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Miniature Scenery

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Miniature Scenery Revamp Their Forsaken Ruins Terrain


Miniature Scenery has recently been showing off their new take on the Forsaken Ruins collection.

Miniature Scenery Explore New Derelict Sci-Fi Ruins


Miniature Scenery have been getting into the Star Wars mood over the last couple of days with the release of four new kits for their range.

Take A Peek At Miniature Scenery’s New Orksteady & Bebork


Miniature Scenery has been working on a pair of rather impressive looking MDF Kits which will be dropping into the mix for use by Ork hordes in the grimdark future.

Pre-Orders For Miniature Scenery’s HMS Siren Coming Soon


Miniature Scenery has finally stopped tinkering with the upcoming HMS Siren kit.

Create Advanced Space Cities With New Sci-Fi Elven Terrain


Miniature Scenery have released an Elven Table Bundle to create an immortal, planetary utopia on your tabletop!

Miniature Scenery Hit The High Seas In Their Sloop


Miniature Scenery has been tinkering around with the idea of an awesome Sloop and the kit has been coming together very well on Facebook recently. 

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