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Malifaux 2.0 Rules Download Now Free From DriveThru RPG


There's never been a better time to jump into the Wyrd Games steampunk world of Malifaux. Now you can download a FREE copy of the 2.0 Malifaux Rules from DriveThruRPG and have a look through this fast and fun, weirdly wonderful game.

Into The Bayou Brings A New Pursuit Into Through The Breach


The Through The Breach RPG world of Malifaux from Wyrd Games is getting an expansion, Into the Bayou. Here players will get to explore the swamps of the Bayou and create their own Gremlins!

Wyrd Shows Off The Corrupted Hounds For The Neverborn


The Neverborn will be releasing the Corrupted Hounds, and lots of them! These Malifaux minions from Shifting Loyalties will cause plenty of trouble when they take on a table as a pack.

New Guild Minions Teaser From Wyrd’s Upcoming Ripples Of Fate


By the looks of this week's Malifaux preview, the Guild will be getting some beautiful new ladies in the next book, Ripples of Fate. There's nothing outwardly scary about these lovely ladies, so I'm sure they're perfectly harmless?

The Silurid Crawls From Wyrd’s Bayou In The New Ripples Of Fate Book


Wyrd Games has announced a new Malifaux book is heading our way. Ripples of Fate promises to add more wonderful lore to the game as well as new characters, like the eerie Silurid.

Special Tightrope Walker Mini For AdeptiCon Malifaux Story Encounter


A Wyrd circus is coming to town, and its activities will be highlighted in the Malifaux Story Encounter at Adepticon on April 3rd. Participants will receive a fantastic event exclusive Tightrope Walker miniature, courtesy of Knuckleduster Miniatures.

Wyrd Welcome Thrace To The World Of The Other Side


Wyrd Games have shown off another art preview for The Other Side. Here we have Thrace who seems to be taking a note from the world of Final Fantasy with that awesome gun blade...

Wyrd Calls For Henchman & Shows Off Their Event Kits


Wyrd Games is calling for Henchmen to run events and recruit gamers.To sweeten the deal, they have developed some fantastic new Event Kits to offer prize support and reward those that participate in events. In true Wyrd fashion, these prizes are Mystery boxes.

Explore The Other Side With Wyrd Games


Wyrd Games is looking for some Wyrd and wonderful play testers to explore their latest creation, The Other Side. Ever wonder what was going on on the Earth side of the Breach? Here's your opportunity to find out.

Wyrd Shows Off Renders For The Changelings Of The Neverborn


The Neverborn are getting some new sculpts for the Neverborn. These creepy little Changelings offer the terrifying ability to assume the ability of those closest to them, which can easily make them a serious threat to your own crew.

Wyrd’s Brutal Emissary Joins the Guild of Malifaux


The Guild of Malifaux are getting their own Emissary of the Fates. The Brutal Emissary is fearsome enough to strike fear into the strongest of foes, but with a weapon like that, an imposing glance would be the least of their worries.

List Of AdeptiCon Vendors Continues To Impress With Wyrd Games


The list of vendors continues to get more awesome as Adepticon shares the news. This year Wyrd Games is joining the Adepticon vendor hall and bringing with it all their exciting new releases, including their 10th Anniversary, "Aionus", model.

The Hodgepodge Emissary Rides Into The Outcasts Of Malifaux


The Outcasts of Malifaux are getting their own Emissary of Fate- the Hodgepodge Emissary. This quirky peddler may carry more than the obvious fares on his mule, he may carry the very upgrade your other mini needs in the middle of a game!

Here Comes Peter Cottontail – Wyrd Style


Here comes Luther Cottontail, hopping down the Wyrd Games trail... Wyrd Miniatures has released a peek a 2 new Nightmare edition miniatures, Luther & Gensu, to hit the Malifaux world for Easter.

The Mysterious Emissary Joins The Wyrd Ranks Of The Neverborn


This week Wyrd Miniatures has released a peek at the Mysterious Emissary for the Neverborn. This creepy foliage not only packs a punch with it's swing, but can produce deadly terrain and cause plenty of trouble for your opponent.

Wyrd Shows Off The Resurrectionist’s Carrion Emissary


This week's Wyrd preview features the newest member of the Resurrectionists- the Carrion Emissary. This mini manages to capture an ominous warning with their clever use of the crow form, not to mention his scary accessories.

Meet Wyrd’s Latest Gremlin, The Lucky Emissary


How better to make an impression in your Malifaux game than to run over your enemy with a "pork-powered wrecking ball?" That's exactly what Wyrd thought too, so they've created the Lucky Emissary for the Gremlins.

Wryd’s New Shadow Emissary Crawls & Slithers Into Malifaux


It looks like Wyrd is offering a really good reason to try another faction in Malifaux with this week's preview. The Shadow Emissary is the Ten Thunder's enforcer who's not only one beautiful model, but brings great buffs to your crew.

Weekender: Exploring Age Of Tyrants


Wyrd Gives A Look At The Fearsome Arcane Emissary


Wyrd offered a look at the new Arcanist Enforcer, the ArcanE Emissary, and he looks awesome! This fearsome beast offers a host of helpful buffs for your crew including special abilities triggered by individual masters.

The Latest Neverborn Minions Are Keeping Things Stitched Together


The latest renders from Wyrd Miniatures look like the Neverborn will be seeing some new minions. These Stitched Together models may very well be leaving it all on the table for your crew - whatever damage they can accomplish and quite possibly their insides.

Weekender XLBS: Halfling Armies, Mechanicus Week Cometh & More


Happy Sunday and Merry Christmas once again! We're letting you in on what's happening over the Holiday season and chatting about some awesome miniatures coming our way...

Exclusive! All The Fun Of The Fair With New Malifaux Circus Terrain


Adding to their Designed For Malifaux range and building on their ColorED range too we have a wonderful colourful Circus/Fair set of terrain coming out from PlastCraft Games.

Mechanical Arachnids Crawl Into Wyrd’s Malifaux


Wyrd Games have shown off a new render this week which shows off a couple of creations coming to the Arcanist crew in Malifaux. See what you think of these Mechanical Arachnids with plenty of claws and also strange looking devices on their backs...

Ten Holiday Season Gifts For Tabletop Gamers!


Some of the team have put together a few suggestions for what we think might be good stocking fillers, new year bargains or indeed full on presents for tabletop gamers this holiday season...

Malifaux’s Nythera Wraps Up With A Guild Win


Wyrd has just announced the winners from the Malifaux portion of the worldwide Nythera event. The Guild secured the number one spot, leaving the Arcanists in the bittersweet number two position.

Wyrd Shows Off The New Neverborn Spawn Mother & Gupps


This week's Wyrd preview offers a treat for the Neverborn players of Malifaux. The Mother Spawn and Gupps are swampfiends that offer wicked summoning abilities to help your crew be more effective.

Have A Look At The Wyrd Fermented River Monks Of Malifaux


The Ten Thunders have some very handy fellows heading to Malifaux. This week's preview shows off the Fermented River Monks, who are sure to be a welcome addition to any crew.

Winter Sales Watch – Found Any Good Bargains Online?


Just like last year now is the time where we start to see a lot of the bargains popping up online in time for Christmas. We've collated a few of them but this is by no means all of them...

Wyrd Shows Off Stats On Their Upcoming Henchman, Aionus


What would you do with more time? Wyrd is about to let you find out with the super useful abilities on their upcoming special release, Aionus, for Malifaux. You've never seen better time management.

New Beasts & Demons Come To Wyrd’s Malifaux


Wyrd Games have shown off some more previews for Malifaux with three new plastic sets on the way in the near future. Beasts, shamans and even some demons are going to be duking it out on the tabletop...

The Latest Wyrd Penny Dreadful Is Available For Through The Breach


Something Dreadful has been happening in the orphanage. Drop into the latest Penny Dreadful One Shot, Bad Blood, for Wyrd's Through the Breach and see if you can discover secret behind the disappearance of the children.

Wyrd Announces Must Have Black Friday Malifaux Models


As Black Friday approaches, we'd be remiss to not show you the fantastic miniatures that Wyrd is bringing to the table. Wyrd Miniature's sale will last an entire week, as they celebrate not only the holiday shopping season, but their 10th birthday as well!

Wyrd Announces A Contest To Create Your Own Fate Deck For Malifaux


Care to tempt the fates with your own fates? Wyrd Miniatures has announced a new competition, the Create Your Fate competition, where players can create their own Fate Deck and allow gamers to cast their vote for a winner!

Weekender: Warlord’s Battle Plans & The Stygmata RPG Kickstarter


Join us for The Weekender where we have some fantastic terrain to show off, an interview with John Stallard AND a big EDEN prize!

Wyrd’s Monday Preview Shows Off “Bully” For Through The Breach


Sometimes words will do the trick, and other times you might need someone to crack some skulls. Bully is Wyrd's answer to your problem with a real "hands on" approach to your dealings in Wyrd's Through the Breach.

A Wyrd Malifaux Q&A With Game Designer Aaron Darland


Dawn has had a chance to get inside the mind of Wyrd game designer, Aaron Darland, to discuss all things Wyrd. Follow along and learn about the world of Malifaux from one of Wyrd's finest.

Black Friday Exclusive Malifaux Models On The Horizon From Wyrd


Wyrd Games have revealed three of the models that you'll be wanting to pick up during the Black Friday deals later this year in November. To be more precise these should be available on November 27th 2015...

Darkness Comes Rattling Review – Adding Fantastic Storytelling To A Boardgame


Come with Dawn and have a look at Wyrd's new boardgame, Darkness Comes Rattling. Not your average board game; this story-rich adventure offers players an almost RPG-like gaming experience neatly packaged in one lovely box...

Wyrd Shows Off Some Less Than Friendly Guild Hounds


Sometimes you just need some dogs to flush out the trouble hiding in the bushes. Wyrd's preview this week is a look at the renders for the Guild Hounds, who can do just that.

Wyrd Shows Off A New Guild Autopsy Mini For The Resurrectionists


Why bury the dead, when you can repurpose them? The Ressurectionists are getting some new cowboys/minions in the form of a Guild Autopsy!

How Does One Make The Wyrd Leap Into Malifaux?


Follow Dawn along as she explores the Wyrd and wonderful steampunk world of Malifaux. Discover the ins and outs of stepping into a new game through the eyes of a relatively new tabletop gamer...

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