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Hexy Studio

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Check Out Sci-Fi Western Star Scrappers: Battledrill


Hexy Studio are back on Kickstarter with their entirely 3D Printable skirmish game with a Sci-Fi Western flavour, Star Scrappers: Battledrill.

Ransack A Dragon’s Lair With New HQ Resin Terrain Set


HQ Resin has now released their Dragon's Lair onto the Hexy Store.

Hexy Head To The Crucible With New KeyForge Token Designs


Hexy is looking to get you prepped for a clash in the crucible during your games of KeyForge with a set of tokens for Fantasy Flight Games' Unique Card Game. 

Hexarr The Storm Dragon Threatens Your Fantasy Lands


Hexarr The Storm Dragon has been added to the Hexy webstore recently and it's an awesome new Dragon

Hexy Hit The Streets With Hard City Kickstarter Today


Hexy is on Kickstarter later today with Hard City. This game plunges you into a crazy 80s police action movie where the world has gone to hell and you're having to deal with the crazy mutants running about your beat!

Let’s Play: Cards, Crystals and Caverns in Star Scrappers Cave-In


Today I've snatched Cass and Sam to go spelunking into the caves in Hexy Studio's fantastic board game; Cave In.

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