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Alakhai Ascendant Hits The Battlefield For Warzone!


The mighty Alakhai of the Dark Legion has become more mighty than ever before. Alakhai Ascendant is the new model from Prodos Games for Warzone: Resurrection and stands at an impressive 88mm tall. Talk about heroic proportions (or should it be villainous?)

Weekender XLBS: Future Boot Camps & Upcoming 40k Content!


Welcome to a Saturday edition of The Weekender XLBS where we're talking about the Boot Camps, Upcoming Content (Warhammer 40,000!) and more...

The Road To The 2015 Warzone International: Part Seven


Read through Community Member siygess' in-depth report of how things went at the UK Games Expo with a run down of his games and how they all went! What tactical advice would you have given him and his Bauhaus?

Entering The Warzone: Demo Game – Basics of Warzone: Resurrection


We kick off our new series delving into Warzone: Resurrection with a demo game between Justin's Imperials and Rob from Prodos Games' Dark Legion as they explore the basics of the game.

Entering The Warzone XLBS: Demo Game – Warzone Advanced Rules


Now we enter the Bauhaus compound for our second demo game. They are taking on the Cybertronic forces in this battle as we take a look into the more advanced rules of the game such as rapid and scout deployment.

Weekender: MiniWargaming Talk Youtube & Win 4Ground City Watchtower


Not only do we have MiniWargaming Matt in the studio talking Youtube and Wargaming but you could win yourself a 4Ground City Watchtower!

The Road To The 2015 Warzone International: Part Six


Community member siygess takes us through his choices for the Warzone: Resurrection armies he took to the UK Games Expo ahead of the full run down of how it went next week.

Demigods Evolution Kicks Off Its Fundraising With New Multipart Heroes


Demigods Evolution is a new take on the Demigods Rising project where you get multipart heroes and more that can be assembled in a variety of ways to give them more options both as models on the tabletop and in-game with equipment choices and more...

The Gnome Voltigeur Get Rendered By Prodos For Panzerfauste


Hysterical Games have shown off some of the sterling work from Prodos Games as they get stuck into the 3D rendering of some of the Panzerfauste Miniatures. The first set are the Gnome Voltigeur...

Weekender: The Dawn Of Full Colour Digital Printed Terrain?


We're back with The Weekender after another busy week of getting things ready for the impending Boot Camp and more. However, we've also had time to delve into other parts of the hobby!

Weekender: Ace Myth Minis, Prodos Head Sculpts & The 100th Episode!


After the insanity that was the Bolt Action Boot Camp we're back with The Weekender and it's 100th Episode of the show today!

The Road To The 2015 Warzone International: Part Five


The final mission for the Warzone: Resurrection International this weekend at the UK Games Expo goes under the microscope of siygess from the community. He also shows off his awesome custom Warlord!

The Road To The 2015 Warzone International: Part Four


Community member siygess takes us through more of the missions he could face at the UK Games Expo this weekend when the Warzone: Resurrection International kicks off. Do you think his tactics are sound?

AvP The Hunt Begins Now Available For Prodos Pre-Order


The Aliens, Predators and Marines have been shown off by Prodos Games who have finally come together to be ready for pre-orders.

The Road To The 2015 Warzone International: Part Three


Community member siygess delves deeper into the tactics he's going to try and employ when he joins in with the Warzone: Resurrection 2015 International Championship at the UK Games Expo at the end of May.

Alien Vs Predator : The Hunt Begins Soon Available From Prodos


The Alien Vs Predator: The Hunt Begins game is coming VERY soon from Prodos. The final signatures are in and the game can begin production which means that you'll soon be able to pick it up from them...

The Road To The 2015 Warzone International: Part Two


The preparations for the Warzone: Resurrection tournament at the UK Games Expo continue as siygess looks at his army and how it's going to deal with Mission One - The Advanced Base.

The Road To The 2015 Warzone International: Part One


Community member siygess starts on his journey to get prepared for the Warzone International Tournament 2015 at the UK Games Expo at the end of May! Are you going to be playing in this big brawl?

Demigods Rising Heading Back To Kickstarter For New Models In Evolution


Demigods Rising is teaming up with Prodos Games to bring a new series of miniatures to their board game of diety-smashing battles. Check out some of the renders and miniatures showing off the multi-part resin kits coming to Kickstarter soon.

Are Prodos Games Planning A StarCraft Project?


Prodos Games tease us with a look at a what appears to be a range of StarCraft miniatures in 15mm scale. Do you fancy playing as the Zerg in a smaller scale mass battle game?

Claim Victory in the Warzone Resurrection International Tournament!


At this year's UK Games Expo Warzone Resurrection players will have the chance to battle and see whose corporation will emerge victorious in the Official International Tournament!

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