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Let’s Play: Mythic Battles – The Hot Gates


It's Leo Vs Justin on the Thermopylae Battlefield!

Poison Ivy Pops Up As A Villain In Monolith’s Batman Board Game


Monolith Edition previewed another of their models coming as a part of Batman: The Board Game. Here we meet the villainous Poison Ivy.

Batman’s Sidekick Robin Pops Up In A New Monolith Preview


Batman always needs his sidekick Robin ready to leap into the action and thankfully Monolith is going to be dropping a version of him into the game. Here we have the first look at Tim Drake.

Get Ready For A Batman Punch Up With Alfred Pennyworth


Monolith shared another render today for Batman: The Board Game. Here we have the unassuming Alfred Pennyworth who is no doubt still able to put up a fight.

Average Joe’s Arrive On The Streets Of Batman’s Gotham


Monolith Editions have been showing off some of the Bystanders and Average Joe's that are popping up in the world of Batman when the board game hits.

Riddler Goons & Doctor Death Pop Up In Monolith’s Batman Previews


Monolith has shown off some more previews of what lies ahead for their Batman Board Game.

Weekender: Star Wars Destiny Dream Teams & Winners From Gen Con 50


It's the Weekend! Time for some tabletop gaming goodness

Conan: The Book Of Set Kickstarter Now Live


Monolith is now back on Kickstarter with more Conan goodness as they look to bring The Book Of Set to life.

Unboxing: Mythic Battles: Pantheon


Justin sat down with Leo from Mythic Games to open one of the first full production copies of Mythic Battles: Pantheon

Weekender: Team Yankee History Lesson & Replacing Rulebooks With Dized


We're back to bring you more awesomeness from the world of tabletop gaming this weekend with our little show known as The Weekender!

Monolith’s Oracle Keeps Batman In The Know


A great character from the world of Batman, Monolith last week showed off their version of Oracle.

Weekender XLBS: Animal Adventuring & Board Gamers Becoming Wargamers


Sit back and relax with us for Weekender XLBS where we delve into some of our hobbies and talk more about what's coming for the tabletop world.

Weekender: Mythic Battles Pantheon Catch-Up + A Summer Of Infinity Ahead!


See what lies ahead for Infinity & Mythic Battles: Pantheon this year...

Monolith Show Off The Thugs Of Batman The Board Game


Batman always needs some goons to beat up. So, Monolith shared with us some of their Thugs sculpted by Arnaud Boudoiron and painted by the hand of Martin Grandbarbe.

Monolith Show Off Smashing Clayface For Batman Board Game


Building on what's coming for Batman: The Board Game from Monolith we got a look at Clayface and an idea of just how big this fellow is!

Jim Gordon Fights Alongside Monolith’s Batman To Keep Gotham Safe


Monolith is showing off more of their Batman: The Board Game project, which is coming to Kickstarter later this year. This time we have GCPD's finest with Jim Gordon.

Killer Croc Slinks From The Sewers For The Batman Board Game


Another of Batman's enemies has made himself known for Monolith's big project for later this year, Batman: The Board Game. This time around the preview is for Killer Croc.

Massive Miniatures Grace Updates For Mythic Battles: Pantheon


Mythic Battles: Pantheon updates us with some more amazing miniature previews for their upcoming game which should be delivered towards the end of 2017.

Save Gotham With Monolith’s Batman Board Game At UK Games Expo


In more UK Games Expo news, Monolith is going to be at the event looking to save Gotham from Bane as they show off Batman: The Board Game including loads of its miniatures!

Face Off Against Bane In Monolith’s Batman Board Game


The latest model to be previewed for Monolith's upcoming Batman: The Board Game is the dangerous back-breaker known as Bane, shown here, painted up!

Early Mythic Battles: Pantheon Core Set Arrives From China


Mythic Games received a surprise in the post over the last few days as the first look at their Core Set arrived from China. See what you think of the glorious miniatures from Mythic Battles: Pantheon sitting snuggly in their tray.

Nightwing Is Next Hero Preview For Monolith’s Batman


The world of Batman is looking increasingly awesome on the tabletop with Monolith showing off another of the heroes for their Batman Board Game, coming in the future.

Batman Dons His Cowl For Monolith’s Board Game


Monolith has put together a render for the new Batman that will be part of the upcoming board game.

Let’s Play: Mythic Battles Pantheon – Flooding The River Styx


Leonidas of Mythic Games is back with a gruesome scenario on the River Styx!

Let’s Play: Mythic Battles Pantheon – Team Mythic Vs Team Beasts


The Mythic Games boys are back for an ultimate showdown!

Let’s Play: Mythic Battles Pantheon – Triple Threat


You guys loved the creators fight it out, how about a menage a trois?

New 15mm Joan Of Arc Game Coming Soon From Mythic Games


Mythic Games will be taking to Kickstarter again at the end of the year with a 15mm board game! Have a look at sneak peeks from the cases at Cannes for Time of Legends: Joan of Arc.

Monolith Announces Next Big Project – Batman The Board Game [Updated With Models!]


Monolith has announced their next big project as they are showing off prototypes of Batman: The Board Game at the 2017 Game Festival in Canne.

Mythic Battles: Pantheon Pledge Manager Now Open


The team behind Mythic Battles: Pantheon have now ironed out the kinks in the system and the Pledge Manager for their Kickstarter campaign is now online for backers to get stuck into.

Let’s Play – Mythic Battles: Pantheon


We're back with some heroic games of Mythic Battles: Pantheon!

Weekender: Wrath Of Kings Week Coming & Huge Mythic Battles Giveaway


We've got a packed show for you today with loads of awesomeness including giving away some brilliant prizes AND giving you a look ahead to more too!

The Basilisk Takes Shape For Mythic Battles: Pantheon


Avert your eyes as the Basilisk takes shape for Mythic Battles: Pantheon. This was one of the creatures that was never quite finished before the end of the Kickstarter.

Mythic Battles: Pantheon Funds & We Get A Norse Teaser Of What’s Next!


The people have spoken and the battle for Olympus will begin next year as Mythic Battles: Pantheon was funded. However, we also got a teaser at what's next for them as they build on the Mythic Battles project. Do you fancy Norse mythology next?

A Treat For Mythic Battles Backers & Everyone Else With A FREE Account!


Welcome Mythic Battles: Pantheon Backers! Come and check out loads of FREE content including interviews and some gameplay too!

Final Hours For Mythic Battles: Pantheon Kickstarter


The amazingly fun Kickstarter for Mythic Battles: Pantheon is coming to a close with just a few hours left before we begin the wait until the box comes to our door.

The Rise Of The Titans Expansion Comes To Mythic Battles: Pantheon


The massive Rise of the Titans Expansion has now been added to the pool of awesome goodies on the way for Mythic Battles: Pantheon.

Weekender: Epic Kickstarters Go To War!


Join us for The Weekender today where we're unveiling the winners of Hobbyween and diving into a mighty battle on Kickstarter!

3 Colours Up – Painting Mythic Battles: Pantheon’s Achilles Part Two


With Mythic Battles: Pantheon reaching over $1M funding over the weekend Romain has finished up painting Achilles.

Mythic Battles: Pantheon Marches On To Ever Greater Heights


Mythic Games has been pushing on with the campaign for Mythic Battles: Pantheon and it has reached new heights, much like the Gods as they clamour and battle for a place on Olympus.

Weekender: Walking Dead Winners, Blood Bowl Returns & Mythic Battles Breaks $1M


We've somewhat recovered from The Walking Dead: All Out War Boot Camp and will be diving into our thoughts on the game and much more besides!

3 Colours Up – Painting Mythic Battles: Pantheon’s Achilles Part One


Today Romain is painting the marvelous Achilles from Mythic Battles: Pantheon which is currently on Kickstarter from Mythic Games.

Mythic Battles: Pantheon Welcomes Hector & The High Flying Bellerophon Soon


As the game closes in on the next million dollar mark Mythic Games show off what's on the horizon for Mythic Battles: Pantheon.

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