games are moving in on the final days for their new Cyberpunk/Fantasy miniatures skirmish game called Gangs Of The Undercity.

Gangs Of The Undercity Kickstarter Unlocks New Models & More!


Gangs Of The Undercity is going great guns on Kickstarter from the folks at Fragging Unicorns Games.

Exploring The Lore Of Gangs Of The Undercity | Interview


We got a chat with Opti from Fragging Unicorns Games about the lore and world building behind their new Kickstarter project, Gangs Of The Undercity!

Weekender WIN Team Yankee American Bundle + Epic Dragons For 28mm Wargaming

4 years ago 117

Today on OTT Weekender! We explore the wonderfully whimsical world of Moonstone plus we have a look at some epic dragons for 28mm wargaming AND give away a WWIII Team Yankee American Bundle.

Let’s Play: Gangs Of The Undercity #2 (Using Magic) | Fragging Unicorns Games

4 years ago 5

Gerry and Opti are back in for another Let's Play of their Cyberpunk/Fantasy wargame, Gangs Of The Undercity by Fragging Unicorn Games with the full magic rules.

Fragging Unicorns’ Gang Of The Undercity Kickstarter Now Live!

4 years ago 7

Fragging Unicorns Games has now gone live on Kickstarter with their new Cyberpunk/Fantasy Skirmish Game, Gangs Of The Undercity.

Let’s Play: Gangs Of The Undercity #1 (The Basics) | Fragging Unicorns Games

4 years ago 3

Gerry joins Opti from Fragging Unicorns Games to learn the basics of their new miniature skirmish wargame, Gangs Of The Undercity, which is coming to Kickstarter on the 15th July!

Lore & More + Gangs Of The Undercity Kickstarter Coming Soon!

4 years ago 3

Fragging Unicorns Games are focusing in on their Kickstarter campaign for Gangs Of The Undercity which launches on July 15th!

Weekender: WIN 40K Aeronautica Imperialis + Wargaming Walrus Riders & Rockin’ Roman Miniatures!


We're looking at some Roman miniatures and more from Aventine Miniatures whilst also exploring what's new from Signum Games' Kickstarter. Plus, why did we never think of walrus riders before?

Gangs Of The Undercity Terrain By Death Ray Designs Previewed


Gangs Of The Undercity is closing in on its Kickstarter launch date next month and the team at Fragging Unicorns Game has joined forces with Death Ray Designs to create a set of stunning terrain to match their Cyberpunk/Fantasy skirmish wargame. 

Let’s Play: Gangs Of The Undercity W/ Fragging Unicorns Games


Join the team from Fragging Unicorn Games as they take you through an early look at a game of Gangs Of The Undercity. 

Fragging Unicorns Unveil Gangs Of The Undercity Lore


Fragging Unicorns Games have begun to delve into the background and lore for their game, Gangs Of The Undercity.

Gangs Of The Undercity: From Render To Miniature!


Fragging Unicorns Games has given us a preview of how some of their first metal miniatures have been coming out for Gangs Of The Undercity. Check them out within!

Q&A Time! Exploring Gangs Of The Undercity With Designer O.C. Presley


We got a chance to talk with Opti from Fragging Unicorns Games about his upcoming project to bring the epic looking Gangs Of The Undercity to the tabletop through a Kickstarter in July. 

Fragging Unicorn Discuss Stats In Gangs Of The Undercity


The team at Fragging Unicorn are giving us another insight into the world of Gangs Of The Undercity, their upcoming Sci-Fi skirmisher, with a peek at a gang models statistic block and what it all means for you when you're picking your group of heroes or villains.

Meet A Breacher & What’s Different About Gangs Of The Undercity?


Fragging Unicorns Games continue to delve into what makes their upcoming game, Gangs Of The Undercity, one worth exploring.

Consider Helping Out With Playtests For Gangs Of The Undercity


Fragging Unicorns Games has been talking more about the artists involved with their current project, Gangs Of The Undercity.

Quirky Spur & Singe Dive Into Gangs Of The Undercity


Fragging Unicorns Games has been sharing with us a few more of the renders they have been working on for the characters in Gangs Of The Undercity.

Fragging Unicorn Talk The Basics Of Gangs Of The Undercity


Fragging Unicorn Games have been showing off more previews of what awaits for Gangs Of The Undercity plus they have also been delving into some of the basics you need to know about the game they have planned.

Weekender: Will 2020 Bring Us Full-Colour 3D Printing?


We're all back, conquering illness, and with lots to chat about. Namely, a fascinating new teaser for the 3D Printing world and much more!

Mix Stylish Fantasy & Cyberpunk In Gangs Of The Undercity


Fragging Unicorns Games is a new company which is looking to get you stuck into a mix of both Fantasy and Cyberpunk skirmishing as part of their new game, Gangs Of The Undercity. 

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