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Kromlech’s Tabletop Scenics Working On Frostgrave Terrain


Kromlech's Tabletop Scenics are going to be working on a new range of Frostgrave terrain to match the 2nd Edition of the game which is going to be coming later this year.

Weekender: WIN Flames Of War Starter Set + Amazing Warhammer 40K Films!


Make sure to come and dive in with us for another epic Weekender as we're talking awesome indie companies, epic Warhammer 40,000 animation and much more.

Kromlech Clad Their Fallen Knights In New Armour


Kromlech has been showing off some kit that will be landing this month for those who want to tweak and armour up their Fallen Knights.

Kromlech Get You Fighting Over Hive City Apartments


Kromlech's Hive City range expands with the addition of the Apartments kit which gives you another massive building to fight over on the tabletop. 

Kromlech’s Dark Prophet Statue Shows Their Chaotic Devotion


Kromlech have released a new statue to set up on your tables to dedicate them to dark gods.

Kromlech Go Back In Time For New Historical Terrain Range


Kromlech have made the exciting announcement that their new historical terrain range is now available from the Bits of War store.

Guard Your Gobbos With A Magical Mushroom Forest


In the deep wood, growing under the shade of the darkest forest floor, there grow mushrooms so large that a goblin could live in their happy, shroomy shade forever!

Kromlech Tease New Polish Black Brigade Miniatures


Kromlech Historical has teased the coming of some new miniatures soon starting with the Polish Black Brigade, not to be confused by the other Black Brigade!

Serve Your Time In Kromlech’s Penance Station


Kromlech have released a new piece to their Hive City terrain, a Penance Station designed to make sure everyone can see how sorry you are for your wicked deeds.

Boom Go Kromlech’s Big Polish World War II Guns


Kromlech Historical continue to almost single-handedly add to the range of Polish options available for those playing as them in their World War II games.

A Pesky Goblin Cannon Crew Let Loose By Kromlech


Kromlech has unleashed one of their Goblin kits, the Cannon Crew, as a separate addition to their webstore.

Don’t Be A Bone Head With Kromlech’s Cranium Pattern Helmets


Kromlech have released some new Legionary head options, letting you create a troop of skeletally visaged scifi troopers. The skull pattern of these helmets makes them rather intimidating, in a slightly cartoonish "Oh Skeletor is angry now!" kind of way. While […]

Defend Kromlech’s Hive City Ventilation Shafts


Building on their range of terrain options for those playing games in the grim dark future of Warhammer 40,000, Kromlech have produced another piece, the Hive City Ventilation Shaft.

Kromlech Take & Hold The Sci-Fi Hive City Mansion


Kromlech has shown off another of their larger MDF pieces for those building Sci-Fi cities.

Transport Troops Around With Kromlech’s Polish Army Truck


Kromlech Historical are adding to their Polish range with another new vehicle. This time around we're looking at the Polish Army FIAT 621L Truck. 

Kromlech Rumble Forth With The Polish Army 7TP Tank


Kromlech Historical keep the advance of the Polish army going with a new armoured release.

Kromlech Set Up A Saint To Watch Over Their Hive City


Kromlech have released a new statue terrain piece, this time setting up a Hive City Saint to watch over the tabletop.

Kromlech Historical Tease Tabletop Scenics Terrain Products


Kromlech Historical have been unusually quiet recently about their upcoming releases, however they have released a new teaser picture of some terrain products they currently have in the pipeline in collaboration with Tabletop Scenics.

Kromlech Set Up A Statue Of Grim Visage In Their Hive City


Kromlech has added a new terrain piece into the mix for their Hive City range. Here we have their Grim Reaper Statue.

Kromlech Historical Arm Their Polish Soldiers For Infantry Support


Kromlech Historical keep up their releases for their Polish force in World War II with some Infantry Support Weapons. 

Kromlech Go Hunting For Mushrooms In A Goblin Forest


Kromlech continues to produce some fascinating bits for use in your hobbying. Their latest release of the Goblin Forest Mushrooms is perfect for those looking to do a bit of bespoke basing. 

Trundle Along In The WZ. 34 Armoured Car By Kromlech Historical


Kromlech and their Historical division have added a vehicle into the mix for those playing as the Polish in World War II.

Kromlech Erect Statues To Fallen Sci-Fi Soldiers


Kromlech has been showing off a new piece of terrain for you to use either on its own or as part of larger terrain projects. Check out the Hive City Legionary Statue. 

Kromlech Sound The Charge With New Polish Cavalry


Kromlech has been adding to its Historical line-up with some new Polish units for you to take to the battlefield. The newest set is for the Cavalry Command who will be sounding the charge. Whilst you might not have considered […]

Kromlech Stack ‘Em High In The Hive City Habitat


Kromlech is stacking the people high in some new Hive City Habitat buildings.

See The Expanding Kromlech Historical Range With Polish Soldiers


Kromlech is well known for their Orcs but they also produce an awesome collection of Historical miniatures too.

Get The Goblin Gits Together With Kromlech’s New Releases


Orktober might be over but that hasn't stopped Kromlech from releasing a whole bunch of great new figures over the last few days.

Watch Out For Kromlech’s Orkish Krashin’ Klaw!


Kromlech is fully embracing the idea of Orktober with a fantastic new release for those wanting to add some more destruction to their vehicles.

Kromlech Build New Mighty Edifices For Their Hive City


Kromlech has been working away on more buildings for their Hive City. The Bits Of War collection expands!

Kromlech Erect A Mighty Arch In Memory Of Victories Past


Kromlech has created a massive piece of terrain which would work as the centrepiece of a tabletop for a game like Warhammer 40,000. Here we have the Imperial Triumphal Arch.

Weekender XLBS: Kickstarter Making Better Games; Your Feedback & Comments!


Video Re-Uploaded & Ready to Watch We've got some hobby to show off and then YOUR feedback on the Kickstarter discussion from last week...

Kromlech’s Iron Reich Orcs Pile Into Their Headkrasha Transport


Kromlech have released a new transporta halftrakk to carry the greenskins of the Iron Reich, the Headkrasha.

Kromlech Announce Release Of Taletop Scenic Forge Balcony


Kromlech have announced the release of Tabletop Scenic's Mechanicum Forge Balcony.

Kromlech Release A Kommanda For The Goblin Scrap Tanks


Kromlech have released another of their Goblin Scrap Tanks, but this time we see the Kommanda of the squad.

The Gobbos Of Kromlech Rumble Out Their Scrap Tank


Kromlech have released their second Goblin Scrap Tank, showing once again the height of greenskin engineering.

A Sweet New Ride On The Way For Orcs From Kromlech


If you're an orc aficionado (is that a thing?), then you'll want to have a gander at the latest sneak peek from Kromlech. This transport vehicle for the orcs is looking pretty sweet!

Kromlech Sink Their Teeth Into A Set Of Gnaws


Kromlech has released a new set of Gnaws, who look ready to live up to their name.

Walk Across Shattered Concrete With Kromlech’s New 32mm Bases


Kromlech has released six new 32mm scale sets of their Concrete Slab bases.

Fumes Spew Forth From Kromlech’s Medium Promethium Chimney


Kromlech have released the latest addition of their Tabletop Scenics range, the Medium Promethium Chimney.

Take A Stroll Across Kromlech’s Mechanicum Catwalks


Kromlech has added another terrain piece to the Tabletop Scenics range of Mechanicum Industrial Sector Terrain. This time they're taking to the catwalk.

Kromlech Climb The Tabletop Scenics Promethium Chimney


Kromlech have released the latest of the Tabletop Scenics terrain pieces; the industrial tower of the Promethium Chimney.

Kromlech Break Up Their Bases Into Scenic Concrete Slabs


Kromlech has released some new scenic bases, sending your miniatures scurrying of the fractured remains of Concrete Slabs.