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Sail With The New Ottoman Corsairs In TTCombat’s Carnevale


TTCombat has expanded its collection of 32mm miniatures for use in Carnevale. The latest characters to join the battles in Venice are the Ottoman Corsairs who are prepping plenty of firearms and sharp swords. 

New Romani Miniature Joins The Strigoi Of Carnevale


TTCombat dropped a little preview of what's coming to the world of Carnevale this week. It's not a massive release but there is going to be a new 32mm Female Romani miniature joining the caravan soon. 

TTCombat Tease New 32mm Wargame, Striketeam Commander!


TTCombat this week announced a new game for the Dropzone universe. Striketeam Commander is going to be a 32mm wargame popping up in the near future. It's still in development BUT things are looking good for fans of Sci-Fi skirmish wargames.

Community Spotlight: Dungeon Saga, A Clash Of Spears & Home Raiders!

2 months ago 9

In this week's Community Spotlight, we're having a look at a grand Dungeon Saga set, some Clash Of Spears battles and a bit of Home Raiders!

Cult Of Games XLBS: Giftmas For Geeks – What Are Your Solutions For Picking The Right Stuff?


Join us for a new episode of Cult Of Games XLBS! In this episode, we're sitting down to discuss what hobby we've been up to and also as it's now December, we're getting thinking about Christmas! What are some of the best ways to get your geeky tabletop gaming gifts sorted for this time of year?

Artists & Executioners Come To The World Of Carnevale


The world of Carnevale has expanded with a host of new releases from TTCombat that go from the wonderful and colourful all the way through to the very weird and the brutal. 

Iconic Fantasy Wrestlers Join TTCombat’s Rumbleslam Range


TTCombat has fired up pre-orders for a new set of Fantasy wrestlers for use in their game, Rumbleslam. There are some super weird and wonderful miniatures for you to choose from that could change up your clashes in the ring. 

Strange Creations & Experiments For TTCombat’s Carnvale!


TTCombat has expanded their Carnevale range with even more miniatures for this Horror-filled miniature wargame. Alongside the pre-orders that we saw last week, we had a whole new gang called Experimental Plasma Analysis. 

The Ferryman Brings Twisted Strigoi To TTCombat’s Carnevale


TTCombat is expanding its collection of undead and bloodsuckers this week with pre-orders going up for the new The Drowning & The Drowned for the Strigoi of Carnevale. Someone crossed Vlad Dracula...

Do You Miss Gorkamorka? FREE Game Modulorka Hits All Those Oldhammer 40K Vibes! #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! Do you miss the classic Gorkamorka? Well, the free miniature wargame Modulorka from Mr Modulork looks to hit all of those awesome Oldhammer Warhammer 40K vibes and more. It might even be better than the classic Games Workshop Gorkamorka!

Mechanical Wrestlers Clash In TTCombat’s Rumbleslam Soon


If you like Dwarves and you enjoy the thought of making a mechanical wrestling team then you'll want to take a closer look at The Runic Thunder team who are quick as greased lightning! A solid new option for TTCombat's Rumbleslam!

Dropfleet Commander Gets New Two Player Starter Set!


It seems like everyone and their mums are getting a new starter set right now! TTCombat has dived into the fray with a new and updated Two-Player Starter Set for Dropfleet Commander, allowing you to head into space for some epic battles!

Fire & Faith! The Guardians Of Malta Come To Carnevale


Faith and fury come to the world of Carnevale as TTCombat has revealed a bunch of releases that will be arriving on their webstore this weekend. We start with the Guardians Of Malta who are looking a little wild.

The Resistance Get Their Own Dropzone Commander Behemoth


Dropzone Commander is getting another massive Behemoth creation. This time, the Resistance are the ones that have been lucky when it comes to advancements in technology and perseverance. Have a peek at this massive new 10mm miniature from TTCombat.

Shiphands & Privateers Coming To TTCombat’s Carnevale!


TTCombat has been showing off two new crews that are going to be battling on the docks of Venice. Carnevale is about to get a little bit piratical with the Guild and Venetian Nobles scrapping over smuggled goods no doubt!

The Knights Of The Squared Circle Grace Rumbleslam Soon!


TTCombat is going to be getting incredibly flamboyant soon with the Knights Of The Squared Circle making their debut in the wrestling Fantasy world of Rumbleslam. See what you make of these awesome new 32mm miniatures.

Pre-Order The Shaltari Celestial Dragon For Dropzone Commander!


TTCombat has announced another of the Behemoth miniatures for Dropzone Commander. Previous to this, we had the mighty UCM Behemoth but now they are firing up pre-orders for the 10mm scale (but still huge!) Shaltari Celestial/Earth Dragon.

Brand New Fighters Hit The Canals Of Carnevale Soon


A brand new set of miniatures are going to be finding their way to the streets and canals of Carnevale. TTCombat has been showing off some shadowy previews of the different characters that will be gracing your gangs. 

Carnevale Frigates & Event Exclusives From TTCombat!


TTCombat has been showing off some impressive new terrain kits for Carnevale that are going to be available to purchase this weekend! The factions of Carnevale are going to be taking to the high seas with some beautiful ships.

TTCombat Send Their Newest Halflings Into Space!


TTCombat has been previewing a selection of brand new miniatures over the last few days. Whilst Games Workshop is obsessed with Dwarves in space, they are looking at bolstering the forces of the Halflings in the dark expanse of the galaxy.

The Biggest Dropzone Commander Kit Yet; The UCM Behemoth!


With the reconquest in full swing within Dropzone Commander, TTCombat thought that the UCM might need a poster boy. Well, that's where the UCM Behemoth stomps into your 10mm Sci-Fi wargames. The biggest Dropzone Commander kit to date!

Three New Wrestlers Approach The Ring For Rumbleslam


The puns do not stop here with three new announcements which are set to be going to the TTCombat store and retail soon. 

The Horus Heresy! Are You Hyped? + Warlord Special Guest! WIN Slaine: Kiss My Axe #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! With the Warhammer: The Horus Heresy announcement, are you hyped? PLUS, a Warlord Games special guest joins us and we offer up Slaine: Kiss My Axe as a prize!

Blood On The Water! Brand New Carnevale Releases This Week


TTCombat is getting ready for a mass of new releases for Carnevale this weekend. Blood On The Water is hitting tabletops alongside a host of brand new miniatures for you to play the game with. Seriously, there is some fun stuff coming soon!

TTCombat’s Halfling Sand Raiders Head To Battle This Week


TTCombat has been showing off the new Sand Raiders which are coming to the tabletop soon for your alternative Fantasy armies. The twist here is that desert dwellers are all Halflings! 

Community Spotlight: Classic Warhammer, Fey Folk & Carnevale Nobles


We take a look at some new additions to the Oldenheim project, some more amazing Moonstone miniatures and a toe-dip into the world of Carnevale.

Cult Of Games XLBS: Tabletop Cheaters; What’s The Point?!


Join us for a new episode of Cult Of Games XLBS! In this episode, Lloyd joins us to talk about his hobby plans and we discuss the nature of cheating. Why do you think some people do it?!

TTCombat Make A Home At The Wild West Dressing’s Ranch


TTCombat has some brand new terrain over on their webstore for those wanting to get that authentic "Home On The Range" feel for their Historical tabletops.

Undersea Queens & The Night Watch Join TTCombat’s Carnevale


Some more weird and wonderful releases are coming this weekend (and in the near future!) from TTCombat for those diving into their excellent game, Carnevale. Leading the way is a powerful queen of the depths, The Flame That Burns Underwater.

Find Out What’s In Carnevale’s Blood On The Water Expansion


Dive into a new expansion for Carnevale next year from the folks at TTCombat. Things are about to get weird (well, weirder) as part of this new campaign book which introduces new mechanics and more.

Battle Through A Stacked Shanty Town With TTCombat’s Terrain


TTCombat has been putting together some more previews for what awaits us in 2022. Terrain is a core of their catalogue and some new modular bits and bobs are going to be popping up in the near future.

Fighting Felines Sneak Into TTCombat’s Rumbleslam Soon


A selection of awesome fighting cats are on the way as part of TTCombat's Rumbleslam! The One Thousand And One Fights are a bunch of awesome Fantasy Felines that you'll be able to use to dominate the ring! 

Community Spotlight: Draugr, Ork Pit Stops & Europe In Flames

1 year ago 4

We check out some more awesome painting from the community looking at some Draugr, a bit of Orky goodness for Orktober and finally some Normans for use during Dark Age battles.

Cult Of Games XLBS: What Are Some Of Your Easy Hobby & Painting Wins?


We dive back into Cult Of Games XLBS and have a chat about the mountain of hobby and actual wargaming (yes, really!) that we've been getting up to recently.

TTCombat’s Desert Of The Dead Range Grows This Weekend


TTCombat is expanding on their Desert Of The Dead collection with loads of new miniatures and some additional terrain for budding tomb raiders. Some fascinating new miniatures are on the way for their Mummy force.

The Triassic 5 Hit The Wrestling Ring In Rumbleslam!


Rumbleslam has always been a fun and quirky Fantasy game from the folks at TTCombat. It is going to be getting even more quirky with the addition of an entire team of dinosaurs this weekend! See what you make of the Triassic 5.

Dropzone Commander Painting Tutorial – PHR Enyo Heavy Walker


We're back with a simple painting tutorial that will help you paint up your Enyo Heavy Walkers from the PHR faction in TTCombat's 10mm wargame, Dropzone Commander.

TTCombat Build New Modular Sci-Fi Orc Fortresses


TTCombat has been previewing some of their new Sci-Fi terrain which is going to be landing this weekend. The focus is on some fun new Orc stuff starting with the modular Orc Sektor. 

TTCombat Fire Up Re-Releases For Dropzone Commander


TTCombat has previewed some of the re-releases coming to Sci-Fi wargame Dropzone Commander this weekend. A lot of these are going to be returning with new weapon options and should cover the various factions nicely.

The Queens Of The Adriatic Stride Into TTCombat’s Carnevale


TTCombat has been previewing some more miniatures for the weird world of Carnevale. This time around we've been introduced to the Queens Of The Adriatic, a set that should please all of the factions. 

Summon Golgotha With TTCombat’s New Carnevale Priests


TTCombat has put together a couple of previews for those wanting to add new priests into your games of Carnevale. Both the Vatican and the Rashaar are getting some new units with the Vatican taking the lead alongside a towering monster.

Amazing RPG Maps For Budding D&D Heroes + Adventure In Oz On Kickstarter! #OTTWeekender


It's OTTWeekender Time! We check out some amazing RPG maps for D&D heroes plus join an Adventure In Oz over on Kickstarter!

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