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Macrocosm’s New Chaos Space Dwarves Invade Kickstarter


Macrocosm has taken to Kickstarter once more with a new range of Sci-Fi miniatures for you to use on the battlefield. The new Chaos Space Dwarves are out to kick ass and take names for some dark and twisted master. 

Macrocosm Bring Chaos Space Dwarves To Kickstarter!


More Dwarves from the folks at Macrocosm Miniatures! This time around, they are looking to fund a new set of 28mm metal miniatures for those seeking to make Chaos Space Dwarf armies for Sci-Fi games.

Macrocosm Fund New Dwarf High Command Miniatures


Macrocosm are back on Kickstarter (and moving towards the final few days of their campaign) looking to fund their new Sci-Fi Dwarves High Command miniatures. This is another addition to their 28mm collection for use in your games set on planets far, far away.

Snap Up New Fantasy Dwarves From Macrocosm’s Kickstarter


Macrocosm are back on Kickstarter with a small but awesome project working to produce four new Dwarven miniatures for use in your Fantasy wargames. You have the option of these new bearded adventurers and more from the Macrocosm back catalogue.

Macrocosm’s Sci-Fi Dwarves Command Squad Hits Kickstarter


Macrocosm Miniatures are back on Kickstarter with more Sci-Fi Dwarves for use on the tabletop.

Macrocosm’s Undead Bone Giant Stomps Into Battle


Macrocosm has added a new miniature to their Ancient Grudges: Bonefields range. The mighty Undead Bone Giant is stomping into battle to cause havoc and spread fear amongst your foes. 

Cult Of Games XLBS: Fill Your Hobby With Warren’s Balls & Lloyd’s Holes!


It's Sunday again CoGs, join with our pantless peons as they take a load off and offer up a hobby lasagne made with layers of hobby from themselves and the wider community.

Macrocosm & Bears Head Wander With The Seven Dwarves


Macrocosm and Bears Head Miniatures are on Kickstarter right now with a set of models which I found hard to ignore. Who could say no to a band of Seven Dwarves?

Grab Some Unique Fantasy Fighters On Kickstarter Now


Fantasy Fighters is a Kickstarter focused on bringing you a series of interesting and unique heroes for you to use in your skirmish and roleplaying games. The series of miniatures come from a range of different sculpting talents like Lewis Collins, […]

Salty Sea Rats Take To The High Seas From Macrocosm


Macrocosm Miniatures is hitting the high seas with some more of their Old Salt models.

Macrocosm & Needy Cat Games Share Bonefields Rules!


Macrocosm and Needy Cat Games have shared the new Ancient Grudge: Bonefields rules in their beta format. The game is still currently on Kickstarter, coming towards the final few days on the funding platform.

Macrocosm Launches Ancient Grudges: Bonefields Kickstarter


Macrocosm Miniatures is on Kickstarter with Ancient Grudges: Bonefields, featuring droves of undead dwarves and goblins facing off, even in death!

Macrocosm Join Forces With Needy Cat Games For Bonefields Project


Macrocosm is bringing their new range of Bonefield models to the tabletop via Kickstarter on February 23rd. In addition to that, they're going to be working with Needy Cat Games to create the rules that go alongside the range of miniatures.

Macrocosm Show Off Their Devious Evil Vampire Goblin


Macrocosm Miniatures are going to be on Kickstarter soon for their Bonefields project. This brings Dwarves and Goblins to the tabletop but with a undead twist!

Macrocosm To Bring Bonefield Skeletons To Kickstarter


Do you suppose the grudge between Dwarves and Goblins carries on past the grave? Macrocosm says, "yes it does," with the announcement of their upcoming Bonefields game.

The Legion Of Steel Goes Live On Kickstarter From Macrocosm


Macrocosm is now on Kickstarter looking to fund the Legion Of Steel, a new military arm of their Digger Corps.

Macrocosm Preview The Legion Of Steel For Kickstarter


Macrocosm has previewed some of the new Digger models coming out as part of an upcoming Kickstarter campaign. Meet The Legion Of Steel.

Macrocosm’s Cut’u Pirate Miniatures Arrrrrr On Kickstarter


Why bring regular, old pirates to the game table when you can bring Cthulhu pirates?! Macrocosm is live on Kickstarter now with their 'Old Salt' 28mm Fantasy Pirate Miniatures Cut'u project with scurvy dogs from the depths of Davy Jones' Locker.

Become A Salty Sea Dwarf With Macrocosm On Kickstarter


If you're looking for a Fantasy race to take to the high seas you probably wouldn't have considered Dwarves but there is a new crew making their way to the tabletop thanks to Macrocosm.

Macrocosm Close In On Final Days For Dwarves At Arms Kickstarter


Macrocosm Miniatures are closing in on the final few days of their Kickstarter to bring a range of Fantasy/Historical Dwarves to the tabletop.

Macrocosm’s Dwarves At Arms Kickstarter Begins


Macrocosm Miniatures have launched their new campaign for Dwarves At Arms.

Weekender XLBS: GW’s Improved Release Style & Do We Need 80’s Style Minis?


We get stuck into a big discussion on the future of Age of Sigmar, Warhammer 40,000 and plenty of Hobby Time too!

Create An Army Of Dark Dwarves With Macrocosm’s Kickstarter


Macrocosm are back in a world of Fantasy as their next Kickstarter project takes off. Dark Dwarves are the subject of this latest fund raising effort offering plenty of different Oldhammer style models.

Macrocosm Fill You In On How To Use Their Monstrous Balls


Macrocosm are closing in on the last four days of their Balls! Kickstarter and with that we've been taking a look at some of the uses for these monstrous creations on the tabletop.

Macrocosm’s Monster Balls Evolve With Arms & More


Macrocosm are closing in towards the final week or so of their Balls! Kickstarter and we're seeing some interesting developments to the creatures themselves. See what you think of some of their 'evolutions' and mutations that have started to appear...

Weekender XLBS: The Eternal Fight For Hobby Space & The Pros & Cons Of Cons


Help Lloyd with his hobby space problem and tell us how you survive at conventions!

Macrocosm Are Kickstarting A Race Of Monster Balls


Macrocosm are on Kickstarter right now with a small and quirky project. They are looking to making Monster Balls a thing...

Macrocosm’s Ogres & Trolls Fight Into Shortwars


If you want to see about building yourself a new warband for Shortwars by Macrocosm and you need some muscle then check out this pair of Ogres/Trolls including one of them with a Halberd. See what you think below...

The Grem Alliance & Digger Corp Get Macrocosm Reinforcements


The folks behind Macrocosm have added two more model sets to their range for both the Digger Corp and the Grem Alliance. We'll kick things off with the Wartrack for the space Dwarfs...

Weekender XLBS: The First Steps Are Critical


Sit back and relax with us for The Weekender XLBS as we discuss some interesting decisions from Games Workshop, talk about getting you settled in the hobby and show off Warren's latest gadgets...

The Grem Alliance Range Now Available For Macrocosm


Macrocosm have now added the whole Grem Alliance range to their webstore so you can pick up this range of backstabbing goblins and trolls for use in your games. See what you think of the Starter Set...

Weekender XLBS: Halfling Armies, Mechanicus Week Cometh & More


Happy Sunday and Merry Christmas once again! We're letting you in on what's happening over the Holiday season and chatting about some awesome miniatures coming our way...

Uncover Undead Astronauts With Macrocosm In January


The Macrocosm team have a treat for you coming in January. While they might work for their game you could also find a place for Undead Astronauts in all manner of Sci-Fi and Pulpy settings I bet. See what you think of them below...

White Knight’s Miniature Imperium Previews Halfling Cavalry Mounts


On the blog, White Knight's Miniatures Imperium has shown a preview of a very unique cavalry mount for halflings.

Prepare For A Playtest Of Shortwars Where Warbands Clash


The team behind Macrocosm have a new game in development called Shortwars. This small scale skirmish game where you command a group of Fantasy warriors now has Playtest Rules available to try.

Resistance Fighters Get Scrapping In Macrocosm With New Starter Set


The Resistance Fighters have now been added to the Macrocosm Store allowing you to take to the streets and go scrabbling around in the ruins as the Malignancy and more try to hunt you down.

The Resistance Gathers In The Colonies Of Macrocosm


The Macrocosm Game is turning into a resistance movement in the colonies with a preview of one of the upcoming models for this faction, the Resistance Trooper...

The Macrocosm Kickstarter Coming To A Close – Two Days To Go!


The Macrocosm Kickstarter is coming to a close over the next two days and they're still hitting stretch goals. With that in mind some more models have come to life for the campaign for both the Diggers and the Grems...

The Macrocosm Ticks & CDF Factions Added To Kickstarter


The Macrocosm team have surprised us all with the additional of two extra core 'sets' to their Kickstarter. The Malignancy get some very alien looking Ticks and then we also have a whole new faction, the Colony Defence Force (CDF)...

Mount Up On Jetbikes As Stretch Goal For Macrocosm


The Macrocosm Kickstarter is focusing in on some new stretch goals and while this one is a little far off the Malignancy Jetbikes are on the horizon...

Macrocosm Go Behind Enemy Lines With Digger Commandos


The Digger Commandos have been added to the Macrocosm Kickstarter as they were unlocked with another stretch goal being smashed. Here you can see a full unit and one of the models painted up very nicely indeed.

The Infected Diggers Get Added To Macrocosm


Macrocosm have been hitting their stretch goals and with that in mind they showed off some previews of their work in progress pieces. See what you make of both the New Infected Diggers and the progress on both of the new factions...

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