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Studio Miniatures

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Survive The Hordes With New Studio Miniatures Soldiers


Studio Miniatures has released two new sets of survivors for those looking to hold back waves of zombies.

Studio Miniatures Focus In On The Afghan & Sikh Wars


Studio Miniatures has built on their collection of Historical miniatures with a few more models to suit the 1st Afghan War and the Sikh Wars.

Wax On, Wax Off; New Survivors & Horrors From Studio Miniatures


Studio Miniatures has been tinkering around with a few more quirky survivors and horrors that you'll be encountering when diving into your apocalyptic games.

Win Your Hero Forge 2.0 Miniature Design & Mantic Goblins Their Best Army Yet? #Weekender


Today on the OnTableTop Weekender! Hero Forge launches its revamped site with a new all-singing, all-dancing, all colour, way to customise and print your characters and you can win one on the show!

Studio Miniatures Dig Up The Dead Throughout Time


Studio Miniatures have been showing off renders for an upcoming Kickstarter that is due to launch on the 9th of October. The Dead Through Time II is a follow up to their successful campaign in 2019 when they funded Greek, Persian, Viking and Anglo-Saxon undead miniatures

Studio Miniatures Unleash A Quartet Of Killers Against Their Survivors


Studio Miniatures have dropped four fearsome new killers for fans of tabletop horror. People would do well to avoid these fierce filmatic figures as they stalk their way across the tabletop, hoping to eliminate some survivors as they go.

Battle The Undead With Studio Miniatures’ New Peasants


A bunch of new miniatures popped up as part of Studio Miniatures releases for this month.

The Northwest Frontier Calls For Studio Miniatures


Over in the new releases section of their webstore, Studio Miniatures has now added a bunch of British and Afghan soldiers for use in the Northwest Frontier campaigns of the 1890s. 

Studio Miniatures Add To Their Sikh Wars Army


Studio Miniatures has been playing around with their range of Sikh Wars soldiers and recently included a selection of new Historical miniatures for you to use for this period.

Check Out Four New Character Sets From Studio Miniatures


Studio Miniatures has added a few new releases into the mix for those looking to play around with all manner of different characters in their games.

Weekender: WIN Warhammer 40K Starter Box + Oathmark; The Next Big Fantasy Wargame?


We're giving away a Warhammer 40,000 Starter Set plus chatting about the great new Oathmark rules from Osprey Games which released this week. Plus, we're also diving into more hobby, news and Kickstarter goodness too!

Studio Miniatures Drop Six New Survivors Into The Mix


Studio Miniatures are continuing to offer up new Survivors for you to throw into the mix when playing your quirky games on the tabletop.

Quest For The Grail With Studio Miniatures New Releases


Studio Miniatures has introduced three new sets into the mix for their wonderful range which takes us on a trip back down nostalgia lane.

Studio Miniatures Summon The Dead Through The Ages


The team at Studio Miniatures are going to become time travelling necromancers as they bring you the Dead Through Time.

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