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Face A War Torn Battlefield With PWORK’s Dust Town


All-purpose battlefield mats are well worth considering nowadays since people play so many different games. Dust Town is one such mat, provided by PWORK Wargames.

Fight Them On The Beaches With PWork’s New Overlord Mat


If you're looking to fight it out on the beaches and push an invasion force inland then you're going to need a good beach mat.

PWork Wargames Battle At Their New Medieval Farm


PWork Wargames has been tinkering away on some new terrain for use in your Historical wargames.

Build An Industrial War Zone With PWORK Wargames New Terrain


PWORK Wargames has some new Industrial Terrain for you to check out. I've pointed out two of the bundles below which show off some of the terrain you can snap up, but a lot of it is also available separately if you would like!

PWORK Lay The Foundations Of Frostgrave With New Mat Design


PWORK has added a new mat design to their collection specifically catered towards those exploring the frozen city of Frostgrave. Take a peek...

Weekender: Total War Warhammer World Building & Warren Returns!


It's time to get stuck back into The Weekender after a break for a few weeks and we also have the return of Warren to the fold!

PWORK Take You To A Fiery Battlefield Of Churning Lava


Quite fitting for the current Firestorm Campaign in Age Of Sigmar, we have a fantastic new mat from PWORK for you to pick up as they take you to Volkano.

Battle For Mars With New PWORK Gaming Mat


PWORK continue to create new battlefields for you to fight over as they created the Lands Of Mars release. Perfectly timed for some Adeptus Mechanicus to hit the tabletop.

PWORK Battle Over The Roads Of War With New Mat


PWORK has another new mat for you to snap up for Sci-Fi games and Post-Apocalyptic warfare. See what you think of the Roads Of War.

Cue The Rock Music & Battle It Out On PWork’s Hellgate Mat


PWork has been tinkering away on a rather awesome looking mat for you to play out your tabletop games. See what you think of the Hellgate Mat

Step Into PWORK Paper Wargames’ Future Combat Plaza


PWORK Paper Wargames have a new terrain mat available that will either set your battles in the far future or an Apple store. Step out into the Combat Plaza.

Battle In An Idyllic Valley Thanks To PWork’s Mats


Lush grasslands and well worn paths are a staple of our Fantasy gaming tables and the new Valley by PWork would fit in nicely with that idyllic landscape!

PWork Set Up A Mat For Modern Warfare Tactical Insertion


If you're going to be picking up some of these highly popular modern warfare tabletop games then you might need a high-tech facility to raid.

PWORK Take You To A Meka Desert With New Mat


PWORK have another mat for you to consider for your Sci-Fi adventures. The latest is their Meka Desert which makes me think of the wild open plains where an Ork army might battle it out atop wild contraptions.

Explore The Rebel Sector With PWork’s New Terrain Mat


PWork have added another mat to their collection for those of you who like heading out into the depths of space. Here we have their new Rebel Sector.

Pwork Brings Us A New Mat Out Of The Cold For Frostgrave


Pwork Paper Wargames has added a spectacular gaming mat to their collection with one specifically for Frostgrave.

P-Works Have Laid Down An Industrial Ruins Mat


Fighting over industrial complexes is something that works with modern and Sci-Fi games so this new Mat from P-Works would work nicely for both. The Industrial Ruins Mat features a beat down and ramshackle looking landscape for you to fight over...

Fight On A Lifeless Land As PWork Head To A Desolate Play Mat


PWORK have added another PVC gaming mat to their collection and this time it is focused on a Lifeless Planet which churns with strange swampy ichor and foul smelling gases. See what you think of the mat below...