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Mierce Miniatures

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Mierce Hear Fee Fi Fo Fum From The Mighty Giant Gomagg!


When Mierce Miniatures go big, they go very, very big. See what you think of the massive Gomagg as he winds up a swing of that huge sword to probably knock down a castle wall or tower!

The Dragon Parawn Flies Into Darklands


The Darklands Kickstarter has been seeing a great level of support and with miniature designs like the new Parawn concept that recently appeared it is easy to see why.

The Darklands Spreads and Engulfs Kickstarter


Mierce Miniatures have recently returned to Kickstarter in search of more funding for the First Edition rulebook of their game Darklands, a tabletop skirmish game set in the Dark Ages of Europe where all the mythology and superstition of our ancestors has come to life.

Uhtred & Brugg Step Out Of The Darklands Of Twitter


Mierce Miniature take to Twitter to show off some of their rather awesome sculpts for Darklands. I think Uhtred is my favourite!

More Creatures & Heroes For The World Of Darklands


Darklands is about to be hit by a mass of different heroes and villains. What is your favourite from this latest batch?

Mierce Miniatures Show Off Their Darklands January Horde


Darklands is going to be seeing a whole lot more awesomeness come the new year and they start things off with a look at new heroes and monsters for your collection.

Mierce Miniatures Tease New Sculpts & December Release!


Mierce Miniatures have a whole host of warriors and monsters for you to look forward to this coming December.

Hounds Both Big & Small Stalk You With Mierce Miniatures


Some massive monstrous hounds are stalking you in the recent updates from Mierce Miniatures and their Darklands campaign. Will you be getting the big or the even bigger beasts?

Mierce Miniatures Show Off Some Mighty Monsters


Check out some of the mighty monsters that are going to be taking over the fantasy world of Darklands thanks to Mierce Miniatures.

The Darklands Kickstarter Comes To Victorious Close


The Darklands Kickstarter is coming to a close and it's filled with some awesome Dark Age creatures and peoples. See what you think of some of them within.

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