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Kromlech Praise The Cog Father With Tabletop Scenics’ Industrial Sector


Kromlech have revealed that a new selection of Tabletop Scenics' terrain is going to appear in their webstore; the Mechanicum Industrial Sector.

Kromlech Wheel Out The Legionaries’ Annihilation Beamer


Kromlech have added a new mobile heavy weapon to the Legionaries' arsenal; the evocatively named Annihilation Beamer.

A Host Of Sci-Fi Knight Heads Roll Out Of Kromlech


Kromlech have released a whole bunch of new head options, featuring different patterns for your scifi legionaries.

Kromlech’s Apothecary and Engineer Speed Out On Breacher Bikes


Kromlech have released two new bundles, sending out their Legionary Apothecary and Engineer on hefty breacher bikes.

Kromlech’s Morbid Legionaries Get Backpacks With A Bite


Kromlech have released a new set of backpacks suitable for the disgusting soldiers of their Morbid Legionaries.

Kromlech Shout Out About Bedlam Backpacks


Kromlech have released a new set of backpacks for their Bedlam Fraternity range of scifi soldiers with a loud taste in fashion.

Kromlech Gear Up Their Legionaries With Engineer Equipment


Kromlech have released a new Engineer Conversion set to turn their scifi Legionaries into true gearheads.

The Iron Reich Warchief Leads Kromlech’s Great-Coated Orcs


As their last Orctober release, Kromlech have sent out none other than the leader of their greatcoated orcs. The Iron Reich Warchief.

A Orc Chirurgeon & His Goblin Nurses Bikes Out Of Kromlech


Kromlech have released a new Orc Chirurgeon mounted on a bike to help him bring vital medical help to your greenskins.

Kromlech Reveal New Range Of Terrain


Kromlech have published a quick preview showcasing some very orcy buildings that could be the start of a new Tabletop Scenics range.

Kromlech’s Orcs Start Chucking Their New Hand Grenades


Kromlech have released a new set of hand grenades to give to their greenskins. Nope, can't see anything going wrong there.

Kromlech’s Orcs Rattle Out In Their Sturmtankette


The new orc tank we saw previewed by Kromlech has rumbled into their webstore, a Sturmtankette with a heck of a lot of fire power.

Kromlech Get Tinkering On A New Orc Tank


Kromlech have previewed an upcoming tank that looks like it is going to give scifi orcs a whole new array of shooty goodness for their arsenal.

Kromlech Give Da Orcs A Measurin’ Stikk


Kromlech have released a pair of Measurin' Stikks specially designed for use by greenskins.

An Orc Mechanic Fixes Things Up At Kromlech


Kromlech have released a new orc mechanic to help get those greenskin warmachines ready for some killin'.

The Kopta Kan Meat Grinders Swoop Down On Kromlech


Kromlech have released a full squadron of Kopta Kans; a trio of close combat ready killers called the Meat Grinder Squadron.

New Kromlech Doors Make Vehicles Fit For Sons Of Thor


Kromlech have released a new set of vehicle conversion pieces to let you transform your vehicles into something that could carry the Sons of Thor to Valhalla!

Kromlech Open A Morbid Door For Vehicles


Kromlech have released a new conversion set of Morbid Doors for scifi vehicles to make them just a tad more disgusting.

Kromlech Cover Your Bases In Burned Earth


Kromlech have released a new basing accessory to place your miniatures on Burned Earth.

Kromlech Give Their Chaos Crew Menacing Maces


Kromlech have released a new set of Chaos Legionary Maces for when subtlety just won't get the job done.

Kromlech Zip Off On Hunter Pattern Jump Packs


Kromlech have released their Hunter Pattern Jump Packs to send their Legionaries soaring over the battlefield.

Kromlech Add To Their Dvergr Commando Line


Kromlech has unveiled their new Dvergr Commando Medic.

Kromlech Add New HDF Glyphs To Their Range


New HDF Glyphs let you add a touch of flair to your factions

Kromlech Raise Banners In The Name Of Chaos


Kromlech have released new banners for the chaotic forces of the future to carry to battle.

Hear The Whirr Of Blades From Kromlech’s New Kopta Kan


What's better than a Killer Kan? Well, how about if you added some rotor blades to the top and sent it careering across the battlefield causing utter havoc as a Kopta Kan by Kromlech?

An Orc Vehicle Crew Crashes Kromlech


Kromlech have released three new orcs to crew your greenskin vehicles.

Raise A Bottle To Kromlech’s Latest Releases


Kromlech have released a new range of game accessories for you to give a bottle of something to your thirsty miniatures.

Kromlech Reveals New Legionary Banners


When it comes to fantastic kit bashing options, Kromlech has you covered. Now you can march your armies into battle proudly with their fantastic 28mm banners!

Kromlech Load Up Their Double-Barrelled Shotguns


Kromlech have released a new weapons pack, a selection of double barreled shotguns to give you more bang for your buck shell.

The Green Baron Flies Out Of Kromlech


Kromlech has a new character model, the orc flying ace known only as the Green Baron.

Mark Out Your Enclave With Kromlech’s Counters


Kromlech have released two sets of Enclave Markers in green and orange to use in your scifi games.

Kromlech’s New Hobby Accessory Leaves You In Chains


Kromlech have released some new lengths of Black Hobby Chains for you to use with your miniatures. Cue Fleetwood Mac music!

Kromlech Split Up The Pieces Of Their Sentry Gun


Kromlech have followed up on some suggestions and are now releasign their various sentry guns in separate pieces.

Kromlech Mark Your Objectives With Lots Of Skulls!


Kromlech have released some new objective markers to let you keep track of the battlefield as you confront a symbol of mortallity. Lots of skulls!

Keep Imperial Secrets Safe In Kromlech’s New Tomes


Kromlech is looking to unlock the secrets of the warp, or maybe just stash some Imperial edicts with their new Books Of Salvation.

Special Ops Squats Coming Soon From Kromlech


Kromlech has shown off some upcoming models that will be facing off against their Orcs no doubt in the heat of battle. Here we have some Special Ops Squats.

Mark Damage With Kromlech’s Blood Drop Wound Markers


Kromlech has added some new accessories to their collection which could be used across all manner of games. Here we have some new Blood Drops Wound Markers.

Show Your Slaughter Using Kromlech’s Alien Skulls


Kromlech have come out with a selection of Alien Skulls to decorate your models and vehicles and scare the daylights out of any slimy xenos you face.

Kromlech Leave Hammer Marks All Over The Table


Kromlech have released two new sets of objective markers emblazoned with the sign of a mighty hammer.

Kromlech Trundle Out A Self-Propelled Thunder Gun


Kromlech have released a new Heavy Weapon Platform for their Legion Armoury Line.

A New Demon Bends The Fate Of Kromlech


Kromlech have summoned up a mighty new demon, one who possesses forbidden knowledge of the fates; F'aa'thum, Greater Stygian Demon of Fate.

Keep Track Of Enemy Aircraft With Kromlech’s Sentry Platforms


Kromlech have released two new sentry platforms to help protect Legionary defences from incoming enemy aircraft.