A Kickstarter Exclusive Conan Mini & A New Launch Trailer!

January 7, 2015 by brennon

You've seen a few of the heroes joining Conan on his adventure with Monolith but here's one of the Exclusives that you'll be able to pick up through the Kickstarter. N'Gora is Belit's right hand man and a versatile fighter...


A very cool looking warrior even though that spear in his hand looks absolutely massive compared to him! Either way it's nice to see some additional characters making their way into the game from across the spectrum when it comes to Conan. Above we also have the trailer for the campaign which popped up on their Youtube channel yesterday!

Conan (WIP)

The team also posted up a work-in-progress image of Conan painted up by Martin Grandbarbe and he's not looking too bad so far!

It's all getting very exciting!

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