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Super Meeple

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Keep Your Clan Alive In Super Meeple’s Doggerland Board Game


Super Meeple are going to be releasing a new board game set back during 15,000 BC! Delve into Doggerland and see if you can keep your clan alive in this one-to-four-player board game of prehistoric strategy.

Go Globetrotting With Super Meeple’s Expéditions


Super Meeple has been working on a new edition of the classic 1996 board game, Expedition. Now called Expéditions, you're going to be heading out on another globetrotting adventure around the world with this Wolfgang Kramer board game.

Grow Your Finest Civilisation In Super Meeple’s Genesia


Super Meeple has its sights set on a game of civilisation building and history that can be played in a short time frame. Genesia is on the horizon for later this year, penned by designer Eric Labouze.

Craft A French Masterpiece In Couleurs de Paris


You are a struggling painter in stylish Paris (I'm looking at you @elromanozo!)

Take A Trip Down The River In Mississippi Queen


In Mississippi Queen, players race their paddle wheelers down the Mississippi, picking up passengers along the way.

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