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EP92 Video Edition: Shiny Syndrome


Mortian Cyberrats Army Skitters Onto Kickstarter


Mortian are currently on Kickstarter with an amazing range of 32mm Cyberrats to enhance your favourite sci-fi gaming experience (and by enhance I mean ratify). Over 20 highly detailed miniatures have been concepted for your tabletop. The first model is already sculpted with the others following after the Kickstarter.

Mortian Hit Kickstarter With New Sci-Fi Buggies Project


If you're looking for some alternative Sci-Fi vehicles to throw into the mix then you might want to check out the Mortian Buggies which are now available via Kickstarter.

Mortian Share Work On Cyberrats Coming To Kickstarter Soon


Mortian are planning to come to Kickstarter soon to raise funds to make a Cyberrats Army that you could use in your Sci-Fi wargames on the tabletop.

New Mortian Miniatures Heave A Hefty Heavy Infantry


Mortian have put the 'hench' into henchmen with their latest work-in-progress teaser images.

Mortian Power Up Their Super Heavy Warcrawler


Mortian has powered up a new vehicle for those looking to utterly blow away everything in your path.

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