Asmodee Announces Four New Adventures For Conan As Free Downloads

March 30, 2017 by stvitusdancern

Asmodee has announced that they have put up four new adventure scenarios for Conan the board game and the best part is that they are available as a free download!

The scenarios available are as follows:

  • Conspiracy in Khauran: While serving as a mercenary in the small country of Khauran, Conan learns of a conspiracy against the Queen and recognizes an opportunity to earn her reward by exposing the conspiracy. To do so, he leads a couple of his friends to the inn where the conspirators are scheduled to meet. (3 heroes, 1 Overlord)
  • Yogah's Rebirth: Conan, Hadrathus, and the alien warrior Yag-Kosha travel through a maze of dense vegetation in search of an ancient fortress and the magical gem it is supposed to house, a gem that would allow Yag-Kosha to be reincarnated as Yogah of Yag. But the three friends are not alone. Several Kushite witch hunters pursue them with deadly intent, fervent in their belief that Yag-Kosha is a demon they must destroy. (3 heroes, 1 Overlord)
  • Yara's Trap: The cruel sorcerer known as Yara has learned of Yag-Kosha's interest in the magical Heart of the Elephant and has hidden it from the hero in a carefully guarded jungle village. But as he sees no alternative, Yag-Kosha throws caution aside and heads to the village, braving the sorcerer's trap in order to reclaim his magical gem. (1 hero, 1 Overlord)
  • The Cursed Mirrors: Bêlit, the Queen of the Black Coast, and Hadrathus, the priest of Asura, have traveled to the ancient ruins of a long-forgotten temple in search of several artifacts of immeasurable value. The problem is that the Kushite inquisitor Agheera and his fellow witch hunters believe the artifacts are sacrilegious and must be destroyed… along with all those who might seek to use them. (2 heroes, 1 Overlord)

Even as these scenarios feature plenty of the savage, narrative-driven combats you've enjoyed through your Core Set adventures.

They incorporate and highlight the powerful new figures from the Yogah of YagCrossbowmen, and Kushite Witch Hunters expansions.

Will you be grabbing them?

"...these scenarios feature plenty of the savage, narrative-driven combats"

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