By Crom That’s Some Good Conan: Hyborian Quests Cover Art!

December 15, 2014 by brennon

Conan: Hyborian Quests has been on our radar for a while now and we love seeing the updates on the game and how it's progressing. Lately we've had a taster of the game in a French demo game by TricTrac but there's also this amazing cover art by Adrian Smith to take a look at...

Conan Hyborian Quest (Cover)

This artwork will be emblazoned across the front of the game and it certainly looks awesome. Conan is in the midst of quite the fight against immense hordes of the undead and loving it; just as he would. This seems to be something that Adrian Smith has got right with the game as he has managed to capture the essence and nature of Conan from the vision of Robert E. Howard. Fantasy with a twist.






It won't just be Conan going on these quests however and you'll have friends (some enemies at one time) no doubt coming along for the rider. Above are just some of the pieces that Adrian Smith has worked on for the other heroic figures in the game and it shows off the wealth of options that the creators at Monolith have to work with when coming up with fascinating scenarios.

The world of Conan is also rich with enemies...

Khosatral Khel





Guard of Belit


Skeleton WarriorsSkeleton warriors, surly looking guards, demonic creatures from the depths of hell and much more await Conan and his companions as they quest into the world of Hyboria. One of the other great things about all of this artwork is that it's been bought to life in miniature form by a host of amazing sculptors like Rafal Zelazo, Jacques-Alexandre Gillois, Gael Goumon, Gregory Clavilier, Thomas David, Stephane Nguyen, Stephane Simon and many, many more artists.


Before your eyes start watering from all the lovely art we thought it best to leave off on the Damsel/Princess art piece that will also be making its way into the game. I don't think it would really be Conan without someone for the Barbarian to rescue from the clutches of some dangerous warlord.

We reckon you should be very excited for this game when it launches on Kickstarter next year in 2015 during January. Keep an eye out for more details on the game.

Do you think adventuring as Conan is your cup of tea?

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