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We believe that games can be more than entertainment. We have watched how comic books changed from children’s entertainment and evolved into graphic novels, enjoyed by a wider audience. Graphic novels explore serious and comedic topics in visual and text format and reflect and comment on all aspects of life. Games are simulations, they can help us tell stories, experience life from entirely different perspectives and make us think about the world in new ways. They have the potential to help us grow as players and as people.

Our team strives to make our games the very best that they can be. We endeavour to make games that are accessible to and inclusive of as wide an audience as possible. We do our best to ensure the characters in our games are respectfully representative of the world we live in. We test the usability and check that players with colour-blindness can still play our card games. We’re not in the business of creating games just for the sake of getting products on shelves; our games are made only if they truly have a reason to exist.

At Hub Games, we create great games, games that make people think, games that matter! It is our mission to get these games into the hands of players around the world.

  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Company Roles: Publisher