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Raging Heroes

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Three New Raging Heroes High Elves Now Available In Resin!


Raging Heroes has a new bunch of three different High Elves that are now available in resin. These 32mm scale characters are available for you to snap up right now offering up some hero options for your Fantasy armies on the tabletop.

Raging Heroes Showcase More Valentine’s Day Specials


Raging Heroes have a few more Valentine's Day Specials for you to check out as the month of love rolls on. So, check out these "lovely" options for those who want to add something heart-stopping to their 28/32mm armies.

Ready To Explore Necromunda’s Ash Wastes? New Games Workshop Expansion Incoming! #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! Are you ready to explore Necromunda and the new Games Workshop expansion, Ash Wastes? Is this grimdark skirmish game now worth diving into?

Fall In Love With Raging Heroes’ Valentine’s Day Miniatures


Raging Heroes has announced their new Valentine's Day miniatures for the month of February. Why not fall in love with these new 32mm Fantasy miniatures that will literally rip the heart out of your chest?

Raging Heroes Ready The High Elves Of The Eternal Summits


The High Elves of the Eternal Summits are gearing up for battle to add to overarching opulence to tabletops.

Raging Heroes’ Massive Avatar Of Shaah Gets Second Incarnation


Raging Heroes has been showing off a few more Dark Elf releases for those diving into a bit of Fantasy wargaming. Whilst the last crop of releases focused on female leaders, this latest set offer up some new male options.

Raging Heroes Bring Empires Of The Eastern Suns To Patreon


Raging Heroes are hitting 2022 running with a big new set of releases over on Patreon for those wanting to dive into the world of 3D Printing. Empires Of The Eastern Suns brings new fascinating monsters, characters, creatures and terrain to the tabletop.

New Dark Elves: Powerful Heroines Arrive From Raging Heroes


Raging Heroes release their newest range of Dark Elves both powerful and dangerous to any incoming fantasy force!

Pick Up A Wizards’ Christmas 2021 From Raging Heroes


Raging Heroes are running their Wizards' Christmas Kickstarter again this year for 2021! You are going to be able to download and print off a whole host of Christmas decorations and more for you to use around the house. 

New Marvel RPG: Would You Pay To Playtest? + WOAH 3D Printed Knights & Cat Girls?! #OTTWeekender

10 months ago 40

It's OTT Weekender Time! We talk about the upcoming Marvel superhero RPG and ask should you pay to playtest a rule set, and check out a fantastic new 3D sculptor as they start out!

Visit The Land Of The Frost With Raging Heroes’ Patreon [Updated]


Raging Heroes are preparing for another month of awesome 3D Printing releases over on Patreon. Heroes Infinite expands for the month of December with a brand new set of Russian and Eastern Europe-inspired miniatures for your Fantasy battlefields. 

Sign Up Early For Raging Heroes’ Black Friday Sales


Raging Heroes have put together a sign-up page where you can register your interest and get first dibs at what they have to offer as part of their Black Friday Sale later this month. 

The Best Fantasy Orcs! Has Mantic Cracked It? + Infinity’s TAG Raid Hits Kickstarter! #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender Time! Has Mantic cracked it and made the best Fantasy Orcs? PLUS, Infinity's TAG Raid hits Kickstarter.

The Fantastical Paladin Knights Hit Raging Heroes’ Webstore


Raging Heroes has now released a bunch of characters from their Paladins Of The Eternal Light range onto their webstore for you to snap up in resin. Each 32mm miniature would be great for those looking to build a brand new Fantasy army.

Arcadian Elves Grace Raging Heroes’ Heroes Infinite Patreon!


Raging Heroes has a brand new set of 3D Printable miniatures for their Patreon backers this November! The Arcadian Elves are soaring into battle and stepping from their towering portals to do battle with the younger races of the galaxy.

Pick Up Raging Heroes’ Bloodsucking Host For Halloween


Raging Heroes has unleashed a tide of terrifying bloodsuckers onto their webstore for you to snap up just in time for Halloween. Get a look at their growing Vampire Host which features all manner of scary characters looking to drink the blood of their enemies!

Cult Of Games XLBS: What Are Some Of Your Easy Hobby & Painting Wins?


We dive back into Cult Of Games XLBS and have a chat about the mountain of hobby and actual wargaming (yes, really!) that we've been getting up to recently.

Resurrecting Rackham’s Confrontation + Orktober Arrivals! HUZZAH – We Hit 100K Subs! #OTTWeekender


It's OTTWeekender Time and we go big into the divide between Octobers two main themes Orcs and Spooks! We also dive into a fan-driven Indie as the Confrontation Club launches its app.

Raging Heroes Has Some Dark Fairy Tales This October


Raging Heroes have dropped their bundle of 3D prints for Heroes Infinite and Patreon for October, and for the spookiest of months they have chosen to visit some grim fairy tales and give them their unique twist!

The Dark Elf Queen Calls On Her Raging Heroes Blood Seekers


Raging Heroes have unleashed more of their terrifying Dark Elves into the mix for Fantasy wargamers to have fun with. Leading the way is their magnificent and resplendent queen of murder and death, Malferiah. 

Snag Limited Edition Solphia Miniature From Raging Heroes!


The folks at Raging Heroes have put together a limited edition deal for those who are looking to buy miniatures from them right now. If you spend over ninety-nine Euros with them over on their webstore then you'll get the mighty Solphia, The Covert Guardian added for free.

Raging Heroes Unleash New Dark Elves On Patreon


Raging Heroes has been showing off a new range of 3D printable STL files for you to snag via Patreon. The theme for September is going to be Fantasy and the coming of the Dark Elves!

Raging Heroes Showcase New Paladins & A Big Sci-Fi Sale


Raging Heroes has been showing off some new releases for their Paladin Knight Of The Eternal Light range. Three new 32mm characters have moved from being just available in STL File format and you can now snap them up in lovely resin. 

Infinity Minis Now In SioCast Plastic?! + Finally! REAL Dragons Back In Age Of Sigmar #OTTWeekender


It's OTTWeekender Time! We take a look at the plans for Infinity going plastic with SioCast and finally, REAL Dragons are now back in Warhammer Age Of Sigmar.

The Wizards’ Guild Cast Spells On Raging Heroes’ Patreon


Raging Heroes are back on Patreon this month with a new selection of 32mm miniatures for you to 3D Print at home! The Wizards' Guild is ready to start casting spells and dominating the tabletop with magic. 

Brand Spanking New Sci-Fi Void Elves From Raging Heroes!


Raging Heroes has expanded on their collection of Sci-Fi Void Elves for you to use as alternatives in your grimdark armies and beyond. A new character has hit the tabletop alongside a funky new unit and an updated classic.

Raging Heroes’ Paladin Knights Now Available On Patreon!


Raging Heroes has now made their latest set of 3D Printing STL Files available to snap up. Their Heroes Infinite Patreon is now offering up the Paladin Knights Of The Eternal Light to subscribers. All you need to do is pick your tier and you'll get a bunch of miniatures to print off at home.

Raging Heroes Showcase New Paladin Knights Of The Eternal Light


Raging Heroes has showcased their July offerings on Patreon with another fun trailer. The Paladin Knights Of Eternal Light are going to be heading to war in their gleaming armour with mighty weapons at hand.

Raging Heroes’ Sister Eurianne Leads The Sacred Lancers


Raging Heroes have more releases for those looking to put together a heavenly host of Fantasy warriors. The Sacred Lancers are charging into battle led by the winged horse of Sister Eurianna des Greants. 

Community Spotlight: Ancient Elves, Bot War & Malifaux Madness


In this week's Community Spotlight we're looking at some Ancient Elves, the start of an epic Bot War project and also a toe-dip into the world of Malifaux.

Hot New “Heavy Metal” Game Let’s You Reign In Hell & Thorsome New Vikings Miniatures! #OTTWeekender


It's OTTWeekender Time! We take a look at a hot new game, Reign In Hell and some Thorsome new Viking miniatures from Raging Heroes.

Raging Heroes Preview Viking Gods And Heroes For Patreon


The folks at Raging Heroes have now revealed what they're going to be doing via Patreon this June. They are sticking with the world of the mythical and the fantastical as they bring Viking Gods And Heroes to the tabletop. 

The Carnevil Circus Is Now Available From Raging Heroes


Raging Heroes has now released their previously Patreon-only selection of miniatures from the Carnevil Circus! You are able to snag these miniatures either via the Raging Heroes Webstore or over on MyMiniFactory. Carnevil Circus Full Pack // Raging Heroes The […]

New Icariate Severors Soar Into Battle From Raging Heroes


Raging Heroes has released a new set of miniatures for those wanting to descend on their enemies from on high. If you like the idea of avenging Sci-Fi angels kicking ass then you might like the new Icariate Severors packs which are now available on their webstore.

Epic! Raging Heroes’ Overlord Tier For Gods & Heroes Of Egypt


Raging Heroes has now shown off the full Overlord Tier option that you can snap up for this month as part of their Heroes Infinite Patreon.

Raging Heroes Bring The Gods & Heroes Of Egypt To Patreon


Raging Heroes has teased the new releases for their Heroes Infinite Patreon next month! May brings with it the shimmering golds and blues of the Gods And Heroes Of Egypt to their 3D Printing Patreon. 

Raging Heroes Void Elves Launch A Quick Raid This April


Raging Heroes has been taking everyone's breath away of late with their Heroes Infinite Patreon but for those of us sticking with real models that you can hold in your hand, there is a Void Elf Event that is running until the end of April.

Spectre Miniatures: If Call Of Duty Had Minis?! + WIN Warhammer Underworlds #OTTWeekender


It's OTTWeekender Time! We get a look at Spectre Miniatures. It's as if Call Of Duty had minis! If you're into Modern Warfare you'll want to check this out.

More Greek Gods Descend On Raging Heroes’ Patreon This April


Raging Heroes is delving back into the world of Greek Gods & Heroes this April as part of their Heroes Infinite Patreon. This time around, the team has descended down into the underworld to meet the cunning Hades.

New Icariates Ablazers Soar Into Raging Heroes’ Sci-Fi Range


Raging Heroes has dipped back into their collection to update another unit for use in your Sci-Fi armies.

Have A Peek At Raging Heroes’ Easter Special Collection 2021


Raging Heroes has fired up their new Easter Special Collection which breaks down into two fun new bundles which you can snap up from their store. As in the past, there are some fun miniatures to pick up as well that are unique to this time of year.

Get MORE Greek Gods & Monsters With Raging Heroes’ Overlord Tier


If you thought that the regular Leader Tier for Raging Heroes' Patreon offered a lot of goodies then wait to see what you get if you go even bigger with the Overlord Tier.

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