A Demon Of The Outer Dark Assails Conan Hyborian Quest!

July 24, 2014 by brennon

More from Conan: Hyborian Quest today as they show off the somewhat finalised looking Demon of the Outer Dark that will no doubt be a bit more of a handful than those Guards we saw last time...

Demon of the Outer Dark

It's quite the ugly looking fellow and I like the strange and creepy way they've done the wings and arms of this thing. It gives it an 'uncanny' look where it's part human and just part wrong. I think I might have a thing about wings at the moment however as the actual membrane between the wings doesn't look right to me at the moment. It is however a work-in-progress piece so no doubt it will change in the near future.

I want to see some miniatures of Conan and crew though next guys!

What do you think?

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