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Hunters Entertainment

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Weekender: Justin’s Wheel Of Misfortune & WIN Chaos Space Marines!


A new set, new format and more hits this weekend! Get stuck in and join us for the return of The Weekender!

Hunters Entertainment Bring Altered Carbon RPG To Kickstarter


Hunters Entertainment have now brought the hit Netflix and book Cyberpunk series to the tabletop with a Kickstarter for Altered Carbon. 

Weekender: More Star Wars In 2020 & Get Hobbying This Holiday!


Come and join us for another look at the world of wargaming and additional tabletop goodness as part of the Weekender before we head off on a well-earned break.

New Edition Of Werewolf The Apocalpse Springs From The Wild


A new edition of Werewolf The Apocalpyse is on the cards now thanks to Hunters Entertainment, makers of the Kids On Bikes and more.

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