Take The Brawling To The Tavern In Conan Hyborian Quests

September 30, 2014 by brennon

Keeping you in the loop about all things Conan: Hyborian Quests the folks at Monolith have shown off another of the locations you'll be fighting in and also some of the 3D sculpting work being done for the project...


The first thing to show off is the Tavern by George Clarenko which looks like it's going to be the setting of a right scuffle. Anyone who has ever started off any kind of fantasy adventure knows that a tavern is a great place for a brawl. Interestingly the middle of the tavern will be filled with 3D tables and chairs as well as other furniture which you can apparently use to beat people up with too!

Pirate 3D Render

Pirate 3D Render (Program)

On the sculpting side of things the project is embracing traditional sculpting methods and of course 3D sculpting like you can see above. This piece is by GaΓ«l Goumon based on Pirate artwork by Adrian Smith and shows off what you can do detail wise with this technology.

I think people still prefer traditional sculpting methods for their miniatures but the amount of amazing detail and character you can get out of 3D right now makes it a very interesting medium to work from. It will be great to see these two methods working together on the campaign in the future.

We now have Pirates and a Tavern; anyone up for a fight?

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