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PlastCraft Games’ Color-ED Fukei Terrain Collection Grows!


PlastCraft continues to grow their ColorED range of terrain which includes a selection of pre-coloured pieces for a variety of games. The latest crop is for the Fukei Japanese line!

Weekender: Our Gift Guide For A Happy Hobbyist


We're delving into some awesome gift ideas for the hobbyist and gamer in your life plus much more!

The Color-ED Terrain Range By PlastCraft Expands To Dropzone Commander!


PlastCraft Games add to the ColorED collection with some amazing 10mm Dropzone Commander terrain!

Weekender XLBS: The Mythic Battles: Pantheon After Action Report


Redesigned Malifaux Terrain Joins The ColorED Range By Plast Craft


The ColorED range from Plast Craft Games is expanding once again as a range of redesigned Malifaux terrain is going to be joining the collection.

PlastCraft Build Up Their Desert Mesa SAGA Terrain Collection


PlastCraft have shared with us some more previews of their growing ColorED range for SAGA. This time they're adding to the Middle-Eastern feel with some Desert Mesa terrain.

PlastCraft Build Up Their SAGA Medieval Terrain Collection


PlastCraft Games have now released their new SAGA ColorED range. This focuses in on the Medieval era and would be great for those of you playing battles in The Crescent & The Cross which focuses in on the Crusades.

PlastCraft Go 15mm With Their New World War II Color-ED Terrain


PlastCraft reveal their 15mm ColorED Terrain for your World War II battles!

PlastCraft’s Infinity Platforms & Props Terrain Now Available


PlastCraft Games have now released their new Platforms and Props as part of their ColorED range for Infinity.

Plastcraft Preview Epic SAGA Terrain Coming Soon!


Plastcraft Games add to their ColorED range with new terrain for SAGA: The Crescent & The Cross!

PlastCraft Give You Plenty Of Access With New Infinity Color-ED Terrain


If you're seeking some elevation then you might want to check out new ramps, stairs, platforms and cover terrain pieces by PlastCraft for Infinity.

Hole Up In Saint Mere Eglise With PlastCraft’s New Terrain


PlastCraft Games have put together another fantastic kit for you to use in your World War II games. Here we have the iconic Saint-Mère-Église which is now available on their webstore for you to pick up...

Weekender XLBS: Next Halo Space Game Revealed, More Tanks Info & Mega Terrain Chat


Exclusive! Upcoming Color-ED Yu Jing Infinity Terrain


PlastCraft Games have been good enough to share some of their upcoming kits with us once again as we take a look at some additions to their ColorED line-up for Infinity...

Weekender XLBS: Talking WWII Desert Warfare & Rebooting Games


It's time to get stuck into an easy weekend of chat about all things tabletop gaming with John, Justin and Ben. No Warren this week!

Plast Craft Build A Masterful Church & Carnevale Terrain


Plast Craft Games have shared some images of their upcoming ColorED terrain which will be useful for those of you wanting a glorious Church to fight over. Here we have the rather amazing looking Saint-Mère-Église...

Plast Craft Show Off New Pre-ColorED World War II Scenery


Plast Craft Games have shared with us some more exclusive previews of their new ColorED range. Here we have their new World War II collection which contains a selection of Houses and a Warehouse each with removable roofs and detailed interiors...

Weekender XLBS: Halfling Armies, Mechanicus Week Cometh & More


Happy Sunday and Merry Christmas once again! We're letting you in on what's happening over the Holiday season and chatting about some awesome miniatures coming our way...

Exclusive! All The Fun Of The Fair With New Malifaux Circus Terrain


Adding to their Designed For Malifaux range and building on their ColorED range too we have a wonderful colourful Circus/Fair set of terrain coming out from PlastCraft Games.

PlastCraft Games’ Japanese Village Kensei Terrain Now Available


PlastCraft Games have now released their new Designed For Kensei range of terrain which includes a whole range of normal buildings as well as more important focal points and wooden structures...

Plast Craft Head To Feudal Japan With Next Color-ED Range


Plast Craft Games have gone back in time to Feudal Japan with their latest range of Color-ED Terrain. Designed with Kensei in mind this set of pre-painted terrain will focus on bringing Japan to life for 28mm to 35mm ranges...

Build Your Own Wasteland With Plast Craft Games


Plast Craft have added to their range of Color-ED scenery for tabletop gaming with a whole host of wasteland/post-apocalyptic terrain. We previewed this a little while ago but now you can pick it up to start creating dens for gangs and road warriors...

Weekender: Big Kickstarters & Battlefleet Gothic Returns


Another great week in the tabletop gaming world and we're here to chat about some interesting Games Workshop digital games and new Kickstarters too...

Exclusive! PlastCraft Add To Color-ED Line-Up With Post-Apocalyptic Terrain


New Swampy Color-ED Plastcraft Terrain For Malifaux


PlastCraft have now released their Color-ED Terrain for Malifaux that has a bayoux theme to it. With that in mind lets head down to the swamps and find out what is hiding around this abandoned train station...

PlastCraft Bring Color-ED To The World Of Malifaux


PlastCraft Games have continued to grow their ColorED range of buildings which allow you to bring a bunch of pre-coloured and easy to assemble buildings to the battlefield with minimal effort. See what you think of their new Malifaux range...

Weekender: The Dawn Of Full Colour Digital Printed Terrain?


We're back with The Weekender after another busy week of getting things ready for the impending Boot Camp and more. However, we've also had time to delve into other parts of the hobby!

Exclusive! Check Out The New PlastCraft ColorED Terrain For Infinity


See what you make of these amazing looking pre-coloured terrain pieces for use with Infinity thanks to PlastCraft Games' new range called ColorED.

Take The Fighting Inside With PlastCraft’s TME Corridors!


You can now take your fighting inside out of the elements with this set of TME Corridors coming very soon from PlastCraft Games for use with their Designed For Infinity range. Take a closer look within!

Plast Craft Scale Up Their Awesome WWII Buildings To 28mm!


Plast Craft Games have got some awesome 28mm World War II terrain to show off. If you're looking for a built up area packed with cool looking houses and a big warehouse then this should be something to keep an eye on!

Exclusive First Look At Plastcraft’s New TME TAG Hangar!


We get an exclusive look at the new TME TAG Hanger from PlastCraft Miniatures as part of their Designed for Infinity range!

PlastCraft Show Off The First Wave Of Malifaux Terrain!


We checked out a first look at the PlastCraft Malifaux range last week and now we get more details on it!

An Exclusive Look At PlastCraft Games’ Malifaux Terrain!


Dive into the world of Malifaux with our exclusive look at some stunning terrain designed specifically for the game by PlastCraft Games!

The Weekender: 40K Eternal Crusade Founding Uncovered


Warren, Justin and John come together for another epic Weekender with all the latest gaming goings on. There’s plenty this week to get any 40k fan excited as Warren gives us an update on our 40k narrative campaign, before the guys move on to discuss Eternal Crusade and just what is happening with this hotly anticipated game.

New 15-20mm Terrain Announced by PastCraftGames


PlastCraft Games adds new buildings to it 15 - 20mm terrain. Add an extra sense of realism to your game and grab this for wargames like Flames of War perhaps!

Infinity Tabletop Analysis Episode 01


At FicZone 14 we decided to find out what makes a great Infinity table tick!

Plast Craft Games Cover Your Board In Bourak Terrain


See what you think of this awesome haul of epic terrain that is coming this month from Plast Craft Games.

Show Your Curves With Plast Craft Games’ Infinity Terrain


Plast Craft Games have released their selection of different modular terrain for TME 2.0. This curvy modular board candy is looking brilliant.

Plast Craft Add Some Curves To Your Terrain With TME 2.0


See what Plast Craft Games has waiting for you as the new year rolls around. It's all curves and sleek designs this time around with TME 2.0.

Build Your Kensei Battlefield With PlastCraft Games


Plast Craft Games have been showing off their latest releases for October and they have taken a very Far Eastern turn. See what you think of the terrain that's perfect for Kensei.

Plast Craft Games Sort Out Your Infinity Terrain Worries


Set up your table with some awesome looking Infinity terrain thanks to Plast Craft Games.

Plast Craft Games Set Up Their Infinity Terrain


Plast Craft Games have put together a very nice Infinity terrain package and it is worth taking a look!

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