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Greebo Games

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Unboxing: Greebo Games – Drwavageddoom


Greebo Take Cutiemals Back To Kickstarter With Chimpah Limpah!


Greebo Games are returning to Kickstarter with more Fantasy Football goodness soon. Chimpah Limpah will feature new teams of Cutiemals for you to use as alternatives in your tabletop sports games. 

Weekender: NEW Warhammer 40K Starter Sets; The Best Yet? + BIG Star Wars, Marvel Miniatures News!


We're checking out some Fantasy Football teams and more from Greebo Games PLUS a whole bunch of fantastic new miniatures for Star Wars, Marvel and Warhammer 40K fans too.

Greebo Games Preview Their New Zoat Work-in-Progress


Greebo Games have been showing their current work-in-progress which, quite frankly, has left me a little worried for the future of evolution.

Greebo Games Bear All In New Fantasy Football Reveal!


Greebo Games have released teaser images of their latest fantasy football team for those who love their minis with a side dose of cuteness overload, and they're un-bear-ably adorable.

Greebo Games Announce Pinkings Fantasy Football Team


Greebo Games have released images of their Pinkings Fantasy Football Team miniatures and they range from adorable to 'this is how Planet of the Pinkings' begins.

Greebo Games Releases Ferociously Festive Reindeer Rider


Slay bells ring, are you listening? In the lane, blood is glistening. A terrible sight, we'll witness tonight, Reindeer Rider's in the Wonderland.

Greebo Go Snuffling About With Their P-Orc Fantasy Football Team


Greebo Games has shown off this wonderful little Fantasy Football team which will be available on their webstore this Friday. Here we have the cute P-Orcs!

Greebo’s Cone Killer Diorama Is Coming To Kickstarter


Greebo are beating the summer heat by showing off the assembled sculpts for their Legacy Vault Cone Killer Diorama.

Greebo’s Wonderful Cone Murder Vignette Coming Soon!


Sometimes miniatures are for gaming and at other moments they are there to tell a story in dioramas and vignettes. Greebo Games has crafted a wonderful one which will be available soon, The Cone Murder. 

Greebo Releases Their Reindeer Rider To Spread Good Cheer – Or Else!


Greebo have released their new seasonal special sculpt, the barbarian Reindeer Rider.

Greebo Summon More Sculpts For Their Alastoran Kickstarter


Greebo Games have revealed some new renders of the diabolical Alastoran models they will be bringing to Kickstarter next month.

Fiendish Football Players and Barbarian Santas Appear At Greebo Games


Greebo Games are getting into the Christmas spirit with a seasonal concept, along with a WiP for their upcoming Alastoran Kickstarter.

Greebo Games Gives Something To Howl About With Fang ‘n Hood


You've never seen Little Red Riding Hood like this! Check out the fantastic alternative theme to Little Red Riding Hood in the Fang n' Hood Kickstarter from Greebo Games.

Greebo Team Up With Crawling Chaos For A War Of Titans


Crawling Chaos Games are teaming up with Greebo Games to bring out a new boxed game; War Titans Invaders Must Die.

Greebo Games Turn Their Pirates Into The Salty Undead


We've been following the awesome progress Greebo Games has been making in bringing their range of Pirates and Undead to life.

Greebo Games Continue To Preview Their Upcoming Pirate Range


Greebo Games are continuing to delve into the previews for their upcoming range of Pirate miniatures. We've yet to hear what the game might be behind this but at present, we're just loving the models.

An Undead Pirate Is Summoned To Life By Greebo Games


As part of a new project on the cards from Greebo Games they showed off this preview of an Undead Pirate who looks like a mad captain seeking revenge.

More Fine Sculpts Come To Life From Greebo Games


Greebo Games have continued to preview some more of their sculpts for the Un-Renaissance project they were running on Kickstarter. Time for mass production!

Summon Up Magical Power With Greebo’s Savonarola


Greebo Games have previewed some more of the miniatures that are in the works as part of their Un-Renaissance Kickstarter.

Weekender XLBS: Having Fun Gaming In The Dark!


As well as delving into a jam-packed week full of news we also have a chat about whether or not gaming in the dark is a good idea! We'll let you be the judge...

Greebo’s Un-Renaissance Pledge Manager Reveals Ace New Sculpts


Greebo Games have opened up their Pledge Manager for their Un-Renaissance Project and with that comes a look at some of the other impressive sculpts that came out of their Kickstarter campaign.

Greebo Go Dungeon Storming In Their First Board Game


Greebo Games are going on an adventure into the darkest dungeons of fantasy as they prepare to launch their first board game Dungeon Storming.

Greebo Grow a Sexy Sylvan Treewoman


Greebo Games are coming out with a new Treewoman miniature that will make a walk in the forest seem a far more pleasant (and most likely fatal) prospect.

Greebo’s Next Team Bring Dwarfs From the Orient


Greebo Games have recently been teasing us with a couple of sketches, leaving us scratching our heads over just who this new fantasy football team could be.

A Swift Assassin Appears for Greebo’s Next Team


Greebo Games have published a new concept sketch showing off a second player for their upcoming team, a sexy assassin captured in a moment of graceful violence.

A Fearsome Fighting (Green) Team Fights Back From Greebo!


Greebo Games have put together quite the collection of awesome Ninja and Villains based on their IndieGoGo Campaign from last year and they're now available on their webstore!

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