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Rose Gauntlet Entertainment

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Rose Gauntlet Tease Wild Gardens, A Foraging Foody Board Game


Rose Gauntlet Entertainment is expanding its board game range with a new project coming to Backerkit soon. Wild Gardens is a foody foraging board game where you'll be drawing on nature's bounty to feed your friends.

Manage A Healthy Ecosystem For The Wildlife Of North America


If you like a puzzling experience and enjoy learning along the way about the animals and plants we share our world with, you may want to check this title out! 

Create An Ecosystem Of Harmony In Keystone North America Kickstarter


We have all realised by now, that I am mad about anything with animals or nature embedded in to it. Which is why Kickstarter has become my go-to place to search for new board and card games with any type of critter involved.

Isaac Vega & Lindsey Rode Form Rose Gauntlet Entertainment!


Isaac Vega and Lindsey Rode, both stalwarts of the tabletop gaming industry, have formed a new company called Rose Gauntlet Entertainment.

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