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Tor Gaming

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Worthy Painting and Relics… Part 2


Here's the second part of the the Worthy Painting visit to the Tor Gaming Studio... check out the cool Britanian Infantry!

A Painted Nuem Stalks out of Tor Gaming


Check out some of the first painted Nuem from Tor Gaming's Relics!

Tor Gaming’s Monstrous Bust Tests your Painting Skills


Will you get ready for this new painting project from Tor Gaming?

Relics Invokes Cthulhu with their Latest Faction


The darkness of Cthuhlu spreads into the world of Relics from Tor Gaming!

Dark Little Puppet Releases for the World of Relics


More puppet releases for the world of Relics!

Fist Fight Club… The Dice Game


Check out Fist Fight Club, the latest game from the guys who brought you the quirky skirmish game, Relics.

Show your Support for Relics with new Merchandise


Want to show off your support for Relics?

New Range of Busts from Tor Gaming


The guys at Tor Gaming are set to produce a range of Horror Busts, for you to test your painting skills on.

Relics Hits the Internet High Street!


Congratulations go to Gavin from Tor Gaming... it looks like Relics will be getting into more hands than ever before!

Tor Gaming Very Own St Nik


Tor Gaming have put some preview images for their very own unusual St Nikolaus.

1st Edition Rules for Relics available… NOW!


That's right, the 76 page 1st edition Rulebook for Relics is now available for FREE DOWNLOAD from the Tor Gaming website.

Sneak Peek at the New Relics Rulebook


Relics from Tor Gaming has been in beta test for a while now. However, Beasts of War have received and early taster of the rulebook and we thought we would give our fans a look too!

Relics Beta Rules Now Available for Free!


The guys over at Tor Gaming have now made the v0.2 Beta Rules available for you to download completely free!

Unusual New Discovery in the World of Relics


An unusual new discovery has come to the attention of the Mad King of Britnana. Could it possibly be the new packaging for the Relics starter sets?

New Pre-Orders for Relics


Good news for all Orcnar and Britanans! Tor Gaming have got some new minis available to pre-order for Relics.

Sneak Peak at the Vaettir Huntawalu


Standing astride the battlefield, this massive release for Relics from Tor Gaming is the Vaettir Huntawalu.

Win more Relics Stuff from Tor Gaming!


Are you disappointed about missing out on the Relics giveaway during the last Turn 8? Fear not, we are giving away another three pairs of starters on our facebook page. To be in with a chance to be one of the three lucky buggers who grab themselves two Relics starters each, check out our facebook page!

Storm of Magic and Going Berserk!


In this one we talk about Loads.... Show notes will follow in a few hours

Calling all Relics Fans… especially those in the US & Canada!


Tor Gaming are looking for potential fans to help spread the word about Relics in the UK, US and Canada!

Leaked Concept Sketches for Relics


Check out these superb concept sketches for Relics. Tor Gaming is certainly progressing in leaps and bounds... perhaps you can help them out... check inside for more details.

Tor Gaming Bring Forth The Relics!


It took a few days longer than expected but it was worth that little wait, Tor Gaming's new releases for Relic are now available.

Relics Get a Wiki


Good news fluff fans, Tor Gaming have added a new wiki section to their Relics website, detailing the background on the world of Relicia. The first entry, entitled The World, provides you with a detailed history of... well the world. It […]

New Vaettir Release from Tor Gaming


New for Relics, comes this Vaettir warrior, the stone-like Vstonin. Now with a scale shot, courtesy of Tor Gaming.

Relics Demo Team Applications Now Online


With the huge interest in joining the Relics Demo Team, Tor Gaming have now updated their website with an easy online application.

New Relics Releases for May


Here's a quick peek at one of the new Relics releases out this month...

Get on board… join the Relics Demo Corps!


If you like the Relics game and your interesting in helping it to grow, how about joining the burgeoning Relics Demo Corps?

Relics is Here!


Ayarchi looks downwards into the valley and utters an ancient curse; the young Vaelad leader draws upon the abundant elemental resources present in the valley and allows the flames to consume him...

Countdown to Relics – Wednesday


The countless ranks of Troopers and Grenadiers that form the bulk of the force have a kind of splendiferous naïve simplicity to them. Their red coats framed with yellow trimmings and the various metal buttons that adorn them glisten in the light of the slowly waning sun as nightfall approaches...

Countdown to Relics – Tuesday


It is a late afternoon in summer, year 33 in the expansion of King Jorje according to the Britanan calendar and something truly epic is about to unfold...

Relics… the build up to release


Relics, the new stitchpunk skirmish game from Tor Gaming, is moving to an alpha test version on Thursday.

Vaettir Varbres from Tor Gaming


With their new starter set soon to be released and interest in the Relics game gaining momentum by the day. Tor Gaming have brought forward their next release to 22nd of April... and pre-orders are available now!

Coming Soon from Tor Gaming…


Take a look at this monster from Tor Gaming. It's an Orcnar Beorn for their Relics game... a fearsome ton of flesh ready to pulverise your opponents!

Relics of a better world…


Here's a company that we have criminally overlooked for too long... Tor Gaming! Check out their line of big, spiky monsters and creepy animated dolls!

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