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[unofficial Hobby Hangout] #154 sweet bunnies and chocolate eggs


Face The Pauper Prince In Ninja Division’s Super Dungeon


The team at Ninja Division have popped another fun little set of miniatures into the mix for their Masterclass collection.

Weekender XLBS: Give A Friend Free Backstage & Ninja Division Fallout


We're discussing our hobby time, sharing and caring within the hobby and the failures of Kickstarter...

Crystal Weaver & Shaper Coming To Super Dungeon Explore At Gen Con


Ninja Division has been showing off some of the characters that will be dropping into Super Dungeon Explore during Gen Con.

Rainbow Knights Heading To The Skies From Ninja Division Soon


Rainbow Knights is a frantic new real-time card game coming out from Ninja Division soon.

More Chibi Cuteness On The Way For Super Dungeon Explore


Ninja Division- Soda Pop Miniatures have announced 3 new Masterclass Miniatures on the way for Super Dungeon Explore. There's 2 new heroes & 1 new Mini-boss on the way to bring even more variety to this fan favorite chibi board game.

Asset Drop Nov 2017 Box Quick Look – Part Two


John's back again to try a new guide from Asset Drop's box...

3 Colours Up: Painting A Chibi Elf – Part Three


We got the fashion expert and makeup crew in house...

Weekender XLBS: What Are Your Favourite Gaming Scenarios?


Sit back and relax with us as we delve into the Weekender XLBS...

Marie-Claude Collectable Statue Available At Gen Con


In working with Silver Fox Collectibles Ninja Division & Soda Pop have designed a Marie-Claude Collectable Statue for folks to snap up at Gen Con this year.

Ninja Division & Soda Pop Miniatures Launch Chibi GUTS Range


No GUTS, no glory! At least that's what Ninja Division and Soda Pop Miniatures are saying with the announcement of their newest GUTS range.

New Starfinder Miniatures Get You In The Mood For Sci-Fi Adventure


Ninja Division and Soda Pop Miniatures are showing off more of their new Starfinder line-up which is now available for you to pre-order from their webstore ahead of a release late in August.

Soda Pop Miniatures Shows Off Rail Raiders Minis


Soda Pop Miniatures continue support for Rail Raiders Infinite with some gorgeous new raider minis

Soda Pop Reveal First Pathfinder Worldscape Heroes


Delving into worlds of Fantasy, Sci-Fi and beyond Soda Pop Miniatures have teamed up with Dynamite to explore Worldscape where characters like John Carter, Tarzan and Red Sonja clash.

Pick Up New Expansions & Adventures For Super Dungeon Explore


Growing their delightful chibi world on the tabletop, Soda Pop Miniatures and Ninja Division has been showing off some of the new releases from this month over on their webstore.

Relic Knights Unboxing: Harbonath The Void Reaper


We have previously seen this fellow's Herald proclaiming his arrival and now he's here on our tabletop. Welcome, Harbonath the Void Reaper (and his Cypher Keruv) for Relic Knights from Ninja Division.

Relic Knights Unboxing: Austrican The Ogre & Isabeau Durand


We unbox a Shattered Sword duo for Relic Knights who can be placed at the extreme ends of the size scale but are both equally important in their own unique way, Austrican the Ogre & Isabeau Durand.

Relic Knights Unboxing: Amelial, Herald of the Void


For this Relic Knights from Ninja Division unboxing we meet Amelial, a Herald from beyond the far reaches of the Last Galaxy who has arrived to proclaim the arrival of the Darkspace Calamity.

Weekender: Infinity Secrets To Be Revealed & Massive RuneWars Unboxing


We're cracking open FFG's RuneWars and spilling the beans on Infinity secrets!

Super Dungeon Explore Loot In The Swag Bags At Adepticon


There's always room for more chibi cuteness, which is why Ninja Division and Soda Pop Miniatures are including some in the Swag Bags at Adepticon. Check your bags for some awesome minis from the Von Drakk Expansion for Super Dungeon Explore!

Relic Knights: 2nd Edition Kickstarter Campaign Blasts Off!


Get stuck into an awesome Kickstarter campaign for Relic Knights: 2nd Edition and it's Two-Player Starter Set!

Grab Caverns Of Roxor: 2nd Edition For Super Dungeon Explore


If you're a Super Dungeon Explore fan then you might want to go delving again with Caverns Of Roxor: 2nd Edition, which is now available from Soda Pop Miniatures.

Learn More About The Dark Pinions Of Relic Knights


Supporting Tahariel the Purifier as part of the new Starter Box coming out for Relic Knights we have the Dark Pinions and Ninja Division gave us a look of their artwork.

New Questing Knights Guide The Way For Relic Knights


With the game going to Kickstarter for its new edition and new starter set in a few weeks Ninja Division gave us a look at the two characters leading the way for Relic Knights.

Ninja Division Announce Relic Knights 2nd Edition


Ninja Division and Soda Pop Miniatures announced their plans for Relic Knights 2nd Edition this week as we look ahead to some awesome changes on the horizon.

Relic Knights Week: Getting Into Organised Play & Tournaments


Relic Knights Week: Demo Game – Shattered Sword VS Noh Empire


Relic Knights Week: The 1.5 Update Rules Changes


In this video as part of Relic Knights Week Justin sits down with John Cadice from Ninja Division to find out what has changed for version 1.5 of the game's rules.

Relic Knights Week: Prismatics – The Mercs Of Relic Knights


Relic Knights Week: Meet The Factions – Star Nebula Corsairs


Its time to set sail beyond the edge of civilised space in Relic Knights as we look to join the ranks of the Star Nebula Corsairs, genuine bona fide space pirates!

Archon Team Up With Ninja Division For Vanguard Of War Candy & Cola Hero


Archon Studio is teaming up with Ninja Division/Soda Pop Miniatures to create a Candy & Cola hero for use in Vanguard Of War which is doing exceptionally well on Kickstarter.

Relic Knights Week: Meet The Factions – Shattered Sword


In this Relic Knights Week video we visit the Paladins who are entrusted to bring peace, harmony and co-operation to the universe, the Order of The Shattered Sword.

Relic Knights Week: The Future Of Relic Knights


We get a chance to find out what's coming next for the Relic Knights universe as we uncover details of new releases as well as factions and characters getting an upgrade.

Relic Knights Week: Meet The Factions – Doctrine


It's time to visit the Space Wizards of Relic Knights as we meet the Doctrine. They are a faction of scholars, mystics, and powerful manipulators of Esper.

Relic Knights Week: Meet The Factions – Black Diamond


For this Relic Knights Week video we take a take a look at a faction that can boast being the largest mercenary force in the Relic Knights universe, Black Diamond.

Relic Knights Week: Meet The Factions – Noh Empire


It's the scourge of the Alliance in the spotlight for our next Relics Knight Week faction chat as we take a look at the soul reaping, enslaving forces of the Noh Empire.

Relic Knights Week: Meet The Factions – Cerci Speed Circuit


Relic Knights Week continues with the first of our faction chats starting with Cerci Speed Circuit, a planet turned race track where the populace is devoted to recreation.

Relic Knights Week: Exploring The World Of Relic Knights


Our Relic Knights Week begins with John Cadice from Ninja Division introducing us to the background and mechanics of this skirmish game and its universe!

Relic Knights Week Coming Next Monday!


Coming on Monday 16th January we're going to be delving into the world of Relic Knights with a full week dedicated to the game!

Soda Pop Miniatures’ Super Dungeon Tactics Shows Up On Steam


Soda Pop Games and Underbite Games have brought Super Dungeon Explore to life in a new video game.

Kingdom Death & Soda Pop Miniatures Add Candy & Cola Crossover Mini


Kingdom Death and Soda Pop Miniatures are proud to announce the sexy, Lantern Year Three Candy & Cola crossover mini as an add on in the wildly successful Kingdom Death Monster 1.5 Kickstarter.

Ninja Division & Soda Pop Miniatures Announce Super Dungeon Arena!


Ninja Division and Soda Pop Miniatures are at it again and promise more Chibi goodness this January! Look for Super Dungeon Arena to be available online and from your FLGS.

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