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Warp Miniatures

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Warp Miniatures Muster An Army Of 3D Printable Pig-Faced Orcs


Warp Miniatures has mustered the first half of a new 32mm Fantasy collection for the month of June. Have a peek at these 3D Printable Pig-Faced Orcs that you could use to build warbands or perhaps start up an entire army.

Go Dungeon Delving With Warp’s New 32mm Demogorgon


Warp Miniatures is doing a bit of dungeon delving with their newest set of 32mm 3D Printable Fantasy miniatures. The Demogorgon's Dungeon is the focus here as your heroes are going to have to end up tackling one of the most fearsome beasts in the Monster Manual!

Net Warp Miniatures’ Expanding Fishmen Horde On Patreon


Warp Miniatures have headed down into the deep once again for April with the continued growth of their Fishmen Horde! Some more mighty warriors and characters are in the mix to help with commanding your underwater domain. 

Warp Summon A Fishmen Horde For March On Patreon!


Warp Miniatures has been showing off their newest set of releases for the month of March. Patreon has now been graced by a Fishmen Horde that is seeking to overwhelm the world of the surface dwellers!

Warp Miniatures Release Dungeon Swarms This Month!


Warp Miniatures have gone a bit off-piste with their newest set of 3D Printable miniatures over on Patreon. The focus for the month of February is still Fantasy and dungeon delving but with a little bit of a twist as they have now unleashed a series of Dungeon Swarms on some unfortunate heroes!

Warp Miniatures Summon Patreon Poxlings For January


Warp Miniatures has been showing off the newest set of 3D Printable Fantasy releases for the month of January. Patreon has summoned the snotty little Poxlings to crowd your tabletop and spread all sorts of diseases. 

Warp Miniatures Bring 3D Printable Sci-Fi Heroes To Patreon


Warp Miniatures has decreed that the month of December is Sci-Fi month for them over on Patreon. If you subscribe to their Patreon you'll be able to get your hands on some new 3D Printable 32mm Sci-Fi miniatures for use in a range of Pulpy adventures on the tabletop. 

Warp Miniatures Unleash A Gnoll Hunting Pack On Patreon


Warp Miniatures have produced another ace set of models for you to 3D Print at home. November brings a Gnoll Hunting Pack to the tabletop in 32mm scale, a slavering warband that are going to be scooping up everything they can get their hands on and burning down everything else. 

Warp Miniatures Hide With The Woodland Halflings On Patreon


Warp Miniatures are back on Kickstarter with another selection of awesome miniatures for Patreon backers to download and 3D Print at home. The focus this month shifts towards 32mm Fantasy creations and the Woodland Halflings. 

Historical & Fantasy Armies Made Easy With Fireforge; Ace For Kings Of War Wargaming? #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! Building a Kings Of War army? Why not have a look at the Historical & Fantasy armies from FireForge games that could make it easy to get wargaming with some ace-looking 28mm miniatures?

Warp Miniatures Explore More Of The British Isle On Patreon


Warp Miniatures has returned to Patreon this week with more miniatures from the folklore and legends of the British Isles. A whole host of strange and wonderful tales can be told with these new 32mm Fantasy 3D Printable miniatures.

Warp Conjure Up The Beasts Of The British Isles On Patreon


The theme for August and September from Warp Miniatures is going to be moving into the realm of mysticism and folklore. The Beasts Of The British Isles are front and centre over the next two months with 3D Printable 32mm monsters, ghouls and other strange creatures arriving on your home printer.

The Formorians Join Warp’s 3D Printing Patreon This Month


Warp Miniatures continues to produce a range of awesome 3D Printable miniatures for use in your Fantasy wargames this month! July brings forth The Formorians from their swampy kingdoms to rule over the kingdoms of men once more!

New Wizards & Dark Lords Join Warp Miniatures’ ArcWorlde!


Warp Miniatures has taken to Kickstarter recently to bring two new ArcWorlde warbands to life! You will be able to get your hands on some neat new 32mm Fantasy miniatures representing the Wizards and Dark Lords of this world!

Warp Miniatures Summon Fire & Water Elementals On Patreon


Warp Miniatures continue their adventure into the world of Elemental powers with some new 28/32mm 3D Printable sculpts over on Patreon. Fire and Water are the focus for this month. 

Warp Miniatures Summon Up Elemental Powers On Patreon


Warp Miniatures have released their newest selection of 3D Printable offerings over on Patreon right now. This time around, the focus is on a set of 32mm Elementals that could be used for all sorts of Fantasy games.

Kobolds & Monster Hunters Pop Up On Warp Miniatures’ Patreon!


Warp Miniatures has been showing off the excellent new 3D Printable options for February on Patreon! The focus is on some pesky Kobolds who are rampaging across tabletops looking for plunder!

Warp Preview A Cackling Vampire & More For ArcWorlde


Warp Miniatures (previously known as Warploque Miniatures) has been sharing some more of the new stuff that is going to be popping up for ArcWorlde in 2022. Some fun Fantasy fare awaits with this Vampire taking centre stage.

Warp Miniatures Bring Dark Dwarf Lords To Patreon + Baubles!


Warp Miniatures is back on Patreon with a new set of 3D Printable models for you to print off at home during the month of December. The next part of the Dark Dwarves collection has landed with the Lords being the focus this time around.

Swipe Bruno Focaccia & Peek At What’s Next From Warploque


A fun miniature is available to pre-order from the folks at Warploque Miniatures right now. See what you make of the swashbuckling Bruno Focaccia, the Halfling Duelist from the world of ArcWorlde. 

Play The Best Song In The World With Warploque On Patreon


Warploque Miniatures is back with another host of awesome releases on Patreon for November. Take a look at their 28/32mm and 10mm offerings starting with The Devil's Challenge. Inspired.

Warploque Miniatures Bring More Dark Dwarven Cabals To Patreon


Warploque Miniatures has put together a collection of new miniatures which expand on their Fantasy offerings on Patreon. The Dark Dwarven Cabal is pack with part two alongside a brand new set of 10mm miniatures as well. 

A War No-One Has Played Before? Historical Miniatures To Get You Thinking! + WIN 40K Kill Team!


We check out some Historical miniatures for a war that no one has (probably!) played before! Do miniature ranges like these get you thinking about new ways to enjoy your tabletop wargames?

Warploque Bring Dark Dwarves & Undead To Patreon This Month


Warploque Miniatures has been showing off their newest selection of 3D Printing offerings for Patreon backers this month. The focus this month is on a band of 32mm Dark Dwarfs and also some 10mm Undead Pirates so you're well served when it comes to Fantasy!

Warploque Preview The Explorer & Pals For Kickstarter!


Warploque Miniatures are preparing for the release of their newest Kickstarter which is aiming to bring a new comic to life focusing on ArcWorlde! As well as the comic, you'll also be able to pick up a set of 32mm Fantasy miniatures too!

ArcWorlde Comic Series Coming To Kickstarter From Warploque!


Warploque Miniatures has dropped a surprise announcement this week. They are coming to Kickstarter on 31st August with a new campaign looking to bring ArcWorlde: Tales From The Journal to life.

Bolster Your Star Elves & Beastfolk With Warploque’s Patreon


Warploque Miniatures is back on Patreon for another round of 3D Printing goodness. This month sees them bring us the second half of their Star Elves collection plus the third addition to their 10mm Beastfolk Clans army. So, you're sorted if you want 28/32mm armies and 10mm Fantasy.

The Best FREE RPG Yet! Epic Art & World – You NEED To Play Degenesis! #OTTWeekender


It's OTTWeekender Time! We check out the best FREE RPG yet! You NEED to play Degenesis and try out their epic world full of stunning art.

New Star Elves & Beastfolk For Warploque’s July Patreon


Warploque Miniatures revealed their newest releases for their Patreon this week. July brings more 28/32mm and 10mm miniatures for you to print off at home. There is a nice mix of Fantasy miniatures for those who enjoy a bit of 3D Printing.

Warploque Bring Natures Wrath & 10mm Beastfolk To Patreon


Warploque Miniatures is back on Patreon for June with a bunch of Fantasy miniatures in both 32mm and 10mm. Their collection this time around focuses on the Woodland Realm and the armies of the Beastfolk Clans.

Venture Into The Dragon’s Lair With Warploque In May


Warploque Miniatures are looking ahead to next week and the release of their new Patreon goodies for May. If you like your dragons and Fantasy then you'll be happy to know that you can 3D print yourself a big drake and some heroes to face it soon.

Spectre Miniatures: If Call Of Duty Had Minis?! + WIN Warhammer Underworlds #OTTWeekender


It's OTTWeekender Time! We get a look at Spectre Miniatures. It's as if Call Of Duty had minis! If you're into Modern Warfare you'll want to check this out.

Warploque Miniatures Take To Patreon With A 10mm Halfling Army!


In a move that seems to point to the entire wargaming industry pushing me towards 10mm, Warploque Miniatures has taken to Patreon this month with a 10mm Halfling Fantasy Army!

Warploque Look Ahead To New ArcWorlde Ourks Kickstarter!


Warploque Miniatures is looking ahead to a new Kickstarter starting on 16th March 2021. This time around the focus is on the Ourks who are coming back to ArcWorlde with brand new 28mm Fantasy miniatures!

Join Warploque Miniatures’ Skeleton Legion On This Month


Warploque Miniatures is ready to deliver a bundle of bones to you via Patreon this month. The Skeleton Legion is on the march (hah) complete with soldiers, cavalry, monsters and more for you to use in your 28mm tabletop wargames.

Warploque Kickstart Goblin, Dwarf & Bullywug Warbands!


Warploque Miniatures is now on Kickstarter looking to fund the creation of three warbands based on the 3D sculpts that were designed as part of their Patreon.

Making Wargaming Terrain? Terrain Tutor’s Book A Must Have! + WIN 40K Dark Angels #OTTWeekender


This week on the OTT Weekender! Having trouble making wargaming terrain? We look at the Terrain Tutor's new book, a must-have for hobbyists. You can also win a Dark Angels Codex & Combat Patrol! 

Warploque Sculpt New Dungeon Monsters For Patreon Backers


Warploque Miniatures has sculpted up a new set of Dungeon All-Stars for those backing their Patreon.

Warploque Finish Their Ourks & Plan Out 2021 For ArcWorlde


Warploque Miniatures have laid out the groundwork for 2021 and what you've got to look forward to if you're an ArcWorlde wargamer!

Warploque Miniatures Tease New Ourks & Beasts For ArcWorlde


Warploque Miniatures are working hard to bring a selection of new releases to the Fantasy realm of ArcWorlde later this year.

Warploque Add Dungeon All-Stars To Their 3D Printing Patreon


Warploque Miniatures are back to sculpting for the new year and have offered up a set of Fantasy Dungeon All-Stars as part of their 3D Printing Patreon for January 2021.

New Ogrelords Stomp Onto Patreon From Warploque Miniatures


Warploque Miniatures is back with even more awesome Patreon offerings this month. December means more Ogres for your Fantasy tabletop and the Ogrelords are out in force.

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