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Monolith Show Off Plastic Barbarian & King Conan Miniature Sets


Monolith have taken to social media to show off the first images of the miniatures you’ll be getting as part of your Barbarian and King pledges for their Conan board game which did insanely well on Kickstarter.

Weekender LookBack: The Conan Episode!


Today we’re digging
out an older episode
that we thought was a
ton of fun to make.

Remember the Conan
pledge manager is open
and ANYONE can still get
in on this awesome game



Monolith Show Off Fancy 3D Prints For Conan


Even though Conan gave this creature a smack in the original film it has come back to become part of the Conan board game by Monolith. See what you think of their 3D Printed Camel and an assortment of other creatures…

Monolith Take A Look Inside Nordheim Conan Expansion


Monolith have shown off some of the fantastic models that will make up the Nordheim expansion for Conan. This adventure takes you North of Conan’s homeland to a vicious land of ice and snow.

Monolith’s Conan Pledge Manager Ready To Use


Monolith have got their Pledge Manager working for the Conan Board Game that took Kickstarter by storm. If you haven’t already done so you need to head on over to it (if you were a backer) and make sure everything is hunky-dory with your pledge…

King Conan Takes Shape For Monolith’s Board Game


King Conan is coming to life thanks to the Monolith Conan Board Game bearing the same name as the deadly Barbarian. The artwork below by Xavier Collette has been made into a digital sculpt by the talented hands at Thirdman Studios. See what you think…

A Mighty Aesir Warrior Joins Conan’s Quest


Monolith have shown off some more artwork from Georges Cl4renko for their Conan board game. As well as a mighty Aesir Warrior joining the fight on Conan’s side there could well be a flock of ravens coming too…

The Monolith Team Receive A Bundle Of Conan Goodies


Things are moving forward with Monolith’s Conan Kickstarter as they’ve just received a big bundle of resin miniatures which will soon be put together and sent off to the factory to be made into the plastic components for the game…

Conan & Savage Beasts Painted Up For Monolith’s Adventure Game


Monolith have had some more models painted up by the artist Martin Grandbarbe showing off what these heroes and monsters are going to look like from Conan once you’ve put a brush and some paint onto them. It also helps to be a master painter of course…

Feast Your Eyes On The Bestial Thaug For Monolith’s Conan


A massive beast is crawling into production for Monolith Games’ Conan! Thaug is a giant creature that is sure to be handful for even the most impressive hero.

Conan Sculpts Keep Coming! Mighty Enemies Ready For Your Sword!


See how the fantasy world of Conan is doing as the folks at Monolith keep you updated on the progress of their epic board game!

Check Out How Much You’re Getting With The Conan King Pledge!


The Conan Kickstarter from Monolith moves into its final twenty four hours or so on the fundraising platform and it’s got one hell of a package for those of you who want to pledge and get your hands on a bunch of awesome game components and miniatures, oh so many miniatures…

King Conan Strides Onto Kickstarter As They Hit The $2 Million Mark!


Check out how King Conan is shaping up as he leads the way through the $2 Million mark and also takes you North to the Nordheim expansion! There’s even a camel to punch!

Print & Play Pack & More Ready From Monolith For Conan!


See what Conan is looking like as it closes in on its final few days on Kickstarter! You can also download a Print & Play pack to play out some of the scenarios from the final game!

A New Conan Wanders Onto Kickstarter Plus New Stygian Expansion!


See how the Conan game is looking on Kickstarter with new models, painted examples and a new expansion taking you to Stygia!

Conan’s Bodyguard & Even More Stretch Goals For Kickstarter


See how Conan is shaping up as it closes in on the last week of Kickstarter. Big monsters, more heroes and plenty of Conan’s own

Interview With Paolo Parente & More Stretch Goals For Conan!


Loads of stretch goals and some awesome add-ons including the brilliant Paolo Parente’s version of the game featuring all new artwork for some of the characters!

Scorpions Attack & Light The Way With Torches In Conan


See what you think of the Giant Scorpion coming to attack Conan and company on Kickstarter. What would you like to see them do next?

Conan The Warlord Busts $1 Million Mark On Kickstarter [Update!]


Conan becomes a Warlord and Kerim Shah joins him in the battle against his numerous foes as the Kickstarter closes in on the $1 million mark. [Robert E. Howard Tribute joins the Stretch Goal list!]

More Heroes & Villains For Conan And Expansion Planned!


More villains, heroes and an entire expansion pop up for the Conan Kickstarter that is currently homing in on that insanely huge $1 million mark!

Monolith’s Conan Strides On Through More Stretch Goals!


More stretch goals hit the Kickstarter for Conan by Monolith and we take a closer look at the new version of Belit as well! I reckon this could hit $1 Million!

Stretch Goals Get Smashed Down By Conan Kickstarter


There are a mountain of stretch goals and add-ons for the new Conan board game currently on Kickstarter and we’ve collected them together for you to pour over!

Conan Kickstarter Powers On Through More Stretch Goals


See what you think of the wealth of stretch goals that have already been unlocked for the Conan Kickstarter from Monolith. There’s some massive options there already including new heroes and many more enemies.

Conan By Monolith Launches On Kickstarter! [Updated!]


The adventure in Hyboria has begun with the launch of the Conan adventure game on Kickstarter thanks to Monolith! There are loads of awesome looking miniatures and plenty more to check out for this one AND a bunch of exclusives for big Conan fans. [Stretch Goals Added!]

A Kickstarter Exclusive Conan Mini & A New Launch Trailer!


Check out another of the new heroes coming your way for Conan from Monolith. N’Gora is Belit’s right hand man and one hell of a deadly warrior. Check out the trailer too!

Character Profiles Pop Up For Conan Hyborian Quests


Check out some of the information about the different heroes Conan will be fighting alongside in Hyborian Quest and how rigidly the developers have stuck to the information from Howard. Their attention to detail is stunning!

Watch A Full Play Through Of Conan Hyborian Quest!


Watch Tric Trac once again as they play through a quest from Conan: Hyborian Quest! Conan, Shevatas and Belite take on a Pict Village to find the Princess and slay a Chieftain!

Learn To Play Conan Hyborian Quest With Tric Trac In English!


See how Conan: Hyborian Quest works in English thanks to the awesome Tric Trac again. The game is looking great and so are some of the miniatures!

Conan: Hyborian Quests Google Chat!


We had a chat with the folks at Monolith behind Conan: Hyborian Quests via Google Hangout! Watch it here and find out more about the game.

By Crom That’s Some Good Conan: Hyborian Quests Cover Art!


With the release of the awesome cover art for the Conan: Hyborian Quests board game we thought we’d collect together all the artwork we’ve seen so far from the talented mind of Adrian Smith and give you a gallery worthy of Crom!

Conan Hyborian Quests Game Set For January Launch!


The release date (month) has been set for the Conan: Hyborian Quests Kickstarter and as well as some new board art a French site called TricTrac have played through a very awesome looking early version of the game!

Paolo Parente Joins The Conan Hyborian Quests Team!


Conan Hyborian Quests welcomes Paolo Parente on board with an amazing piece of artwork for Taramis!

More Enemies & Art Previewed For Conan Hyborian Quests


Some more stunning sculpts and another piece of artwork from Adrian Smith pop up for Conan: Hyborian Quests.

Thak & More Maps Revealed For Conan Hyborian Quests


Do you think Conan will be able to best the mighty Thak when it comes to Hyborian Quests from Monolith?

Pictish Sorcerers & More For Conan Hyborian Quests


We round a week full of previews for the world of Conan: Hyborian Quests! See what you think of some ace sculpting and brilliant art.

Take The Brawling To The Tavern In Conan Hyborian Quests


Check out another one of the locations you’ll be fighting in and one of the new 3D sculpts that will be coming for Conan: Hyborian Quests!

Monolith Show Off More Images For Conan Hyborian Quests!


It’s time to check out some more work-in-progress images from the folks at Monolith as they continue to slog at Conan: Hyborian Quests!

Valeria Art & Launch Date For Conan Hyborian Quests!


Delve into the world of Conan: Hyborian Quests with a new piece of artwork and a launch date for the Kickstarter!

A Pictish Warrior & Prototype Gaming For Conan!


Check out a finished Pictish Warrior from Conan: Hyborian Quest and also (if you read French) delve into the background and rules of the game too.

Monolith Show Off Their Conan Princess & Some WIP Sculpts!


See what you think of some more artwork and indeed a few choice work-in-progress sculpts from the upcoming project by Monolith, Conan: Hyborian Quests.

The Mighty Khosatral Khel Comes To Conan Hyborian Quest


The mighty Conan might have a bit of trouble with this latest foe. Khosatral Khel has been awoken and this Demi-God is stronger than most foes the barbarian has faced!

A Demon Of The Outer Dark Assails Conan Hyborian Quest!


Conan doesn’t just have to deal with guards and lackeys. Sometimes he has to fight off demons and this one from The Outer Dark is slowly but surely coming to life.