Conan Sculpts Keep Coming! Mighty Enemies Ready For Your Sword!

February 26, 2015 by brennon

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The Conan Kickstarter might well be over but that doesn't mean that they've stopped updating you folks on what's being worked on. As well as details of their new Stygian adventures they've also shown off some more work-in-progress sculpts to tide you over...

Aesir Warrior

Yogah of Yag

First up we have the Aesir Warrior (top) and Yogah of Yag (bottom) for you to check out and both are looking pretty awesome. The Aesir Warrior is from their Nordheim expansion and it looks like Conan is going to have some tough opponents to deal with up there in the mountains.

Yogah of Yag is a lot more secretive and mystical and no doubt he will prove a different kind of challenge for Conan when you encounter him in some dark temple. You can certainly see the semi-Cthulhu influence in the design here.

Shubba the Sorcerer

Assassin Hero - Stygian Expansion

As well as the villains there are also some heroes for you to bring to the fight. The first of these is Shubba the Sorcerer who also comes with a bodyguard. I love the amount of detail and gribbly bits that they've managed to get worked into his clothing and that's going to be fantastic for anyone looking to paint the miniature. Washes will work a charm!

Last but not least is the Assassin Hero from the Stygian expansion and while we have the hero we also heard about some of the quests too...

The story so far...

The adventure takes place in the mystical realm of Stygia, home to the greatest sorcerers known to man as well as the cult of Set. Thutothmes, high priest of the cult, is one such sorcerer. Feared and respected, he has managed to acquire a much sought after artefact: the Heart of Ahriman and plans to use its power to strengthen his god’s domains. Behind all this is a more sinister figure however, one whose name is only uttered in whispers or hushed curses. This being whose name strikes fear into the hearts of men is the one pulling the strings in this sinister plot. This won’t stop Conan and his companions from taking the fight to him however, on his own ground nonetheless.

Daggers in the dark

Conan and his friends find themselves in Messentia, capital of Argos, when they discover a group of spies and assassins attempting to undermine the cities defenses. They defeat them, thus involuntarily preventing an invasion from the nation’s powerful neighbor: Stygia. As they interrogate one of the survivors (the assassin hero provided in the main box), the group learns that the sorcerer Thutothmes, the one who ordered the attack, recently acquired a gem of immense value and power. The Stygian does not know what Thutothmes is going to do with the gem’s power but he swears he can lead them to where it is being kept. Somewhere near Khemi, the Stygian capital.

Striking the heart

The heroes board a smugglers ship and after days of fierce storms finally arrive at the hidden port near Khemi. The heroes then follow the Assassin as he leads them into the underground complex where the artefact has been hidden but Thutothmes is no fool, he knows the jewel is the key to his victory. Thus the Heart of Ahriman has been left in the care of a large contingent of his personal guard as well as some of the monstrosities that are the favored pets of this nation’s powerful sorcerers: Giant scorpions!

Something terrible this way comes…

The fight was bloody, the floor is littered with the bodies of those that were sent to protect the vault. The group savors their prize for just a moment but it is quiet, too quiet…Wait! A shadow on the wall, a shadow seen from the corner of the eye, that can only mean one thing…Assassins! Jewel in hand, our heroes must now escape if they ever wish to see the riches this artefact is worth, but that will be no easy task. The brotherhood of assassins is already here, alerted by mystical means and the sinister puppet master himself: Thoth-amon has come to reclaim the Heart of Ahriman and deal with these meddling adventurers himself! This final confrontation will be brutal as enemies flood into the vault and the walls themselves tremble with Thoth-amon’s rage. Conan will not be quick to forget his first encounter with this terrible foe!

...I can't wait to tangle with Thoth-Amon and his creatures!

Have you been keeping an eye on the Kickstarter?

"Yogah of Yag is a lot more secretive and mystical and no doubt he will prove a different kind of challenge for Conan when you encounter him in some dark temple"

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