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Kingdom Death

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Kingdom Death Joins Wrath of Kings


Kingdom Death meets Cool Mini Or Not's Wrath of Kings. That's the sort of team up we geeks dream of. Now it is a reality as Kingdom Death's Twilight Knight is getting a new version especially for Wrath of Kings.

Kingdom Death Unveil Their Awesome August Releases!


Those masters of the monstrous and rulers of resin, Kingdom Death, have a new bunch of sculpts coming out this August for us all to fight over. Without further ado let's see what they have in store.

Kingdom Death Finds A Saviour & The Chosen


Check out some awesome new miniatures from Kingdom Death. Unfortunately some of them are already sold out!

Slender Man is Stalking Kingdom Death!


Slender Man is possibly one of the most iconic monsters to have emerged from the internet, growing from a simple photoshopped image to both a web series and terrifying game. Now he has appeared in miniature form as those masters of macabre Kingdom Death have revealed a new sculpt based upon this modern icon of horror!

Kingdom Death Joins Forces With MERCS Minis’ Myth


In the closing hours of the Myth Kickstarter (you could say the Twilight of its fundraising!) Kingdom Death have joined forces with MERCS Minis to bring you another stunning looking Mini-Boss...

Kingdom Death Take an Encore Beyond the Wall


For those of you who missed out on picking up Kingdom Death's excellent Beyond the Wall miniature do not despair as a limited number are now available as one of their Encore offers.

Kingdom Death Go Over $100,000,000!


In what has to be among the most successful miniature fund raisers we have ever seen, Kingdom Death has managed to surpass the one million dollar mark!

Kingdom Death Passes $500,000 With Its Monster Kickstarter


What do you make of these new unlocks made possible by all the funding Kingdom Death has received.

Learn To Play Kingdom Death: Monster!


The folks behind Kingdom Death: Monster show you how to play their game which is currently fundraising on Kickstarter.

The Kingdom Death Kickstarter Is In Full Swing


Kingdom Death has started this fantastic new Kickstarter. Check it out, full of monsters!

The Kingdom Death Monster Kickstarter Is Coming


The Kingdom Death Monsters are coming for you on the 23rd of November...

Kingdom Death Gets More Creepy With Three New Models!


What do you make of these crazy new Kingdom Death miniatures.

More Kingdom Death Releases & Kickstarter News


Kingdom Death sets out its plan for new releases and a Kickstarter in November.

Bring the Wonderful World of Kingdom Death to Your Screen!


Kingdom Death have released the first piece of downloadable artwork to decorate your computer with the wonderful design of their unique range.

A Trusted Guard and Lost Survivors from Kingdom Death


Kingdom Death welcomes three new survivors to his realm of shadow.

Kingdom Death Listens for Nico the White Speaker


Kingdom Death sell out of their latest miniature within a few hours!

Kingdom Death Publish Some Dark and Disturbing Artwork


Kingdom Death have put up a new piece of artwork for their game to entice people into their new and improved blog page.

Kingdom Death Partake in an Experiment of Death!


Kingdom Death, makers of an absolutely amazing selection of beautiful and disturbing sculpts , have released a new direction in their miniature production they are calling the Experiment of Death.

Kingdom Death Uncovers its Card Content


Taking a look at the card content of Kingdom Death.

Kingdom Death’s White Speaker Tries a New Scale on for Size


Kingdom Death have now released a limited 54mm scale run of their brilliant miniature the White Speaker.

The Game Hunters Brave the Dark of Kingdom Death


Which Hunter will you hire to enter the dark of Kingdom Death?

Kingdom Death Show Even Adventurers Fear the Dark


Kingdom Death show that even adventurers fear the dark of the dungeons.

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