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Raging Heroes Unleash Their New Hell Riders On The Tabletop


Raging Heroes has released a new set of badass-looking ladies for you to consider adding into the mix during your Sci-Fi games.

Raging Heroes Make It Easier To Build Their Grimdark War Pulpit


Raging Heroes has been making it easier for you to assemble their rather impressively grimdark War Pulpit.

Raging Heroes’ Quick Tutorial Gets You Over That Painting Hump!


Raging Heroes know that looking at grey plastic on the tabletop can be a little depressing sometimes, especially if you're the one who hasn't mustered up the courage to get out the brush in a long time

Raging Heroes Celebrate The Day Of The Dead With Stylish Sets


Keeping up with the Halloween theme for this week, Raging Heroes has been showing off its new and updated packs of miniatures for the Daughters Of The Crucible and The Day Of The Dead.

Raging Heroes Put Together Some New Halloween Bundles


Raging Heroes are now celebrating Halloween with a bunch of new Halloween Bundles which bring together a selection of their different characters in thematic ways.

Mech Up With Raging Heroes Machines Of Prodigy Release


Raging Heroes has been offering up an option for those looking to add more walkers into the mix for their Sci-Fi Sisters armies.

Raging Heroes Prepare A Colourful Halloween Surprise


Raging Heroes are getting pumped up for Halloween with the announcement that they are going to be working on some new tweaks to the Daughters Of The Crucible.

Raging Heroes Show Off Stylish Demons & Tribal Warriors [NSFW]


Raging Heroes has been sharing some of the awesome painting by their community on a number of the different miniatures they have been creating over the last few months.

Raging Heroes’ Krezia The Black Mounts Up On Her Steed


Krezia The Black is the leader of the Furianns in Raging Heroes' Fantasy world and so she deserves a steed worthy of her station.

Raging Heroes Get Stuck Into Painting New All-Stars


We get to see a lot of the Raging Heroes releases in their render form so it's always nice to see the final models getting painted up.

Raging Heroes Introduce The Furianns To Your Fantasy Games


Raging Heroes has a new set of miniatures to introduce to you this coming week which should be a good pick if you're looking to get into more Fantasy games.

Raging Heroes Unleash New Sisters Of The Orphanage


Raging Heroes has dropped a whole bunch of new characters into the mix for those looking to build up their Fantasy collection.

Vanquish Foes With Raging Heroes’ New All-Star Sisters


Raging Heroes are keeping things rolling for their Sisters Of Eternal Mercy as they introduce two new sets into the mix for this Sci-Fi fighting force.

Raging Heroes Slither Into Battle With New Nagalith Lust Elves


Raging Heroes have returned with yet another addition to their Lust Elves faction: the brutal and beautiful House of Nagalith!

Raging Heroes Lust Elves Crown Their Colossal Queen!


Lust Elves divide their loyalties alongside their looks - a bit like high school cliques, really.

Raging Heroes Raise The Throttle With Wild Dogs All-Stars


Raging Heroes have returned with their latest set of fearsome fighting females, and these greased up gearheads are ready to rumble!

Raging Heroes Unleash Holy Justice With Latest Army


The guys over at Raging Heroes have unleashed their all-female army of righteous redeemers onto the tabletop, and they're ready to deliver holy hell to their enemies!

Raging Heroes Release New TGG Dark Elf Rider


It's International Women's Day, so it's only right that we check out the latest Toughest Girls of the Galaxy release from Raging Heroes.

Raging Heroes Announce New Lust Elves Spider Mother


Lust Elves - beautiful sirens of unimaginable power and dangerous lusts, only the bravest would ever try and love them.

Wild Women And Worms In Latest Raging Heroes TGG Release


Raging Heroes have released the next installment in The Toughest Girls of the Galaxy Series, and these ladies have got are packing some serious girth in between those thighs.

Raging Heroes Release Dark Elves Draahk Riders Cavalry


Raging Heroes have announced another new release with their...wait, what is that thing? Is it's face melting?? WHERE ARE IT'S EYES?!?!

Raging Heroes Bring Angels All-Stars Miniatures To The Tabletop


Raging Heroes have announced a new set of miniatures. The Angels All-Stars are a group of badass female heroics, ready to sweep down from the heavens and transform your tabletop battles.

Raging Heroes Take Us To Church For Their Cathedral Prototype


Raging Heroes are working on finishing the products for their WarStages Kickstarter, and have revealed new images of the prototype for their Small and Large Cathedral.

Raging Heroes Unleash Their Ascended Sister, Erzebel


Raging Heroes have unleashed the powerful Ascended Sister, Erzebel to their collection recently. Take a peek at this angelic looking warrior woman.

Raging Heroes Introduce Two New “Toughest Girls Of The Galaxy”


The ladies are here to show you a thing or two

Weekender: New Space Marine Codex & Redemptor Up Close + The Future Of Wild West Exodus


Space Marines, Wild West Exodus and much more!

Raging Heroes Hitting Kickstarter Soon With WarStages Terrain


WarStages is a new terrain Kickstarter coming this month from Raging Heroes. Their idea is to bring a modular terrain kit to the tabletop in a diverse and interesting way, allowing you to tweak it all from the one set. […]

A Trio Of Mechs March Out Of Raging Heroes


Raging Heroes have released three mechs for their Toughest Girls of the Galaxy scifi range, each with a unique style befitting their respective armies.

The WereSheWolves Come Howling Into Battle From Raging Heroes


The snarling WereSheWolves from Raging Heroes are now available for you to snap up from their webstore. Take a look at them howling at the moon, getting ready to tear their foes asunder!

Two New War Machines Join The Ranks From Raging Heroes


Two new, jaw-dropping models were added to Raging Heroes' Toughest Girls of the Galaxy project. The Altar of the Succubi and the Sisters War Pulpit are unique and stunning pieces, loaded with detail.

Raging Heroes Update Shows Off New Sci-Fi & Fantasy Warrior Women


We focus in on two of the new character releases coming soon from Raging Heroes for their Darkness & Light collection.

Weekender XLBS: Miniatures IP Debate & Bolt Action Tanks Explored


Void & Lust Elves Soon From Raging Heroes Led By The HUGE Shaah


Raging Heroes have been doing a lot to build on their Toughest Girls of the Galaxy range but they also have plans coming together for both their Void & Lust Elves which work in your games of Fantasy and Sci-Fi.

Weekender XLBS: Embracing A Healthy Hobby & Why D&D Is Good For You!


Sit back and relax with us as we talk through embracing and having a healthy hobby + Win an awesome FAITH: Sci-Fi RPG Prize!

Raging Heroes’ Svetlana Joins the Fight for Freedom


Another of Raging Heroes' new Toughest Girls of the Galaxy range is ready to join the battle. This time we're joining the fight for freedom with the release of Svetlana.

Keela Krupps On The Airwaves From Raging Heroes


Continuing with a range of new female characters for your Sci-Fi gaming we have Keela Krupps, Transmissions Coordinator by Raging Heroes...

Weekender XLBS: Chatting Hobby With Romain & A New Way Of Transporting Board Games?


Welcome Backstage to check out some great Kickstarters and delve into a load of hobby that we've been getting stuck into this week...

Raging Heroes Hand Over Command to Major Madsen


Following the release of the beautiful Faceless Mother miniature, Raging Heroes have another Toughest Girls of the Galaxy miniature available, the tough as nails Major Severina Madsen.

Nertha The Faceless Mother Floats Out Of Raging Heroes


There are some stunning miniatures in the Raging Heroes collection but this one is standing head and shoulders above the rest for me right now. See what you think of Nertha, The Faceless Mother...

Raging Heroes Fly High With New Iron Empire Jet Girls


Raging Heroes have some new additions to their webstore for the Iron Empire. If you want to fly high then check out the Jet Girls who look like they'd be fantastic as part of a Sci-Fi army and a Steampunk inspired one too...

Community Painting Picks – Tough Girls & Malifaux Toys


Welcome back to our first instalment of Community Painting Picks for 2016. We've got some neat picks for you including a tough Sci-Fi woman, some creepy Malifaux models and some Fantasy knights...

Unboxing: Toughest Girls Of The Galaxy – Jailbirds Character Box


We come face to face with more of the Toughest Girls of the Galaxy from Raging Heroes. This time around around we come across a trio of deadly girls and their hippo that make up the Jailbirds Character Box.