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White Raven Go Hunting With Their Grimdark Tunnel Rats


White Raven Studio is looking to produce a range of new models for those diving into a bit of grimdark wargaming.

Fun & Funky 54mm ForestKith Goblins Pop Up On Kickstarter


ScaleBro are back on Kickstarter looking to get funding for their new range of collectable ForestKith Goblins in 54mm who would be perfect for painters who want to have a go at working on something different.

Necrodroids Escape The Monster Box Onto Kickstarter


Monster Box and Scale Bro have gone to Kickstarter to fun a new unit of creepy, floating NecroDroids. 

Scalebro’s Hamsters Journey Begins On Kickstarter


Scalebro have now launched their Kickstarter for The Hamsters Journey, a set of 40mm scale figures for you to use in your Fantasy games.

Scalebro Take Hamsters On A New Fantasy Quest!


Cartoon Miniatures, also known as Scalebro, are going to be bringing a new range of anthropomorphic animal heroes to the tabletop.

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