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Raging Heroes

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A New Challenger Approaches! Who Will We Be Battling? | Raging Heroes Army Build


John, Shay and Gerry get stuck into a full reveal of the completed Raging Heroes Sisters Of Eternal Mercy Army that we're going to be using for our OnePageRules Grimdark Future Battle Report. But, who will be battling?

Raging Heroes Sisters Of Eternal Mercy Army Build | Adding The Final Miniatures!

1 week ago 3

John and Gerry sit down to cover the final miniatures being added to our Sisters Of Eternal Mercy Army Project. We've worked with the stunning miniatures from Raging Heroes to make an army for OnePageRule's Grimdark Future.

Erzebel, Ascended Sister & Great Seraphim Painting Tutorial | Raging Heroes


John dives into another painting video for the Raging Heroes "Sisters Of Eternal Mercy" Army Project that we have been running. This time he is showing off how to paint Erzebel, the Ascended Sister.

Unboxing: Hell Riders & Rythali-in | Raging Heroes

2 weeks ago 5

We get stuck into another Raging Heroes Unboxing to match our current Raging Heroes Army Project! Today, we're looking at the Hell Riders and Rythali-in.

Raging Heroes Sisters Of Eternal Mercy Army Build | Second 1000 Points!

2 weeks ago 5

In this second army update, John shows off how changing the application of the colour scheme doesn't alter the overall look and coherency of the figures.

Sister Davidian Painting Tutorial | Raging Heroes

2 weeks ago 8

Join John takes a break from airbrushing white armour to show an easy way of getting skin tones down for the Raging Heroes Army, the Sisters of Eternal Mercy. Follow along with a painting tutorial for this fanatical Davidian for the Grimdark Future.



Justin is in the studio to have a look at the Pulpit Walker and the Davidians, two of the units being added to our Raging Heroes Army Project.

Muster The Matriarchy This Mothers Month On Raging Heroes


In light of the recent passing of Mother's Day, Raging Heroes are tipping their hats with minis to all of the Mothers across the widespread Galaxy.

Raging Heroes Sisters Of Eternal Mercy Army Build | First 1000 points


John and Gerry collaborate to put together an alternative Sisters of Battle army using the Raging Heroes Sisters of Eternal Mercy. In this first army update, John shows off the first painted block of figures and Gerry runs through what they represent in One Page Rules Grimdark Future and how they can be used on the tabletop.

Battle Sister Squad Leader Painting Tutorial | Raging Heroes


Join John as he begins his Raging Heroes Army Project for the Sisters of Eternal Mercy. Follow along with a painting tutorial for this Battle Sister Leader for the Grimdark Future.

Raging Heroes Rid The City Of Mortenburg Of Plague On Patreon


Heroes Infinite expands for May, with Mortenburg: Curse of the Plague City. Players are taking to the City of Mortenburg to free the lands of pure corruption.

Unboxing: Vanquisher Allstars + Ezrebel | Raging Heroes


Justin is in the studio to have a look at the Vanquisher Allstars & Ezrebel, two of the units being added to our Raging Heroes Army Project. If you're after an elite squad of infantry for your sci-fi games and an angelic hero to lead your nuns with guns then check these out alternatives to the grim dark. 

Beginning The Raging Heroes Sisters of Eternal Mercy Army Project!


With help from Raging Heroes, we are creating an alternative army for use in Warhammer 40,000 and even, perhaps, another system!

Join The War-Cursed Lovers With New Raging Heroes Elf Releases!


Raging Heroes has a couple of brand new High Elf releases for their warriors of the Eternal Summits. These miniatures were previously available as part of the Heroes Infinite Patreon but you can now snap them up in 32mm resin!

Raging Heroes Launch April 2022 Painting Competition


Raging Heroes has launched their Painting Competition for April 2022. All you have to do is paint one of their most recent releases, the High Elves Of The Eternal Summits II.

Long Lost Fantasy Wargame Returns! Fans Reboot CHRONOPIA & You Won’t Want To Miss it! #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! A long lost Fantasy wargame has returned. Diehard fans have rebooted CHRONOPIA and you won't want to miss it as it's looking like it could be epic.

Squats Are Back In Warhammer 40K Baby! Are You Ready For Their Return? #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! Squats are back in the world of Warhammer 40K baby! Are you ready for their return to Games Workshop's grimdark Sci-Fi wargame?

Raging Heroes’ New Sister Heroine Arrive For Easter!


The Raging Heroes webstore has opened up for Easter and a new selection of 32mm miniatures are available for you to snap up! Two new Sisters Heroines lead the way as great options to lead your new Sisters force on the tabletop.

Raging Heroes’ High Elves Of The Eternal Summits II Now Live!


The folks at Raging Heroes have a brand new set of stunning 3D Printable miniatures popping up for you to download from Heroes Infinite this April. This time around, the High Elves Of The Eternal Summits are back for a second round.

Grab A Special April Fools Day Miniature From Raging Heroes!


If you're interested in snapping something weird and wonderful up, check out the new Shark Cow 3D Printable File from Raging Heroes for FREE. This miniature is only available for April Fools Day and it'

Raging Heroes Release New Elf Heroes For The Eternal Summits


Raging Heroes has now added a bunch of awesome new Fantasy miniatures to their collection. The options for the High Elves Of The Eternal Summits has expanded with a new character and some skilled archers!

EP74 Video Edition: Undead, Samurai & Nostalgia


Find Precious Middle-earth Miniatures With Mithril! A Secret Hoard For Tolkien Fans? #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! We've found some precious and alternative Middle-earth miniatures from the folks at Mithril! Is this a secret hoard for tabletop Tolkien fans to dive into?

Mighty Eternal Elves Join Raging Heroes’ Fantasy Armies


The High Elves Of The Eternal Summits that were over on Patreon recently for 3D printing fans are now available (at least partially) from Raging Heroes in 32mm resin! See which new characters they have added into the mix.

Celebrate St Patrick’s Day With Raging Heroes’ New Miniatures


St Patrick's Day is just around the corner (17th March) so Raging Heroes are getting you prepared with some neat new 32mm miniatures for you to paint up for the occasion.

Raging Heroes Head To The Secret Jungle On Patreon [Updated]


Raging Heroes is ready to get stuck into a brand new set of releases over on Patreon for the month of March. This time around, the Fantasy theme for you 3D Printing fiends is hot, sweaty jungles as we meet the Warriors Of The Secret Jungle. 

Three New Raging Heroes High Elves Now Available In Resin!


Raging Heroes has a new bunch of three different High Elves that are now available in resin. These 32mm scale characters are available for you to snap up right now offering up some hero options for your Fantasy armies on the tabletop.

Raging Heroes Showcase More Valentine’s Day Specials


Raging Heroes have a few more Valentine's Day Specials for you to check out as the month of love rolls on. So, check out these "lovely" options for those who want to add something heart-stopping to their 28/32mm armies.

Ready To Explore Necromunda’s Ash Wastes? New Games Workshop Expansion Incoming! #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! Are you ready to explore Necromunda and the new Games Workshop expansion, Ash Wastes? Is this grimdark skirmish game now worth diving into?

Fall In Love With Raging Heroes’ Valentine’s Day Miniatures


Raging Heroes has announced their new Valentine's Day miniatures for the month of February. Why not fall in love with these new 32mm Fantasy miniatures that will literally rip the heart out of your chest?

Raging Heroes Ready The High Elves Of The Eternal Summits


The High Elves of the Eternal Summits are gearing up for battle to add to overarching opulence to tabletops.

Raging Heroes’ Massive Avatar Of Shaah Gets Second Incarnation


Raging Heroes has been showing off a few more Dark Elf releases for those diving into a bit of Fantasy wargaming. Whilst the last crop of releases focused on female leaders, this latest set offer up some new male options.

Raging Heroes Bring Empires Of The Eastern Suns To Patreon


Raging Heroes are hitting 2022 running with a big new set of releases over on Patreon for those wanting to dive into the world of 3D Printing. Empires Of The Eastern Suns brings new fascinating monsters, characters, creatures and terrain to the tabletop.

New Dark Elves: Powerful Heroines Arrive From Raging Heroes


Raging Heroes release their newest range of Dark Elves both powerful and dangerous to any incoming fantasy force!

Pick Up A Wizards’ Christmas 2021 From Raging Heroes


Raging Heroes are running their Wizards' Christmas Kickstarter again this year for 2021! You are going to be able to download and print off a whole host of Christmas decorations and more for you to use around the house. 

New Marvel RPG: Would You Pay To Playtest? + WOAH 3D Printed Knights & Cat Girls?! #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender Time! We talk about the upcoming Marvel superhero RPG and ask should you pay to playtest a rule set, and check out a fantastic new 3D sculptor as they start out!

Visit The Land Of The Frost With Raging Heroes’ Patreon [Updated]


Raging Heroes are preparing for another month of awesome 3D Printing releases over on Patreon. Heroes Infinite expands for the month of December with a brand new set of Russian and Eastern Europe-inspired miniatures for your Fantasy battlefields. 

Sign Up Early For Raging Heroes’ Black Friday Sales


Raging Heroes have put together a sign-up page where you can register your interest and get first dibs at what they have to offer as part of their Black Friday Sale later this month. 

The Best Fantasy Orcs! Has Mantic Cracked It? + Infinity’s TAG Raid Hits Kickstarter! #OTTWeekender

7 months ago 41

It's OTT Weekender Time! Has Mantic cracked it and made the best Fantasy Orcs? PLUS, Infinity's TAG Raid hits Kickstarter.

The Fantastical Paladin Knights Hit Raging Heroes’ Webstore


Raging Heroes has now released a bunch of characters from their Paladins Of The Eternal Light range onto their webstore for you to snap up in resin. Each 32mm miniature would be great for those looking to build a brand new Fantasy army.

Arcadian Elves Grace Raging Heroes’ Heroes Infinite Patreon!


Raging Heroes has a brand new set of 3D Printable miniatures for their Patreon backers this November! The Arcadian Elves are soaring into battle and stepping from their towering portals to do battle with the younger races of the galaxy.

Pick Up Raging Heroes’ Bloodsucking Host For Halloween


Raging Heroes has unleashed a tide of terrifying bloodsuckers onto their webstore for you to snap up just in time for Halloween. Get a look at their growing Vampire Host which features all manner of scary characters looking to drink the blood of their enemies!

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