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Bernette Vigil Joins The Steampunk Skirmishing In Wolsung


Micro Art Studio has found themselves another Steampunk adventurer to throw into the mix for your games of Wolsung. Here we have Bernette Vigil who has now been added to their webstore for you to snap up.

Micro Art Studio Face The Fate Of Discworld


Micro Art Studio are showing off the finished sculpt for the most intimidating god of the Discworld. What has Fate got in store for you?

The Fate Of Discworld Forms At Micro Art Studio


Another of Discworld's many gods is starting to take form at Micro Art Studios as sculptor Piotr Kupper shows the progress of Fate himself.

Keeping Tournaments Tidy With Micro Art Studio’s New Trays


Micro Art Studio has two new tournament accessories which might be of use to those of you playing games of X-Wing.

Micro Art Make A Mosaic Of Bases


Micro Art Studios have released some new bases, including a section of Urban street, and a set of decorative Mosaics to drive across.

Micro Art Sacrifice Sausages To Discworld Deity Offler


Micro Art Studios have a new model joining their range of Discworld miniatures; none other than one of its large pantheon of gods, Offler the Crocodile God.

New Ruined Buildings & Massive Machines From Micro Art Studio


Collecting together two new terrain for you to use across Historical and Steampunk worlds, Micro Art Studio has now added both the Ruined Homestead and Cog Mechanism sets to their range.

Black Friday Bonanza
Amazing Tabletop Deals


Micro Art Set Up Lightboards In Infinity’s District 5


Micro Art Studios have released a pair of lightboard sets in their Infinity District 5 terrain range.

Micro Art Set Up Bigger Miniatures On Shrine & Ancient Bases


Micro Art Studio have released two new round bases, these ones at 120mm in size to suit your larger models.

Hobby VLOG: Painting 40k & Star Wars Themed Terrain – Part Five


Showing off the amazing 40k/Star Wars Table!

Hobby VLOG: Painting 40k & Star Wars Themed Terrain – Part Four


Hobby VLOG: Painting 40k & Star Wars Themed Terrain – Part Three


Hobby VLOG: Painting 40k & Star Wars Themed Terrain – Part Two


Hobby VLOG: Painting 40k & Star Wars Themed Terrain – Part One


John, rev up the Hobby Engine!

Brand New! Micro Art Studio’s Tabletop Battlefields Kickstarter


Come and check out some of the options available as part of Micro Art Studio's new terrain Kickstarter.

Weekender: Micro Art Studio’s Cool Kickstarter & We’ve Started Playing Star Wars Destiny!


Help me, Only Lloydi. You’re my only hope.

Ancient Things Turn Mystic As Micro Art Release New Bases


Micro Art have updated their range of 35mm bases with the release of new Mystic and Ancient Bases.

More Terrain Previews For Micro Art Studio’s Kickstarter


We take a look at some more of the terrain previews popping up on social media for Micro Art Studio and their upcoming Kickstarter.

Win A Complete Wolsung Table By Becoming A Wolsung Ambassador


Win one of nine complete table terrain sets for Wolsung from Micro Art Studio!

Micro Art Studio Hint At New TauCeti Terrain Kickstarter


Micro Art Studio has hinted that they will be heading to Kickstarter soon with their TauCeti Terrain to bring more buildings into the fold for your Sci-Fi gaming.

Check Out The Wolsung Boot Camp Bundle & More From Micro Art Studio This Weekend


Check out the Wolsung Boot Camp Bundle and more deals to get you started in this epic game from Micro Art Studio!

Micro Art Studio Take A New Sci-Fi Bus To Their Industrial Tabletop


Micro Art Studio has some new Infinity terrain for you to check out which is very cool indeed.

VLog: Wolsung Is Ready! Time for Hobby Night Live


Will you join us for the Wolsung Boot Camp?

Weekender: Team Yankee History Lesson & Replacing Rulebooks With Dized


We're back to bring you more awesomeness from the world of tabletop gaming this weekend with our little show known as The Weekender!

Micro Art Studio Haul Around New Infinity City Terrain


Micro Art Studio is adding to their collection of terrain for your games of Infinity. This time around the focus is on some more industrial equipment with their Cisterns & Tech Cisterns.

Micro Art Studio Announce They Are Expanding Their TauCeti Terrain


Micro Art Studio are reportedly preparing for a 40k terrain kickstarter and while they are preparing for it they are planning to expand their TauCeti range with a few new pieces.

Micro Art Add Some Hazardous Canisters To Infinity’s Terrain


Micro Art Studios have previewed the next set of hardfoam terrain pieces that they will be bringing into Infinity, a set of fuel tanks with some worrying hazard markings on them.

Micro Art Studio Offer Up New SciFi Vehicle Bundle


Unleash a Traffic Jam upon your table with this bundle from Micro Art Studios

Micro Art Studio add some Ruined and Forest Oval Bases


New sets of resin 60mm bases from Micro Art Studio

Micro Art Studios Grab Attention With New Corner Holo-Ads


Introduction new sets of eye-catching Holo-Ads in various patterns and sizes.

Micro Art Studio Craft Some New Battlefield Hills


Micro Art Studio has been busy working on some more hardfoam terrain to throw into the mix and this time it's the always helpful Flat Hills that have popped up in their webstore.

Micro Art Climb The Staircase in District 5


Micro Art Studios have released the latest building for their made for Inifinity terrain range, the District 5 Staircase.

Micro Art Unearth Ancient Oval Bases


Micro Art Studios are working on a new selection of oval Ancient bases.

Micro Art Reveal A New Addition To The Infinity Skyline


Micro Art Studio have revealed a new piece of HDF terrain that will be getting released for their Designed For Infinity range.

Creating Our Epic 40K Tyranid World!


In this Hobby Vlog, John gets stuck into some very cool terrain.

Micro Art’s District 5 Warehouse Now Available To Buy


Micro Art Studio has now released their District 5 Warehouse that we spied a few days ago onto their webstore for you to pick up.

Wolsung Boot Camp Tickets Now Available!


Tickets for the Wolsung Boot Camp alongside Micro Art Studio are now available to Backstagers!

New Micro Art Studio Oval Battle Bases Frame Your Models


The team at Micro Art Studio has a new range of Battle Bases for you to check out with a selection of Oval offerings and more for an array of their collections.

Micro Art Studio Build A Warehouse In Infinity’s District 5


Micro Art Studio recently previewed a new terrain piece which will soon be appearing for Infinity; the District 5 Warehouse.

Grab The Infinity ITS Scenery Set From Micro Art Studio


With Strikezone: Wotan now launched you might want some scenery and objectives to use in your games of Infinity. That's where this new ITS Scenery Set comes in from Micro Art Studio.

Grab Some Grub At Micro Art Studio’s Infinity Food Booths


Growing their Designed For Infinity range, Micro Art Studio has been showing off their new Food Booths which come in HDF for you to start adding some character to the tabletop.