Monolith Take A Look Inside Nordheim Conan Expansion

September 10, 2015 by brennon

Monolith have shown off some of the fantastic models that will make up the Nordheim expansion for Conan. This adventure takes you North of Conan's homeland to a vicious land of ice and snow.

Niord, Atali, Frost Giant, Monstrous Crows

Above are some of the big feature models from the box which include Niord, Atali, Frost Giant, and Monstrous Crows. The Frost Giants are just blissfully awesome and I need those models in my collection regardless of the rest of the game!

On top of them they have some shots of the infantry models you'll be facing up against. These Aesir and Vanir look like they're going to be as tough as Conan himself.

Aesir Warriors

Of course it wouldn't be an expansion without some quests to undertake. The set will contain four scenarios for a variety of party sizes focusing on your journeys with Niord as one of Conan's allies.

Winter Board

You can read about the quests over on the Kickstarter itself as they all have a neat narrative to them. I think this is going to be one of the big games that will become a staple of peoples collection when its released.

Bring on the Northmen!

"These Aesir and Vanir look like they're going to be as tough as Conan himself..."

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