New Conan: Hyborian Quest Art Continues To Tease Us!

June 30, 2014 by brennon

I think Conan is a universal favourite amongst us gamers and the prospect of a big new tabletop game coming next year is exciting. We previewed a look at the game when it was called Conan: The Legend. Since the new movie is going to pretty much have that title they've changed he new to Conan: Hyborian Quest and unleashed some more artwork!

Conan - Hyborian Quest

The first big reveal a while back now was for the new logo and of course the amazing piece of artwork showing off Conan himself standing on the battlefield. There will be miniatures in this game and Adrian Smith is behind the artwork for some of the pieces so they should be utterly amazing translations into plastic form.

King Conan Sketch

Captain Zaparravo

Of course there are more characters than just Conan. Above we have the sketch of King Conan and also Captain Zaparravo who looks fantastic. Belit, Shevatas, Archer and Zogar Sag have already been sculpted with Zelata and her Wolf, a Pirate, Necromancer and a Demon of Outer Darkness on the cards. Valeria, Conan the Mercenary and Khosatral Khel will also be done over the summer and this is just the start.

Pictish Village Board

The game will be played over these awesome looking boards and the game has been demoed at conventions and game days already. Fancy looking boards also means lots of 3D bits of terrain too and this could well be a very nice deluxe Conan experience.

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