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Looney Labs Conquers Mount Olympus In New Fluxx & Loonacy!


Looney Labs have announced two tabletop titles putting the Gods of Olympus front-and-centre for casual gamers to share in their wealth of power too.

Play Fluxx In A Frenzy With Fluxx Remix: Extra Chaos Edition


Looney Labs have announced a new version coming March next year with Fluxx Remixx - Extra Chaos Edition - changing up the rules once more!

Marvel Returns To Fluxx For Round Two Print Run At Looney Labs


It was certainly no surprise to hear of the upcoming Fluxx title, bringing together Marvel and Looney Labs as fast as you can say 'Avengers Assemble'.

New Star Trek Fluxx Expansions Adds Archer & Porthos To The Deck


There are two new expansions on the way for Fluxx from Looney Labs, with the announcement for the Archer Expansion and Porthos Expansion for Star Trek Fluxx. 

Head Down The Rabbit Hole In New Classics Adaptation Of Fluxx


After you all loved Fantasy Fluxx, I know that some of you will be interested in the newest version too - entitled Wonderland Fluxx. Can you guess where we might be headed for Wonderland Fluxx? That's right, down the rabbit hole, and straight at the table drinking tea with the Mad Hatter. 

The Best Aliens In Sci-Fi Wargaming Are Back?! + WIN SPQR Starter Set & Rulebook #OTTWeekender


This week on the OTTWeekender! We take a look at the best aliens in Sci-Fi wargaming (trust us!) AND we're giving away an SPQR Starter Set and the new Rulebook this week.

Wizards, Dragons & Dwarves Unite In New Release Fantasy Fluxx


Looney Labs have recently released their newest version of Fluxx and although there seems like there is a Fluxx for everything nowadays, Fantasy Fluxx certainly raised my eyebrows.

Superheroes & Stampedes In New Fluxx Card Game Releases


Looney Labs have announced a collaboration with Cardinal Industries to produce two new IP Fluxx card games for the tabletop.

Rush Through Time In Looney Lab’s Upcoming Time Breaker


Looney Labs has announced that they're going to be bringing out a new board game, Time Breaker, this year which sees you rushing through time to stop a dastardly agent before it's too late.

Looney Labs Head To The Final Frontier For Star Trek Fluxx


Looney Labs have two new versions of the popular card game Fluxx now up for pre-order, both taking place in the Final Frontier; Star Trek Fluxx and Star Trek: The Next Generation Fluxx.

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