Watch A Full Play Through Of Conan Hyborian Quest!

January 2, 2015 by brennon

Monolith sat down with Tric Trac once again and now they're playing through a full quest with Conan, Shevatas and Valeria who are attacking a Pict village to save a Princess and kill a Chieftain!




As well as the full play through they also showed off some of the sculpts from the game. Above you'll see one of the versions of Conan followed by a Strigoi beast and finally Belite. There's a whole host of extra miniatures in the main game AND no doubt more will be unlocked through Kickstarter.

Talking of Kickstarter there's a date set for the campaign! On January 12th 2015 you'll be able to start pledging on some early bird specials and the campaign will begin.

Give this one a watch!

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