Conan Kickstarter Powers On Through More Stretch Goals

January 13, 2015 by brennon

I would include these as part of the original post update but there's so many of these stretch goals that it would bloat the piece out massively! As you can imagine, the Conan Kickstarter is doing very well indeed and they've unlocked a whole bunch of extra stuff...





Nathok 300k

As it stands this is all the stuff they've unlocked so far which includes a whole bunch of new minions and two big bad guys who will be facing off against Conan and company. I think the Man-Ape is looking awesome as is Natohk who looks suitably imposing.



Coming (very) soon we have more Picts that will be joining the game and a whole bunch of Chests that you can use on the tabletop which contain all the loot you want.

Some people have commented on the quality of the sculpts and it certainly is a strange one for this game. They seem to straddle the line between a board game and purpose made role-playing miniatures but I don't find anything overly wrong with them.

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