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Urban Mammoth

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Irregular Magazine Issue 14 2013


Irregular Magazine Issue 7 2011


Urban War: One Of The Best Games You’re Not Playing


Ever thought that you're playing a game that everyone else should be, but it keeps getting overlooked? That's what Robert Allen thinks about Urban War and he gives us a quick introduction to this Sci-Fi world.

Win an Urban War Neo-Iskandrian Strike Team!


Urban Mammoth have a new competition for you to win a Neo-Iskandrian Starter Strike Team!

New Mechanical Marvels Hit the Urban War Webstore


Urban War is joined by some interesting new miniature releases. Check them out within!

The Urban War Neo-Iskandrians Get a Coat of Paint


The Neo-Iskandrians get a lick of paint on their armour.

Sandrunners, Macrosynths and Neo-Iskandrians Take over Urban War


Urban Mammoth show off a few of their latest miniatures and a new faction for the world of Urban War.

Urban War Dune Raiders Cause a Storm of Dust


Urban Mammoth expand the repertoire of deadly vehicles in Urban War with new Quad Bikes out this week.

What Weapon Does a Neo-Iskandrian Take to War?


A mass of concept art showing off the technology of the Neo-Iskandrians right here. Let's see what an Iskandrian soldier takes to war...

Urban War Shows off Some Close Combat Maestros


The Neo-Iskandrians have donned their power armour and drawn their power swords.

Urban Mammoth Show off the New Urban War Releases


The new releases for Urban War are ready to spill some blood on the battlefield.

The Neo Iskandrians Head into the Render Stage


The Neo Iskandrian Power Armour moves into the next stages of production...

Urban Mammoth Introduce the Neo-Iskandrians to Urban War


A new faction gets ready to be crafted by the folks at Urban Mammoth.

The Dune Raider Painted Up & Ready to Ride


The Studio Version of the Dune Raider is revealed by Urban Mammoth.

The Urban War Legion Needs You


Do you have what it takes to join the Legion and thrive in the Urban War?

Going Offroad with the new Junker Quad from Urban War


Here's the latest release for Urban War... the Junker Dune Raider!

Stark New Concept Art from Urban War


Great new Concept art from Urban War!

Urban War 2nd Edition


Andy and Jake are in the studio for a chat about the second edition of Urban War from Urban Mammoth. From what the guy's have said it's looking as if we're going to see a cleaner more streamlined version of the game.

Warheads: Medieval Tales… What is it?


I've had this for a while and I can tell you guys it's a great little game... but what's it all about?

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