Stretch Goals Get Smashed Down By Conan Kickstarter

January 15, 2015 by brennon

Well those last stretch goals didn't last long. Monolith have a whole bunch of Stretch Goals  for Conan busted and there's a few more ahead too. See what you think of the path of destruction the backers have wrought so far...

Free Skeletons 375k

New Gameboard 400k

Olgerd 425k

Scenery 450k

Free Mummies 475k

Conan Mercenary 500k

Hyperborean Primitive 530k

Free Tentacles 560k

As you can see there's quite a lot that's already been added to the existing game and the amount of miniatures you're getting inside the box is starting to grow out of control. I hope that it's all going to fit inside the box when it gets to backers!

I like the additional heroes and personalities that are coming our way including the awesome alternative Conan. I love the Mercenary getup when he was previewed during the Tric Trac games and it's neat to see him unlocked.

Sabretooth Tiger

Conan & Belit (Alt)

Baal Pteor

Extra Dice

As well as the stretch goals there is also the selection of add-ons that you can pick up away from the stretch goals. These range from something as simple as the dice to some additional enemies like Baal Pteor and the Sabretooth-tiger and the alternative Conan & Belit based on the Brom artwork.

Alternative Belit Character Sheet

Olgerd Character Sheet

The alternative take on Belit also comes with a different board for her as well. In the main game she is more of a commander figure, giving bonuses to you in battle. In this iteration of her she's much more deadly and she's taken up knife and sword to swashbuckle her away across the coast. The alternative Conan is less hard hitting too and focuses more on his Thief background.

We've also popped the Olgerd board above too so you can see how he plays on the tabletop too!

Are you following along with this titanic campaign?

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