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Anthropomorphic Heroes Test Dominance In Darkest Doom


Darkest Doom is now on Kickstarter, as players adventure out in a competitive dark fantasy environment inspired by XVII century Europe... to survive across a gruelling nine days.

Delve Into The Darkest Doom Board Game Soon From Gamestart Studio!


Gamestart Studio has been teasing a brand new board game project. Darkest Doom might sound terrifying but it ticks a lot of my boxes already. It's a board game and it features anthropomorphic animal heroes!

Great For D&D – Clever 3D Modular Terrain For RPGs


Warren and Gerry have received a preview box of Game Start Edizioni's new 3D Modular Terrain kit for tabletop RPGs. 

Weekender: Crazy New Warhammer 40K Flyers & More Gloomhaven In 2020?!?


We're chatting Warhammer 40,000 and some previews for next year PLUS loads more news including a BIG Gloomhaven expansion for 2020!

GameStart’s 3D Dungeon & Town Kickstarter Launches Today


GameStart Edizioni are going to be on Kickstarter today launching their new campaign to create a range of 3D and modular tiles/terrain components.

Weekender: Cynical Cash Grabs & Charlemagne

3 years ago 133

We're talking about cash grabs and a potted history of Rome which is clearly on point. Plus, some epic roleplaying Kickstarters worth your attention.

GameStart Edizioni Tease New Dungeons & Towns 3D Range


GameStart Edizioni is expanding on their awesome range for Dungeon Masters with some 3D upgrades for their classic Fantasy World Creator collection.

Take A Peek At The Expansive Future World Creator Kickstarter

3 years ago 2

Take another dive into the GameStart Edizioni Future World Creator Kickstarter and see if any of the extra bits and pieces they've unlocked appeal to you!

Weekender: Infinity Campaign Announced & Win A FoW German D-Day Bundle!

3 years ago 198

We're getting stuck into World War II with Flames Of War, Age Of Sigmar and Warhammer 40,000 in today's show!

Unboxing: Future World Creator From GameStart Edizioni

3 years ago 5

Warren and Gerry take some time to check out Game Start Edizioni's newest Kickstarter which lands soon, the Sci-Fi Future World Creator.

GameStart Edizioni Preview Upcoming Future World Creator Kit


GameStart Edizioni has been showing off a few more previews of what we can expect from their next project, Future World Creator. 

GameStart Edizioni Tease Sci-Fi Tabletop Tiles


GameStart Edizioni has teased that they are working on a new set of tabletop tiles for those getting stuck into their role-playing games.

Weekender XLBS: What Are Your Favourite Gaming Moments?


We have an episode of nostalgia today but before that, we say hello to Gianna from the US Studio and get stuck into the hobby time that we've been doing recently.

Weekender: Fantasy World Creator Unboxing & Win YOUR Miremarsh Pledge


We get our goblin on with the Room 17 Games crew and Miremarsh PLUS check out the ace Fantasy World Creator tiles!

Fantasy World Creator Unlocks New Options For Dungeon Masters


Gamestart Edition has been doing some sterling stuff on Kickstarter for their Fantasy World Creator project.

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