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ThunderChild Miniatures

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Old School Bring Wasteland Pugs & Hogs To Kickstarter


Old School Miniatures are now on Kickstarter with a fun collection of different miniatures to use in your tabletop games. The wasteland and Wasteman world expands with some excellent new Glory Hogs and Wasteland Pugs.

Watch Out For The Terrapilla In ThunderChild’s Wasteman!


ThunderChild Miniatures has released another massive creature into the mix for use in Wasteman. Keep an eye out for the terrifying Terrapilla!

New Mutant Shroomanoids Go On A Wasteman Rampage


ThunderChild Miniatures has been building on the range of different Mutants available for you to pick up in Wasteman with the addition of the Shroomanoids!

ThunderChild Bring Goregasm Arena To Kickstarter This Weekend


ThunderChild Miniatures are going to be on Kickstarter this weekend with their new miniatures game, Goregasm Arena!

ThunderChild Fill The Waste With More Mutated Monsters


ThunderChild Miniatures have released some new mutated monsters upon the unsuspecting populace of the post-apocalypse.

ThunderChild Launch The Kickstarter For Their Mega Mutie Mercs


ThunderChild Miniatures are looking to expand their range of post-apocalyptic Wasteman miniatures and have just launched a Kickstarter to help fund their Mega Mutie Mercs.

Mega Mutie Mercs Coming From ThunderChild In June


As we look towards the final week of June, ThunderChild Miniatures are going to be bringing some Mega Mutie Mercs to the tabletop for your post-apocalyptic gaming.

ThunderChild Bring Back Haramborg On Kickstarter


Simply put, a massive cyborg Gorilla is the main focus of this new Kickstarter from ThunderChild Miniatures. Welcome, Haramborg, who is here to smash things to pieces in the Post-Apocalypse.

The Meme Continues As ThunderChild Sculpt Up Haramborg


We're only a few days into 2017 and it seems like the memes are going to continue to rule over us as ThunderChild Miniatures have sculpted up their newest piece for the year with Haramborg!

The Quirky Knights Of Gnar Come To ThunderChild’s Wasteman


If you thought that ThunderChild's Wasteman wasn't quirky and odd enough already wait until you check out the Knights Of Gnar who are currently being funded on Kickstarter.

Ghouls, Meltymen & More Come To ThunderChild’s Wasteman


ThunderChild Miniatures have been building on their world of Wasteman with some new characters. The first of these is Prospector Pete and his good buddy H2brO.

Rock Out In The Wasteland With New Modz Mutants By ThunderChild


The mind behind ThunderChild Miniatures' Wasteman is back on Kickstarter with a small project that is looking to bring a series of crazy mutated creatures to the tabletop for your game.

Wasteman Supplement – Wyrdman, Out Now For Free


A new supplement is available for you to download which adds to your experiences within the world of Wasteman from ThunderChild Miniatures.

Gnarly Pilgrims Shamble Into ThunderChild’s Wasteman


ThunderChild are adding to their world of Wasteman, a Post-Apocalyptic landscape filled with quirky individuals, with the release of the Gnarly Pilgrims.

ThunderChild Hit The Wasteland With Gnarly Pilgrims


ThunderChild have previewed some new additions coming soon to the world of Wasteman. Here we have one of their painted Gnarly Pilgrim...

ThunderChild Welcome Lunar Visitors & A Militia Posse


ThunderChild Miniatures have added two new sets to their collection for those of you wanting to take on your foes of the wasteland in different ways. We have both the Lunar Coalition and the Militia Posse...

ThunderChild’s Post Apocalyptic Wasteman Is Now Available


ThunderChild have now released the Rulebook and models for everyone as part of their Wasteman skirmish game! This post-apocalyptic battler looks like a lot of fun and a lot of effort has gone into making the models and even the components look great...

ThunderChild Have A Great Adventuring Time In The Wasteland


Adding to the Wasteman Wasteland the mind behind ThunderChild Miniatures decided to sculpt up some seemingly familiar looking heroes (or villains) for your adventures. See what you think of Jack The Dog & Hugh The Finn Man...

ThunderChild Miniatures Closes In On Final Hours For Wasteman


Dive into the quirky world of ThunderChild's Wasteman and consider their campaign that is coming to a close soon. If you like the idea of the weird and wonderful apocalyptic wasteland coming to life then check this out.

Get an Exclusive Look at Wasteman’s Monstrous Murmmoth


ThunderChild Miniatures have sent us an exclusive look at the first Wasteman stretch goal planned to appear on the Kickstarter. Feel your sanity slip as the lumbering Murmmoth makes its appearance.

Look Inside the Pages of ThunderChild’s Wasteman


ThunderChild Miniatures are planning on bringing their post apocalyptic game Wasteman to Kickstarter this March and have just previewed what we will see in the pages of its rulebook.

The Rad-Dragon Stalks The Wasteland Of ThunderChild Miniatures


ThunderChild Miniatures has put together another awesome sculpt for their upcoming Wasteman game. See what you think of the towering Rad-Dragon!

Meet The Bandit Posse Of Wasteman By ThunderChild!


See how Wasteman is shaping up with the addition of the Bandit Posse to the line-up of wasteland survivors. Would you side with them on the deadly road ahead?

Go M.A.D. Over Our First Glimpse at ThunderChild’s Game Cards


ThunderChild are continuing to work towards making their post-apocalyptic game Wasteman a reality once it hits Kickstarter. Their latest preview shows off the M.A.D. cards, a reportedly integral part of the game itself.

Three Post-Apocalyptic Previews Appear from ThunderChild


ThunderChild Miniatures are going to head to Kickstarter and have put out a couple of previews for some of the faces we could soon find wondering the post-apocalyptic wastelands.

ThunderChild Preview Wasteman Coming Soon!


See what the minds at ThunderChild have sorted for you in 2015 with this rather whacky looking Post-Apocalyptic game!

ThunderChild Sings Do You Wanna Build a Glow Man?


ThunderChild Miniatures are practically glowing about their new December limited edition Glow Man.

The Glory Hogs Goes Hunting In ThunderChild’s Wasteland!


ThunderChild Miniatures have found a pair of Glory Hogs in the wasteland and while they might look like tasty bacon they're a deadly pair of mercenaries!

ThunderChild’s Lazy Bones Terrain Takes a Nap in the Wasteland


ThunderChild Miniatures have a new terrain piece for your post-apocalyptic wasteland that is unlike any other we have seen. When you think post-apocalypse, you think desolate wasteland and ruined buildings. But what if you were having a nap when the end came?

ThunderChild’s Massive Mutie Brute Stomps Across the Wasteland


If you happen to wander into the nuclear wasteland you may find yourself face to face with the latest of ThunderChild Miniatures' post-apocalyptic population. Be sure you don't let this Mutie Brute catch you up to no good.

ThunderChild Make Sure Their Pilgrims Are Packin’ Heat!


Pilgrims are making sure to bring along the right kind of weaponry to defend against the wildlife of the wasteland with ThunderChild Miniatures.

ThunderChild Add To Their Post Apocalyptic Menagerie


The wastelands are not a very safe place and it's filled with even more wildlife from ThunderChild Miniatures!

ThunderChild Populate The Wasteland With Crazy Creatures!


ThunderChild miniatures make the post-apocalyptic wasteland even more of an interesting place to visit with some more creatures!

ThunderChild Go Hunting For The Deadly Mantis Man!


It's time to go hunting for bugs with the rather cool looking Mantis Man creeping out of his cave and looking for some food in the wastelands!

ThunderChild Go Travelling With Mutant Pilgrims!


Check out these wanderers in the wasteland from ThunderChild Miniatures!

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