More Enemies & Art Previewed For Conan Hyborian Quests

November 3, 2014 by brennon

Monolith have shown off some more detailed sculpts for Conan: Hyborian Quests. See what you think of the mighty Thak and tangled mess that is Thog. Both a great challenge for the mighty Barbarian...



Thak is looking very much the noble savage and I love the work they've done on the fur. I think it's actually one of the neatest things to paint because it can turn out so well very easily. Thog is a different matter and there's no fur in sight! I like the writing mass and it even has a little bit of a slick feel to it without any paint!

Zelata & Giant Wolf

On the artwork side of things Adrian Smith has also been busy once again and produced another piece showing Zelata and her Giant Wolf. A superb piece that will no doubt inspire another stunning sculpt.

2015 isn't too far away now and that means this game isn't either, well, the fundraiser anyway!

What do you think of the sculpting?

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