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Paranoid Miniatures

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Paranoid Miniatures Shows The Painted Professor Model For The Priory


Soon Paranoid Miniatures will be putting their Lovecraftian miniatures game out onto Kickstarter. Until then, they've released some pictures of their painted Professor model of the Priory faction.

Paranoid Announce The Kickstarter Launch Date For Mythos


The Madness of Mythos is getting closer everyday, as Paranoid Miniatures announces the upcoming launch date for their long awaited Kickstarter. Mythos will launch on Saturday, April 16th, and the guys will be on hand at Salute to give you a first hand look at the exciting game and what it has to offer.

The Priory of Mythos Pose For A Group Shot


The Priory of Mythos have gotten together for a fantastic group shot. Paranoid Miniatures is excited to show gamers what they crew will look like as they're introduced next month.Madness? What madness?!

Stunning Artwork Brings Paranoid Miniatures’ World Of Mythos To Life


April is ever so close, which means so is the world of Mythos! Paranoid Miniatures is showing off the stunning art by Shane Cook, who in one shot, has managed to capture the Lovecraftian Madness of its characters and what we have to look forward to in the Kickstarter launch next month.

Paranoid Features A 360 Look At The Professor’s Render


Paranoid Miniatures has shared a wonderful, 360 degree look at Professor Lazerous of the Priory faction in Mythos. The Professor is the faction's leader and brings not only physical weapons into battle, but his mind and magic as well.

Weekender: Global Infinity Campaign & Amazing Dark Age Prize Up For Grabs


It's time to get stuck into a very quick Weekender as we're getting a lot of filming squeezed out this week. Without further ado...

Dawn Unveils Her Finished Jezebel Miniature


Dawn gets to the end of her journey as she shows off a finished Jezebel miniature bought to life by Prodos Games. Come and check out the final product within...

Paranoid Miniatures Shows Off The Render For Bertie


This week, the fellows from Paranoid Miniatures are showing off the most recent render for their Priory faction of Mythos. Bertie is a very serious and stylish chap, who looks as if he welcomes a challenge from the Madness of Mythos.

The Majestic Zeus Walks Into Mythos For The Priory


The Priory of Mythos have members of man, woman, sand and beast, the beast being a cat. This week, Paranoid Miniatures is showing off the lovely render for Zeus, the Professor's trusty feline companion.

Weekender XLBS: Building Army Background & Making Models Your Own


It's time to relax with some news from the Beast this week and also a big discussion building army background and making that army your own...

Paranoid Miniatures Shows Off Their Painted Maharal


A very lovely, painted Maharal mini hit the page for Paranoid Miniatures in the world of Mythos. The Priory faction is really taking shape as they are giving more and more looks at finished characters for their upcoming Kickstarter.

Paranoid Miniatures Proudly Shows Their Painted Abigail


The world of Mythos from Paranoid Miniatures is really starting to come alive as we begin to see painted minis coming forward. A very lovely, very lethal, Abigail, was shown off today. She's ready to do some serious damage for the Priory.

Paranoid Miniatures Shows Off Their 3D Printed Abigail


Paranoid Miniatures is running at full speed breathing life into the minis for their long awaited world of Mythos. This week, they've given a peek at the 3D print for the Priory's Abigail.

The Brute Strength Of Click Clack Has Arrived For Mythos


Who wouldn't want to control their own giant crab in a tabletop game? Paranoid Miniatures has revealed Click Clack, the giant crab with all the muscle (or claws as it were) that the Hidden Ones need to manage those who get in their way- especially the Dockland Queen.

Paranoid Introduce The Loyal Angler Of The Dockland Queen


Every good henchman (or woman, as it were), needs a loyal minion to carry out their bidding. This week Paranoid Miniatures have given a look at The Angler, the pet of the Dockland Queen.

Paranoid Miniatures Introduces The Leader Of the Hidden Ones


At last, Paranoid Miniatures has introduced us to the leader of the Hidden Ones for their upcoming Kickstarter, Mythos. The Dockland Queen will control her creations with her mastery of the arcane.

Paranoid Miniatures Shows Off Art For Another Mythos Character


Sometimes what you see, is not always what you get. Paranoid Miniatures has captured a perfect example of this with their latest piece of art for Molly Maloney of the Hidden Ones, in their upcoming game, Mythos.

Paranoid Miniatures Shares Concept Art For The Fisherman King


Paranoid Miniatures continues to impress with the stunning concepts coming forth for their upcoming world of Mythos.

Paranoid Miniatures Explore The Lovecratian Hidden Ones


Paranoid Miniatures is highlighting their Lovecraftian faction, The Hidden Ones, this week. These ancient creatures are lying in wait, to see what the Madness of Mythos brings to them.

Final Renders For Dawn’s Jezebel Miniature Revealed


Dawn's Jezebel miniature is just weeks away from being a reality. Follow along on her progress as Prodos converts the fantastic artwork of Paranoid Miniatures' artist, Shane Cook, into 3D sculpt.

Paranoid Miniatures Shows Off Something Big For Mythos’ Priory Faction


Paranoid Miniatures has given us a first time look at the render for Marahal, the Sand Golem for the Priory faction of Mythos. This big guy serves only one purpose, to protect his faction at all costs- of course, one has to wonder how effective his protection will be if Madness enters the picture...

Paranoid Miniatures Shows Off Final Art For The Wildborn


The Wildborn of Mythos have landed themselves a really impressive big guy. Paranoid Miniatures has continued to bring forward amazing characters for their upcoming game and the final artwork for the Wildborn does not disappoint.

Paranoid Miniatures Shows Off A “Little” WIP For The Wildborn


The masterminds of Paranoid Miniatures have managed to sneak out a WIP art piece for one of the bigger Wildborn. It looks as though all Hell is going to break loose in the world of Mythos.

Weekender: Bust Some Ghosts! & Halloween Game Designer Challenge


We've been looking at loads of awesome things that happened in the tabletop world this week and announcing a new Game Designer Challenge with a focus on making a new Halloween game!

Creating An Original Character With Paranoid Miniatures


Dawn got the opportunity to steer the creation of her very own character, Jezebel, a steampunk witch with Shane Cook of Paranoid Miniatures and YOU could be in with a chance of winning Jezebel in miniature form!

Paranoid Miniatures Reveals Render For Their Second Mythos Mini


Paranoid Miniatures has revealed the render for their second miniature for their work in progress game, Mythos! Abigail is a cool, 1920's chic, wielding a pickaxe. What's not to love about that?

Watch A Mythos Sculpt Brought to Life On Twitch


Paranoid Miniatures will be giving gamers a unique look at the sculpting process next week! Mythos sculptor, Russ Charles, will be sculpting live on Twitch on August 26th.

The “Wild” Side Of The Wildborn Faction Of Mythos


Concept art can be brilliant, especially when you can see the character coming to life through the work. Paranoid Miniatures have some fantastic art on the "wild" side of the Wildborn faction.

Paranoid Gives Us A Look At Fantastic Art For The Wildborn Of Mythos


In Mythos, everything has a degree of Madness. Some, you will find, are far more mad than others. The Wildborn characters have been taking form and Paranoid Miniatures have shared some of their amazing progress this week.

New Eerie Trailers For The Mythos Factions From Paranoid Miniatures


Paranoid Miniatures have been releasing eerie teaser videos introducing the factions for their upcoming game, Mythos! The latest intro teaser is for The Wildborn - ancient witches walking among us.

Art Gallery For Mythos Now Available From Paranoid Miniatures


The Madness is coming to the world of Mythos, and no one is safe. It will touch all within the world, but in what way? Explore the world of Mythos through the fantastic art gallery available on Paranoid Miniature's site for a glimpse at what's to come.

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