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Shadowrun: Duels – Lothan the Wise Review


Nab Yourself A Free Krampus Mini With Purchases From WizKids!


Wizkids have now announced their Festive 2021 miniature, bringing Krampus to the forefront!

Escape The Clutches Of The Zombie Princess In The Enchanted Maze


Heading to FLGS stores by the end of the month, Zombie Princess And The Enchanted Maze by WizKids takes players into the new layer of brooding from a Princess.

Games Workshop Classic ‘The Fury of Dracula’ Goes Digital


The Fury of Dracula has gone digital! Being developed and published by Nomad Games.

HUGE Imperial Gold Dragon Goes On Pre-Order Over At WizKids


WizKids are at it again, with another stunning dragon to embed deep into our RPG campaigns. This month, bringing the Adult Gold Dragon Premium Figure into pre-order. 

Grimdark Wargaming Miniatures To Drool Over! + We Are Starting A Hobby League #OTTWeekender


It's OTTWeekender Time! Check out some grimdark wargaming miniatures to drool over plus we're starting up a hobby league! 

Climb To The Top Of An Underwater Business In Squid Inc.


Squid Inc has been announced by WizKids, and it takes office politics under the deep blue, in the ocean's biggest business. 

New Magic: The Gathering Figures Coming Christmas 2021


Wizkids have delved and scratched the surface venturing into the world of Magic: The Gathering. With previous miniatures released, Wizards of the Coast are prepping for the next cohort of Premium Figures coming in December 2021. 

Mind-Blowing Wargaming Terrain From Uncertain Scenery + Myth & Goal Scores Big! #OTTWeekender


It's OTTWeekender Time! We get a look at some mind-blowing wargaming terrain from Uncertain Scenery in Indie of The Week PLUS Myth & Goal scores BIG on Kickstarter.

Assemble The Ultimate Star Trek Crew In WizKids Upcoming Release


WizKids are at it again with the nostalgic releases. First, we were out in Philly with Will and the gang in Summertime and now we are assembling the finest crew in Starfleet in Star Trek Missions.

Dive Into A Fun Fantasy Adventure In WizKids’ Dungeon Scrawlers


I am all for quirky games and Dungeon Scrawlers: Heroes Of Undermountain from WizKids seems to fit that remit. Based on Dungeons & Dragons, this game tests two-to-four players to dive into a quick scrawling board game adventure through dungeons deep and caverns old. 

Archdevil Geryon Announced As WizKids’ New Premium Miniature


A new foe is approaching, ready to settle into your next D&D campaign as a brand new Icons of the Realms miniature has been announced. Archdevil Geryon is menacingly gliding in as a D&D Premium figure from WizKids, with an intimidating wingspan and a fearful glare that could stun any enemy caught in its glaze.

Meet The Creatures & Monsters Living Wild Beyond The Witchlight


Wizards of the Coast has added to their Wild Beyond the Witchlight releases of the Adventure book and alt cover, with WizKids announcing the D&D Icons of the Realms: The Wild Beyond the Witchlight sets, of the whimsical creature and character miniatures who reside in the world which is set to open this September.

Monsters, NPCs & Characters In New Critical Role Miniatures Sets


For those tabletop gamers who enjoy some fresh-out-the-box pre-painted miniatures, WizKids has begun to adventure over to Tal'Dorei with brand new and upcoming Critical Role Miniatures. Whether you are looking for a beastly elemental of a mischievous NPC, there is plenty to pick from with the upcoming sets. 

Infinity Minis Now In SioCast Plastic?! + Finally! REAL Dragons Back In Age Of Sigmar #OTTWeekender


It's OTTWeekender Time! We take a look at the plans for Infinity going plastic with SioCast and finally, REAL Dragons are now back in Warhammer Age Of Sigmar.

Scheme Your Way Into Supervillainy In Upcoming Board Game Bequest


The upcoming release of Bequest has been announced, and the sinister Dr. Schism has sadly passed away but is not ready to let go of his mischievous antics as a bit of a pain to society. He is leaving one bequest to his evil neighbours, and it is up to 3-6 players to fight petty and dirty to become the next supervillain, journeying through Dr. Schism's estate. 

Amazing RPG Maps For Budding D&D Heroes + Adventure In Oz On Kickstarter! #OTTWeekender


It's OTTWeekender Time! We check out some amazing RPG maps for D&D heroes plus join an Adventure In Oz over on Kickstarter!

Marvel-lous HeroClix: Empyre Set Announced By WizKids


There are some new team-ups in town. And Wizkids are bringing some new miniatures for HeroClix players to collect and engage within some seriously heroic battles. The Empyre Set, announced by Wizkids this week, will contain an incredible booster for you to expand on your game with some pretty incredible characters. Dare I say... fantastic?

The Best FREE RPG Yet! Epic Art & World – You NEED To Play Degenesis! #OTTWeekender


It's OTTWeekender Time! We check out the best FREE RPG yet! You NEED to play Degenesis and try out their epic world full of stunning art.

Decipher Clues In Upcoming Murder Mystery Turbo Sleuths


WizKids have been on my radar recently. With exciting upcoming announcements over the last few weeks such as Summertime and Zombie Princess and the Enchanted Maze, the newest announcement Turbo Sleuths brings mystery to the table. A puzzle speed solving game where players compete against their opponents and the clock simultaneously to solve a fun and engaging murder mystery. 

WizKids Announce Massive Green Dragon; Pre-Order Now!


Are you in the need of a new giant Green dragon? A nasty beast to meet you at the end of your Dungeons and Dragons campaign, or simply a centrepiece for your fantasy-themed diorama. WizKids has announced their pre-order for the D&D Icons of the Realms: Adult Green Dragon Premium Figure and my word, this miniature is an absolute beast. 

Join The Fresh Prince & DJ Jazzy Jeff In New Card Game Summertime


WizKids has recently made an announcement that two iconic characters from the 90s will be heading up their own card game. The Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff are heading back to Philly, and this is certainly not a story all about how the Fresh Prince's life got twist-turned upside down. Players will engage with the coolest of gangs, proving to all overseers who the one true Fresh Prince is, in the upcoming title Summertime. 

WizKids Bring Us Zombie Princess And The Enchanted Maze!


In the upcoming title from WizKids, the Princess has got other incentives on her mind... brains! No, not the brains of a strapping young Prince and Knight of honour and glory. The physical brains of noble knights are on the menu and the Princess is certainly not patient. In the upcoming title, Zombie Princess and the Enchanted Maze. 

40K Gaunt’s Ghosts Better Than Before? UKGE Is On + Dungeons & Lasers Epic RPG Terrain #OTTWeekender


It's OTTWeekender Time! Are the new Gaunt's Ghosts better than before? UKGE Tickets are now on sale and Dungeons & Lasers returns to Kickstarter.

Cursed Items & The Undead! Fantasy Realms’ New Expansion


Fantasy Realms from WizKidz is one of the reasons why I love card games. Why? Because they are quick, they are fun, and if they are strong enough - they do not take too long to pick up the rules.

Conquer the Rough Seas of Greece in WizKids’ Upcoming Board Game Greece Lightning


When most of us hear the term Grease Lightning, we tend to think of Danny Zuko standing on top of a Ford De Luxe pointing shamelessly. However, Wizkids have announced their new push-for-luck board game with the country Greece as opposed to Grease, where players race across the Mediterranean Sea, leaving opponents amongst the waves behind them. 

Did Heresylab Beat Games Workshop To Tabletop Kislevites? + Win Bolt Action Box Set #OTTWeekender


This week on the OTT Weekender! We welcome back Ming and we're checking out a fantastic way to populate your tabletop games with fauna PLUS all the latest news in tabletop gaming

Have You Checked Out WizKids’ Transformers Deep Cuts Miniatures?


This isn't "new" news by any means but if you missed out on this, you should certainly take a look at the WizKids Deep Cut miniatures for the Transformers universe.

New Dystopian Wars 2 Player Starter Set First Look + WIN A Box For Yourself! #OTTWeekender


This week on the OTT Weekender! We get a first look at the Dystopian Wars 2 Player Starter Set PLUS you can win a box for yourself to get you naval wargaming on the tabletop.

WizKids Make Heroes & Monsters For The World Of Critical Role


WizKids are working alongside the folks at Critical Role and Wizards Of The Coast on an array of characters and monsters for the Fantasy realm of Exandria

Community Spotlight: TINY Armies, Marvel Villains & A Mighty Ship


We're checking out all manner of fantastic painting in a TINY scale, some excellent villains and also a ship worthy of a D&D adventure.

Cult Of Games XLBS: “Who Lives In A Wargamer Basement Like This?”


We're back for Cult Of Games XLBS as we venture into the realm of hobby and battle the demons of procrastination as we work out what we're going to be getting up to in 2021.

WizKids Craft Massive Tower For Dungeons & Dragons Players


WizKids has been producing a lot of both unpainted and painted options for Dungeons & Dragons players over the last year.

Age Of Sigmar Gargants Cost Too Much; Just Get A Mantic Giant? #Weekender


This week on the OTT Weekender! We're getting a look at the new 28mm Age Of Sigmar Gargants miniatures and measuring them up against the Mantic Games Giant.

WizKids Upgrade Their HeroClix Pre-Painted Miniatures


WizKids has recently produced an article looking at some updates to the pre-painted HeroClix collection starting with X-Men and the House Of X line.

Weekender: WIN A RGG Hobby Bundle + The BEST Medieval Miniatures Ever?


Today On The Weekender! We're checking out some brilliant miniatures from Claymore Castings in Indie Of The Week, testing our two mats from Geek Villain, talking Solo Wargaming with Firelock games and MUCH more.

Snag Yourself A Pair Of Pre-Painted Dragons From WizKids


WizKids has been showing off some more of their pre-orders for this month beyond the WarLock Tiles we looked at earlier in the week.

WizKids Prep New Pre-Painted WarLock Tiles Dungeons


WizKids has no fired started up pre-orders for their new terrain which offers up a cheaper pre-painted option for dungeon delvers.

Renegade Drop More Details On 5E Wardlings Campaign Guide


Renegade Game Studios has been talking more about their upcoming Campaign Guide for the Wardlings world which first appeared in miniature form from the team at WizKids.

WizKids Bring Back Classic Civilisation Game, Clash Of Cultures


WizKids are getting into the civilisation building game and bringing a new version of the massive game, Clash Of Cultures, to the tabletop later this year.

WizKids Hunt Replicants In Blade Runner 2049: Nexus Protocol


WizKids has been previewing a new game of deduction set within the world of Blade Runner.

WizKids Look To Produce Unpainted Marvel HeroClix Figures


WizKids look to be producing a new range of Unpainted figures for their exceptionally well-loved game, HeroClix.

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