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Victoria Miniatures

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New Bitz! Victoria Miniatures’ Border World Rangers


Victoria Miniatures has put together some new bitz for those wanting to build up their own force of Border World Rangers for use in your Sci-Fi wargames. 

Victoria Miniatures Preview Female Desert Troopers


Victoria Miniatures has been previewing some of the new Female Desert Scorpions which are going to be released next month for their extensive range of alternative Imperial Guard.

Awesome Abhuman Ogres From Victoria Miniatures


Victoria Miniatures has shown off some rather excellent new Abhuman releases for their grimdark collection.

Victoria’s Penal Guard Soldiers Go Pop With New Torsos


Victoria Miniatures continue to build on their collection of alternative options for use in the grimdark future. This week saw them release a new pack of Torsos to use alongside their Penal Guard.

Fire The Big Guns With Victoria’s New Svargan Shock Soldat


Victoria Miniatures keep the reinforcements coming for their alternative band of grimdark armies as they added the Svargan Shock Soldats Heavy Weapons Crew into the mix this week.

Victoria Miniatures Unleash Desert Scorpions On The Battlefield


Victoria Miniatures has continued to build on their collection of alternative soldiers for the grimdark future with the Desert Scorpions Ten Man Squad. This new set gives you the basis for a new force, ready to take on the galaxy and its many, many, many threats. 

Victoria Miniatures Power Up New Psychic Hero, Clara


Victoria Miniatures has been showing off a new miniature which will be getting added into the mix for those snapping up goodies from their webstore.

Weekender: Hero Forge 2.0 Just In Time For New D&D Multiverse?


We've catching up on all the news from this week including an update on that Hero Forge Kickstarter and more!

Buy Tanks & Help Support The Australian Bushfire Fundraiser


Victoria Miniatures are doing their bit to help support the relief of animals caught up in the Australian Bushfires which are raging across the country.

BOOM Goes Victoria Miniatures’ New Poor Penal Guardsman


What do you do with prisoners in the grimdark future? Well, Victoria Miniatures strap bombs to them.

Pint-Sized Roli Runseeker Joins The Victoria Miniatures Cast


Victoria Miniatures has designed a new miniature that you can choose as your 'Miniature Of The Month'.

Admiral Sora Takes Command At Victoria Miniatures


Victoria Miniatures has added a new hero into the mix for you to use when commanding your Imperial forces on the tabletop.

Victoria Miniatures Announce New Kangaroo APC


Victoria Miniatures have released images of a new armored personnel carrier being added to their collection. Designed by the incredibly talented Jake Schneider, the Kangaroo APC is an all resin model that is certain to get your Canadian troops to their destination.

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