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Scibor Monstrous Miniatures

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A Roaring Centaur Chief Stomps Out Of Scibor


Scibor has added another monstrous warrior to their collection, leading a herd of beasts into battle. Take a look at the Centaur Chieftain...

A Goblin Lord Rides To War Thanks To Scibor


Scibor has shown off a rather awesome looking Goblin Lord riding into battle atop a big dog!

A New Twisted Sculpt Comes To Life On Scibor’s Workbench


Scibor Monstrous have a new WIP, a giant twisted thing who may have eaten too much sea food in the past.

Monstrous New Miniatures Take Shape From Scibor


Scibor has shown off more of the progress that they've made when it comes to their big monsters. It will be interesting to see how they turn out when finished!

Scibor Showcase A Chaotic Collection


Scibor Monstrous have a bunch of new sculpts they are working on and it looks like the forces of chaotic evil are invading their workbench.

Cry Fhtagn For Scibor’s Next Horrific WIP!


Scibor Monstrous are working on another Lovecraftian bust, this time taking inspiration from the most famous Great Old One of them all, Cthulhu.

Scibor Summon Their Lovecraft Bust Next Week


Scibor have been working on a bust of the well-known horror writer H. P. Lovecraft and have just announced that the model itself will see release next week.

Scibor’s Gargantuan Cthulhu Beast Comes To Life


Scibor have now reached the Plasticine concept stage with a massive Cthulhu Beast which looks like it would be one hell of a project. Just look at this Deep One!

Scibor’s Dwarfs Ride To War At A Snail’s Pace


Scibor Monstrous have published a preview for another piece of dwarf heavy artillery. This time though the bearded inventors have come up with a rather novel way to bring their weapon to the battlefield; giant snail!

Scibor’s New Dwarf Becomes a Degenerate


Scibor Monstrous have another new dwarf on their webstore, a rather different prospect to the usual branded of bearded warriors. Check out the new Degenerate Dwarf.

Scibor’s Dwarfs Turn Evil For Their Next WiP


Scibor have a couple of new dwarfs on their way, none of whom appear to be the most salubrious of characters, despite bringing with them the most ornate shield wall ever.

Scibor Go Back To the Days of Chivalry With Their New Knight


Scibor Monstrous have released a new miniature onto their webstore, a Knight named Zyndram done up in full medieval splendor.

A Wasteland Brute Coming Soon From Scibor


Keeping with a preview of what's on the way from Scibor we have this preview of a Wasteland-style Brute who looks like a Slayer from Warhammer who has found its way into Necromunda...

A Chaos Knight Charges Into Battle From Scibor


Scibor have been putting their nose to the grindstone once again and sculpting up another fantastic Fantasy miniature. Here we have this heavily armoured Chaos Knight on a charger...

Get The Goat For Scibor’s New Dwarf Lord


Scibor Monstrous have rammed (hehe) out another Dwarf Lord for their range of short fantasy warriors, this one sitting atop a mountain ram to bring the charge to the enemy.

Scibor’s Next Dwarf Shows His Evil Side


Scibor Monstrous have another dwarf on the way, but this time they are showing just how evil this stalwart race can become.

Scibor Work On Making A Good Knight


Scibor Monstrous are taking a chivalrous turn as they work on their next model, an armoured knight riding a horse with curtains round it.

Lord Wolfrik Is The Latest Dwarf Lord From Scibor


Scibor have added another Dwarf Lord called Wolfrik to their collection which would be superb for leading the way into battle. With a spear, not a common weapon amongst Dwarves.

A Dwarven Smith Brings His Skills To Scibor’s Webstore


Scibor have released their latest addition to their army of dwarfs, a skilled Smith who will help hammer your army into shape.

Scibor Ram Out An Angelic New WiP


Scibor Monstrous are as hard at work as always and have produced two more new miniatures for our tabletop, one a dramatic leaping ram and the other an angelic warrior.

Scibor Miniatures Look To Some Studious Dwarves


This new set which is on the workbench look like they have spent a lot of time in the libraries of the world of working on old texts and recording grudges...

Scibor Sculpts Industrious Dwarfs


Scibor Monstrous is once again turning their sculpting skills on the dwarfs and have moved away from their more militant side to see them as masters of the forge.

Delve Deep With Scibor’s Dwarven Miners & Engineers


Scibor have previewed some more Dwarves who will be gracing your tabletop as Engineers and more one assumes. See what you think of this collection below...

What Are Scibor Working On Next?


Scibor has a new model in the works and are currently showing it off in the initial plasticine sculpting stage. Just what sort of thing can we expect this time?

Two Mighty Dwarf Lords Swing Their Axes At Scibor


Scibor Monstrous are continuing to expand their dwarf armies as two new dwarf lords bring their axes to the battle.

Scibor Raise The Sword Of A New Dwarf Bear Rider


Scibor Monstrous are working on yet another bear rider for their dwarfen armies.

Scibor’s Next Dwarf Fighter Appears On the Work Bench


Scibor Monstrous have another dwarf lined up and getting ready to join his bearded brethren on the battlefield.

More Bear Riding Dwarfs Follow Their King Out of Scibor


Yesterday, we saw the new Dwarf King released by Scibor. He has proven rather popular and now it looks like he is set to be accompanied by more bear riding Dwarfs!

Scibor’s Dwarf King Mounts His Bear For Battle


Thorin, King of Scibor's Dwarfs, has readied his war bear for battle and is now heading out from their webstore onto the gaming table.

Charge Into Battle With The Polish Uhlan From Scibor


Scibor have changed tact right now and instead of more Dwarves and other creatures they've added a Historical piece to their collection. See what you think of the Polish Uhlan from 1939 in 1:72 scale...

Bring Mighty Axes To Bear With Scibor’s Upcoming Dwarves


Scibor have shown off a whole bunch of work-in-progress shots of more upcoming Dwarves which add even more bearded bad-asses to their range. These particular Dwarves come with heavy armour and big two headed axes ready to cleave Orcs in twain...

Scibor Make A Magnificent Hat With An Elf Under It


Scibor have released their latest large scale bust into their webstore. This time, rather than a tormented twisting of our childhood, we get something rather more fantastical; an elf wearing a truly magnificent piece of head gear.

Scibor’s Dwarf King Riding Into Battle Soon Astride A Mighty Bear


Scibor continue to sculpt up some impressive looking Dwarves with a look at their Dwarf King astride a mighty armoured bear. While he looks incredibly dinky atop this massive beast I'm sure he is going to be a dangerous opponent...

Scibor’s Own Twisted Take On A Silly Old Bear Gets Released


Winnie the Pooh. Winnie the Pooh. Willy nilly silly old nightmarish abomination! At least that's how Scibor have imagined him with their new Winnie bust.

Scibor’s New Angel Temple Terrain Leaves The Table In Ruins


Scibor have released a new terrain set suitable for a dark, gothic future; the Angel Temple Ruins.

Scibor Head To Frosty Climes With New Dwarves


Scibor continue to add to their range of Dwarves with these bearded fellows who are all wrapped up warm for an adventure into the deep snow of some Northern continent...

Scibor Get Their Sci-Fi Space Dwarves Ready For Battle


Scibor have some dangerous looking Sci-Fi Dwarves for you to send out onto the battlefields of the far future. You can currently grab yourself a set of five to start your fledging new force...

Wild Dwarf Warriors Start Slaying With Scibor


Scibor have bought more Dwarves into the mix for their Fantasy collection. If you want to unleash the Wild Warriors on your enemy then see what you think of these four warriors who can also be picked up separately...

Scibor Bring Out Dwarves From Both Past & Future


Scibor Monstrous has been working hard a wide variety of new dwarves, all of which have just appeared on the sculpting bench as they get their finishing touches.

Scibor Bulk Up Their Space Dwarfs In New Power Armour


Scibor Monstrous' dwarfs are heading to the far future as they come out with some new scifi dwarfs clad in what has to be the bulkiest armour ever devised.

Scibor Set the Standard With Their Latest Banner Bearer


Scibor have released a new knight standard bearer who will let you show off your army's colours with pride.

A Host Of Dwarves Coming Soon From Scibor’s Workbench


Scibor have shown off what's sitting on their workbench right now over on Facebook. Much to my beardy glee they have more Dwarves coming soon and additional plate armoured humans too...

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