Monolith Show Off Plastic Barbarian & King Conan Miniature Sets

September 28, 2015 by brennon

Monolith have taken to social media to show off the first images of the miniatures you'll be getting as part of your Barbarian and King pledges for their Conan board game which did insanely well on Kickstarter.

Barbarian Pledge Plastics

As you can see you get a whole bunch of different 'trooper' style fodder for Conan to plow through. On top of that there are plenty of massive monsters and really interesting characters. The quality looks great, in line with the likes of Journey and Blood Rage.

King Pledge Plastics

There are plenty more miniatures on the way for this campaign but I'm glad that it is finally getting to the stage where the plastic miniatures are sitting ready to be put into various packages for backers. I'm sure the wait is going to be very much worth it.

Conan Kit

They've been doing a lot of work and the components are looking great in addition to the models. Hopefully when the time comes we'll be able to get a play through of this on the website to show you guys and gals!

What do you think of their progress?

"I'm sure the wait is going to be very much worth it..."

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